Two Simple Tests for Adrenal Fatigue

Two Simple Tests for Adrenal Fatigue

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Hey guys, Dr. Berg here. In this short video we’re going to show you
two different simple home tests that you can do for adrenal fatigue. All you need is a flashlight. Number one, the holding your breath test. Now one good indication of adrenal fatigue
is the ability to hold your breath for long periods of time. If you can’t, you probably have an adrenal
issue, because the oxygen in your lungs is connected to the adrenals, and so if you have
really good adrenals you can hold your breath for like a minute or longer. There’s a guy who came to my office who is
80 years old. He had the best adrenals I’ve ever seen in
my life. He can heal real fast and I have a machine
that measures the adrenals and he had a perfect score. I asked him, “What did he do his whole life?” Well, he took first place in the Olympics
when he was like 20 years old for water polo, and he was able to hold his breath for at
least three to four minutes, so he can actually hold his breath now for three minutes underneath
the water, so his adrenals are really tough. You have adrenal case, they’re huffing and
puffing. Up stairs, they run out of air real quick. They cannot hold their breath. That’s the first test. Number two is the iris test. Now what is the iris? The iris is kind of like the aperture of the
eye. Now what is an aperture? Aperture is just a opening in the camera that
allows the light to go in at a certain level, so this is the same thing. If there’s a real bright light, the iris contracts
and constricts the amount of light going into the eye because it might be too harmful. If it’s dark out it actually is very, very
open. It controls the light. If I’m going to shine a light into the eye
like this, this thing normally should contract. Now what’s controlling that is something called
the autonomic nervous system or the sympathetic nervous system. What is that? That’s part of the nervous system that is
intimately involved with flight or fight and the adrenal. The adrenals control that. Other parts of the body control it, but the
adrenal gland is also involved, so if there’s a weakness with the adrenal and you shine
a light into the eye, what’ll happen, it’ll contract, it’ll constrict, but it will not
maintain that constriction, so it might kind of hold it for about five seconds or ten seconds
and it starts going … It actually fluctuates. It kind of comes open and close because it
cannot hold that constriction. If you can hold that constriction and keep
this thing constricted for at least a minute, then your adrenals are good, so it’s a real
simple test. In this next part I’ll show you exactly how
to do a little demo of how to do it. Okay guys, the first thing we’re going to
do is we’re going to shine a light into the eye, and if you see the little black part
in the center, that’s the pupil. That’s the hole right into the eye, and then
the other part, which is kind of the colored part, that’s called the iris. That’s contracting, constricting, and relaxing. When that contracts it makes the pupil, the
little center part, get smaller or larger, depending on what’s happening. When you shine light in there, normally the
iris, the outer part, is supposed to contract and hold that position for at least one to
two minutes. If that contraction cannot occur, that means
the adrenal glands are weak, and you’ll start seeing the pupil get bigger and small like
a wave, like it will not be able to maintain the very tight contraction. You just do this in the mirror. Look into the mirror, shine the light into
the eye. The small little pupil should get smaller
and maintain that smallness by keeping the light held steady. If it starts to get weak and start to open
up, which a lot of times it will within about, I don’t know, 10-15 seconds, then we know
the adrenals are weak because the entire nervous system that controls that is weak. Okay guys, so now that you have a way to figure
out your adrenals then the question is what do you do about it? There’s a great little kit that I have to
help the adrenal glands. I put the link below. Check it out if you want some help. Thanks for watching.

This Post Was All About Two Simple Tests for Adrenal Fatigue.
Two Simple Tests for Adrenal Fatigue

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Dr. Berg talks about adrenal fatigue and two simple tests you can do – holding your breath and the iris test.
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