Top Symptoms of a Zinc Deficiency: MUST WATCH!

Top Symptoms of a Zinc Deficiency: MUST WATCH!

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about zinc deficiency now what is zinc zinc is a trace mineral it’s basically a mineral that’s needed in a lot smaller amounts but it’s necessary because if you’re deficient you’re going to have a lot of different issues number one your sense of smell will go away your sense of taste will not be there you won’t actually be as hungry those are some common symptoms white spots on the nails you’ve got these little spots in the nail but but usually what happened is that you ate a lot of carbohydrate that depleted the zinc because too much sugar or carbohydrate will pull zinc out of your body so if you had a little white speck on the middle of your nail and by the way that nail grows every six months we knew about three months ago you had a birthday party and you ate the whole cake right so that’s one way to determining that okay now we have acne skin issues Exuma all these skin issues dermatitis could be related to zinc but there’s other things that can cause skin issues too that almost mimic a zinc deficiency like a vitamin A deficiency or a vitamin b2 or b6 deficiency so really you have to look at all of these things to see what it is but I will say that if you’re low and zinc you can’t absorb or utilize vitamin A so they always worked in bet gather with like minerals work with vitamins together and zinc is kind of like a main mineral that’s used in over 300 enzymes so it’s a lot of chemical body reactions okay so with proteins and that brings us to this one down here with hair alopecia which is like little spots of hair growth that’s gone or thinning hair that could be a B vitamin deficiency like biotin but it can also be a zinc deficiency as well they work together okay then we have rhinoviruses well zinc being a trace mineral helps put viruses back in remission now the thing about viruses you can’t kill a virus because it’s not alive it’s a piece of genetic material that’s wrapped in a sac that can activate your own energy from your cells and create a cascade of an immune response so zinc is one that’s specific to actually keep the rhinovirus in check and actually you can if you take zinc when you’re starting to get sick it can speed up the time of overcoming the sickness and actually can prevent that issue as well but rhinoviruses like the one that you of the post nasal drip the sinus congestion the sore throat the sneezing so you need more zinc all right and then we have lower testosterone both in male and female if you have low testosterone your libido will be very low okay that can come from a zinc deficiency and then mouth ulcers again that can come from other things but that little sore on the inside of the mouth which is usually virus related the viruses like herpes it can come out of remission if you’re under stress and because the zinc becomes deficient so sugar and stress will deplete the zinc reserves okay because more cortisol pumps out and then it needs zinc to use the for the immune system and then basically deplete your zinc reserves so it’s involved in a lot of different enzymes now it’s in oysters that has a lot of zinc from the sea of course and then it’s in animal like beef it’s in pork it’s in red meat it’s also in seek help it’s in a lot of foods but it’s really high in these foods right here and also zinc actually helps make the red white blood cell so the adrenal gland controls the white blood cells suppresses the immune system and that’s and zinc is involved in that whole process so we have a relationship between countering stress having the trace minerals to make sure that your immune system is strong okay so here are just and lastly I’m going to talk about in other countries like not in America but third world countries a lot of children and infants will die because of a zinc deficiency because they have diarrhea and so you know zinc is unfortunately they don’t put it back in the soils so it could be a factor of it’s either not in your food because it’s not in the soil it could be you’re trying to get your zinc from grains but not a there’s a certain hibbett ER for zinc and other minerals called phytic acid in grains so that chemical in the grain naturally prevents the absorption of minerals okay and then also your if your stomach acid is not strong enough you’re not going to pull that acid in too so if you have heartburn you have GERD indigestion chances are you’re zinc deficient just from that alone okay so there’s a lot of different aspects of zinc I wanted to cover some of them but there’s a lot more but I hope this helped and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Top Symptoms of a Zinc Deficiency: MUST WATCH!.
Top Symptoms of a Zinc Deficiency:  MUST WATCH!

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Dr. Berg talks about the most common problems with a zinc deficiency
1. Loss of smell and taste
2. White spots on nails
3. Acne, skin issues
4. Viruses like the rhinovirus
5. Lowered testosterone
6. Hair loss, mouth ulcers
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