Use Vitamin B1 for Hyperthyroidism Symptoms

Use Vitamin B1 for Hyperthyroidism Symptoms

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so in this video we’re going to talk about hyperthyroidism in reducing some really big side effects that come with this condition especially the ones that relate to the heart so if you have this condition this is gonna be very very important even though it’s going to be a very short video very simple very very important okay when the thyroid is in hyper mode and it’s overworking the demand for b1 greatly goes up why because b1 is the spark plug that allows fuel in the mitochondria in the cellular factories to be converted to energy and the thyroid hormones connect to all the cells especially the mitochondria so we have this situation where we’re burning up all the b1 and it’s the deficiency of b1 where you get all the heart complications I mean just look up beriberi for example and look at how that b1 deficiency affects the heart berry-berry is a b1 deficiency so if some of the symptoms from a hyperthyroidism would be congestive heart failure that’s a big symptom left ventricular ejection fraction cardiac hypertrophy this cells of the heart actually enlarge dysrhythmias so you have all sorts of problems with the rhythm of the heart and b1 deficiencies were detected in 98% of patients with heart failure so if you also have a heart problem b1 is what you need to take I would recommend the whole complex not just b1 and I would definitely get a natural b1 not the synthetics so you want to get nutritional yeast before both of these conditions and whether you have a hyper thyroid problem or even a heart problem and you will notice a great improvement just by taking that simple vitamin go ahead and try it out and then comment below I want to know your feedback so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About Use Vitamin B1 for Hyperthyroidism Symptoms.
Use Vitamin B1 for Hyperthyroidism Symptoms

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about hyperthyroidism and how to reduce its symptoms especially the ones that relate to the heart. When the thyroid is overworking and in a hyper mode, the demand for B1 increases because it is the nutrient that allows the fuel in the mitochondria in the cellular factories to be converted to energy. The deficiency in B1 causes all the heart complications and it is detected in 98% of patients with heart failure.
Hyperthyroidism Symptoms:
• Congestive Heart Failure
• Left ventricular ejection fractions
• Cardiac hypertrophy (cells of the heart is enlarged)
• Dysrhythmias (problems with the rhythm of the heart)
Best Source of Vitamin B1
• Nutritional Yeast
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