Top Fastest Absorbing Proteins – Why It Matters!

Top Fastest Absorbing Proteins – Why It Matters!

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out of all the proteins out there okay chicken fish beef turkey protein powders milk protein powders soy pee whatever okay out of all those which one gets in your body and gets utilized the fastest well before we really investigate that we have to become really clear on one thing there’s a big difference between absorption and utilization okay and so much of the utilization of proteins in the body does come down to well a bio individuality how good your digestion is but also what the catalyst is okay what is the stimulus for utilizing and needing the protein okay your body is only going to take in and utilize what there’s a demand for so that’s a big big big variable here that we have to pay attention to but nevertheless we can still break it down quite a bit and so much of this does come down to again how quickly your body can digestive lee break things down and how quickly your liver can do what’s called deaminating where it’s taking protein and it’s breaking down aminos right so it’s fairly common knowledge in at least the scientific community that we can’t really break down or absorb protein larger than one two or three amino acids bound together we consume protein they get digested broken down into amino acids and when there’s single amino acids or chains of two to three they get absorbed within the body so that tells us right then and there that a big part of it’s just our digestion in our gut bacteria and things like that so let’s go ahead and let’s jump right into this and look at a study that was published in the International Journal of sports nutrition and exercise metabolism okay this study used specific techniques to figure out roughly how quickly different proteins were absorbed again not necessarily talking about protein synthesis where the body takes the protein that was absorbed and then actually construct something with it so just to give you a rough idea they found that whey protein absorbs at about eight to ten grams per hour they found that P protein is usually about three to four grams per hour then they found like a steak is like ten grams per hour so you can already see some complexity there right and you can already start poking holes in this because that implies that we can only absorb like ten grams per hour okay well we know that we can absorb more protein than that the point is is it starts to was a little bit of a breakdown and again this is what it comes back down to how fast our GI system our gastrointestinal system can actually break things down so with that kind of out of the equation let’s jump over to how fast a protein digests does it really matter when it comes down to protein synthesis so in other words the faster the protein absorbing does it affect how much our protein is actually utilized or is it irrelevant does it really even matter at all so there’s a study that was published in the Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences for United States of America that took a look at this and they wanted to figure out okay a protein that absorbs fast did it affect protein synthesis more or less well here’s what they found they took a look at casein versus whey protein now casein protein is notorious for being like the protein you take before you go to bed because it digests slower so they knew it digested slower whey protein is notorious for being like what you consume post-workout because it absorbs quick so here’s what’s interesting they found that when subjects consumed casein protein it inhibited full body leucine oxidation and protein breakdown by 34 percent a few hours down the line whereas whey protein did not so what this implies is that when you took in a casein protein that digested slower it did protect the body from breaking down its own body tissues which is phenomenal okay whey protein did not do that but then on the contrary when subjects consumed whey protein they had a 68 percent increase in muscle protein synthesis right after they took it compared to 31% with the casein okay so I guess this comes back to full circle being like pick your poison or pick your pudding I guess right which one are you after whey protein in this particular case absorbs really fast but left you with your body being at risk of burning up its own tissue once that’s digested and done which is a pretty short window casein protein although I have my issues with casein protein please don’t go out and buy casein protein for the sake of this study I’m going to talk about it casein protein provided you with less of an actual spike in the beginning but provided protein synthesis that protected the body from breaking down over the course of the day right so here’s the thing protein synthesis isn’t just elevated right after a workout or right after you break a fast protein synthesis is elevated for usually like 24 hours after a given stimulus so it kind of doesn’t matter in some ways as long as the protein synthesis is aggregating the total amount that it should over the course of 24 hours then who cares who cares if 75% of your protein synthesis is happening right here and 25% is happening the rest of the day or if it’s happening at 25 percent throughout the whole day at the end of the day you’re still getting the overall muscle recovery it’s only when you start getting into finely-tuned things like very difficult workouts and intermittent fasting where you’re trying to time things right that it really starts to matter so we’re gonna dive into a little bit more because I know that some of you are probably interested in hearing that but before we totally talk about that here’s something interesting in the world of ground meat okay I had often wondered if eating ground meat made it so that I was absorbing protein faster well it turns out it’s true so in a particular study they took ten men and they gave them minced or ground meat versus a full steak right 135 grams servings not huge servings well they found that when they consumed the ground form the amino acid phenylalanine appeared much faster whereas if they consumed it in a steak form it took a lot longer for the amino acids to be present the blood stream however over the course of time they found that they ended up having the same degree of muscle protein synthesis throughout the rest of the time right so like for six hours later protein synthesis stayed the same so there was no difference in protein synthesis like one didn’t spike protein synthesis to occur higher than the other but one appeared faster in the system so that’s kind of interesting right there right so basically with minced or ground meat in my opinion it’s superior because you’ve already you still have the same proteins that absorb at a specific rate and they get utilized via protein synthesis at a specific rate but because they’re already mechanically digested and masticated they’re absorbing faster so ground meat for the win in that particular case okay so let’s kind of evaluate the risks and rewards of specific kinds of proteins here so you can figure out where you can use one and then we’ll talk about how much you can absorb and once okay so let’s start talking about whey protein so whey protein big reward because you get a quick absorption right but pretty heavy risk because once that absorption is done and that muscle protein synthesis is done then it’s leaving you totally exposed to muscle protein breakdown within your body so a really whey protein only comes into the equ
ation if you can have whey protein and then almost immediately have a solid meal after the fact however you have other inflammatory systems that come into place with the way to begin with that might be a deterrent from the way in the first place the only time that you might get a benefit out of the way is when you know that you’ve had a very very very intense workout and your body can actually utilize that whey protein at that very specific point in time but remember that protein synthesis stays elevated for 24 hours so you really although you have a small miniscule spike right after your workout where you’re gonna get a little bit more protein synthesis you really are getting protein synthesis throughout the entire 24 hours after your workout so is it really worth the added risk to take in the whey protein that’s a question you have to ask yourself okay breaking a fast is another situation where you might want something that absorbs fast to get into your system but if you don’t have the catalyst if you don’t have a stimulus that is going to ask for muscle protein synthesis right you’re not at the end of a fast you’re gonna absorb what you take in but you don’t have a demand for muscle protein synthesis because you’re not finishing a workout right so whey protein just to get protein in for the sake of protein in doesn’t make sense right when you break it fast okay so now let’s dip to the next one okay and my personal favorite pee protein okay so P protein absorbs really fast but not quite as fast as whey protein gives you more protection for a medium length of time okay so whey protein picks you up drops you a P protein picks you up a little less carries you out a little more it’s kind of a happy meeting in the world of protein shakes okay works for post-workout it’s usually my go-to for breaking a fast because it’s right in that middle ground okay so kind of a balance there where do you want to use these specific kinds of protein powders soy protein absorbs a little bit faster but soy protein has all of issues with it you don’t want to do that no matter what if you guys do want to try pea protein just FYI I put a link down below for Sun warrior so if you’re doing keto if you’re doing intermittent fasting this is what I break my fast with and what’s I consume during keto so people always ask me what I use in the way of protein powders so check them out down below in the description special links special discounts if you guys want to check out Sun warriors warrior blend which actually takes P protein and a little bit of hemp protein to enhance the amino acid profile so it’s really a solid substitute for whey protein if you’re just trying to avoid the big spike in crash there okay now let’s keep continuing on then we have egg protein which is kind of the perfect medium right so egg protein if cooked all the way absorbs at about four grams per minute if it’s not cooked all the way it lessens and it slows down but it’s basically harder to digest so egg protein is really good just for having a solid system so if you’re breaking a fast again a lot of my fan bases is fasting related but also post-workout so let’s say you have a shake post-workout 30 minutes later 40 50 60 minutes later even it’d be a perfect time to have eggs because then you still have something that’s absorbing pretty fast but then it’s carrying you over and giving you something a little bit easier right so shake and then eggs then we move in to steak in a beef form okay that’s gonna be more sustained but not a quick spike okay so something that’s just gonna say she ate you for a while and then we go into the ground okay ground meats ground beef ground chickens stuff like that that’s good for something’s gonna get you a decent amount of protein absorption but needs to carry over for a little bit longer too so a good example of that would also be kind of your second meal after breaking a fast or a second meal after kind of protein spiking after a workout and I remember all of this is going to be dictated by how much fat right so if you have a protein shake and you have fat along with it it’s gonna slow down the absorption everything you need to know with protein especially with protein shakes keep them as lean as possible so that you can absorb a lot easier okay and then lastly we have fish okay fish is in the same ballpark as ground meat simply because it’s easier to mass get easier to break down okay so again way P those are gonna be the ones you want to choose in that case opt for the P when possible and then go into the minced or the fish okay now how much protein can you absorb it once well let’s take a look at a study that’s published in the Journal of physiological reports ok this took a look at individuals that consumed 20 grams of protein post-war versus 40 grams of protein post-workout now what they found is that when individuals consumed 40 grams of protein after a full body workout they absorbed 20% and utilized 20% more protein as far as muscle protein synthesis went than the other group so doubled the protein content but only increased muscle protein synthesis by 20% so they figured that when they took in the 40 grams of protein though workouts were full body workouts which may have elicited more of a need for muscle protein synthesis so did it really matter that they consumed 40 or 20 or was it more so once again the catalyst that is asking and demanding for muscle protein synthesis the point is we can absorb as much protein as we take it really but is it going to get utilized for muscle protein synthesis we don’t know unless we have once again a demand and that demand is going to be generated by a workout or by proper timing and gaps in between meals so the short answer is enjoy your protein consume it have it whether it’s protein shake or whatever you want to do your body is more than likely going to utilize it and it takes a lot of energy to convert that excess protein into fat so don’t really worry too much as long as your calories are within where they need to be if you have too much protein it’s not going to damage your kidneys it’s just gonna get converted into glucose and ultimately stored as glycogen and the muscles so there you have it a long winded breakdown long-winded explanation but at the end of the day it all makes sense make sure you keep it locked in here my channel and do check out some more down below in the description see you soon 

This Post Was All About Top Fastest Absorbing Proteins – Why It Matters!.
Top Fastest Absorbing Proteins - Why It Matters!

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Top Fastest Absorbing Proteins – Why It Matters! – Thomas DeLauer
Out of all the proteins out there, chicken, fish, beef, turkey, protein powders, milk protein powders, soy, pea, whatever. Out of all of those, which one gets in your body and gets utilized the fastest? Well, before we really investigate that, we have to become really clear on one thing. There’s a big difference between absorption and utilization.
Let’s go ahead and let’s jump right into this and look at a study that was published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.
This study used specific techniques to figure out roughly how quickly different proteins were absorbed. Again, not necessarily talking about protein synthesis where the body takes the protein that was absorbed and then actually construct something with it.
Just to give you a rough idea, they found that whey protein absorbs at about eight to ten grams per hour. They found that pea proteins usually about three to four grams per hour. Then they found like a steak is like 10 grams per hour.
You can already see some complexity there. You can already start poking holes in this, because that implies that we can only absorb like 10 grams per hour. Well we know that we can absorb more protein than that. The point is, is it starts to give us a little bit of a breakdown. Again, this is what it comes back down to, how fast our GI system, our gastrointestinal system can actually break things down.
Here’s what’s interesting, they found that when subjects consumed casein protein, it inhibited full body leucine oxidation and protein breakdown by 34%, a few hours down the line, whereas whey protein did not.
What this implies is that when you took in a casein protein that digested slower, it did protect the body from breaking down its own body tissues, which is phenomenal. Whey protein did not do that. But then on the contrary, when subjects consumed whey protein, they had a 68% increase in muscle protein synthesis right after they took it, compared to 31% with the casein.
I guess this comes back to full circle being like pick your poison or pick your pudding, I guess. Which one are you after? Whey protein in this particular case, absorbs really fast but left you with your body being at risk of burning up its own tissue once it’s digested and done, which is pretty short window.
For the sake of this study, I’m going to talk about it. Casein protein provided you with less of an actual spike in the beginning, but provided protein synthesis that protected the body from breaking down over the course of the day.
Here’s the thing. Protein synthesis isn’t just elevated right after a workout or right after you break a fast. Protein synthesis is elevated for usually like 24 hours after a given stimulus, so it kind of doesn’t matter in some ways, as long as the protein synthesis is aggregating the total amount that it should over the course of 24 hours, then who cares?
Who cares if 75% of your protein synthesis is happening right here and 25% is happening the rest of the day, or if it’s happening at 25% throughout the whole day. At the end of the day, you’re still getting the overall muscle recovery. It’s only when you start getting into finely tuned things, like very difficult workouts and intermittent fasting where you’re trying to time things right that it really starts to matter.
Now, how much protein can you absorb at once? Well, let’s take a look at a study that was published in the Journal of Physiology. This took a look at individuals that consumed 20 grams of protein post-workout versus 40 grams of protein post workout.
There you have it. A long winded breakdown, long winded explanation, but at the end of the day, it all makes sense. Make sure you keep it locked in here to my channel, and do check out somewhere down below in the description. See you soon.
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