Top 6 Foods to Balance Your Hormones

Top 6 Foods to Balance Your Hormones

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there’s no shame in wanting to boost your libido a bit all right it’s part of life the fact is sometimes life gets the best of us stress diet you name it it all breaks us down so I’m gonna give you a bunch of different foods that you can use that are scientifically proven to help you out with your libido okay whether you are low carb fasting or not it doesn’t matter these foods are going to help you out so we’re gonna break them all down and give you some tips and also gonna tell you where you can usually get these you’re tuned into the Internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel with new videos on Tuesday Friday and Sunday and pretty much the rest of the way to please make sure you hit that subscribe button and also click on that little bell and that’s gonna turn on notifications for you I really ask you to do that because it’s gonna make sure that you see whenever I go live or post new videos okay so I want to start this off with just a general thing that you can do to help boost your libido okay overall we have to look at the big picture and this video is gonna break it down for men and women okay the tips I’m going to give you work for both some of them are specifically for men and some are specifically for women but overall we’re gonna have both the general thing is you do want to reduce your carbohydrate consumption now before you turn off this video and thinking that it’s just a keto preach it’s not okay the fact is it’s the absence of carbohydrates the absence of the insulin that does allow the hormones to do their job a little bit more so let me reference a couple of studies really quick okay on the male side the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition published a study took a look at 26 men these 26 men they divided into two groups over the course of 11 weeks one group went on a very low carb diet and another group went on a standard Western American diet so it was like just higher car well what they found at the end of 11 weeks was that the testosterone levels in the men that were on the lower carbohydrate diet had increased 118 nanograms per deciliter that is a huge increase in testosterone the group that was on the higher carb diet actually had a decrease of 36 nanograms per deciliter okay so what that means is it’s usually the insulin that is blunting the overall production so I’m not saying you have to go keto I’m just saying if you do reduce cards you do free up some more that availability at least as a male right so it doesn’t matter just be conscious of that now on the female side there’s a study that was published in a journal Trishna metabolism this study took a look at 11 participants that had PCOS now polycystic ovarian syndrome is used as an example because it’s a radical disruption of female hormones and we can get a clearer picture painted for us right so what this study looked at was if these women went on a lower carb diet what would happen well they found that when they went on a low-carb diet they had reduced their testosterone levels by 22% now mind you for females we want a little bit of a reduction of testosterone but more importantly they found at their follicle stimulating hormone and their luteinizing hormone levels balanced out some were even able to get pregnant that weren’t able to get pregnant because their hormones balanced out so much now additionally there was a drastic reduction in insulin 54% so what they found here is the same kind of thing with the men it’s the hyperinsulinemia the high levels of insulin that were messing these people up when the insulin came down things balanced out so again doesn’t need to be keto okay but I am saying it does make a difference so without further ado let’s get in to the foods that you can eat number one is one that you’ve probably heard of before no surprise maca root maca is simple it’s an adapted genic root it’s simple so it has a powerful effect on the hypothalamus and the pituitary so basically we have the hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis and we have the hypothalamic pituitary ovarian axis we have all these axis between the brain and the reproductive system both men and women what maca does is it balances out the brain portion okay so the brain operates better and sends the signal down to the reproductive system better now there’s a study that was published in the journal and rulinea that found that men particular that took maca on average 40 percent of them ended up seeing an increase in their sex drive overall Abid oh that’s a pretty dramatic number okay now these guys had no idea they were taking maca so it was pretty brown obvious that there was a difference 40 percent doesn’t sound like much but in the grand scheme of a clinical study it’s quite a bit okay the next one is geared specifically towards men okay this one is fenugreek okay fenugreek is something that has a very profound effect on sex drive and testosterone levels so there’s a study those published in the Journal of phytotherapy research okay it found that there was an 82% increase in overall sex drive after just six weeks participants that took Finn agree and there was a 60 7% increase in recovery time okay showing the body was actually able to recoup itself better and recycle available testosterone and androgenic properties so they could actually produce more of what you’re trying to get out of that testosterone so that was a very good sign but then we can also take it one step further and take a look at finna Greeks into direct impact on testosterone levels itself now this next study was published in the International Journal of meds I insist okay and it took a look at the impact on testosterone itself it found that there was a 46 percent increase in testosterone in 90% of the people that were taking fenugreek okay so 90% of the people in the study they were taking fenugreek saw a 46 percent improvement in overall testosterone that is very very powerful now if in a Greek season you can find it about anywhere you can have finding Greek spices or you can just get vinegar supplements on Amazon it’s pretty straightforward alright now let’s move into the next one we’re talking about ghee okay good old-fashioned ghee it’s like clarified butter right it’s butter but it’s broken down so much more to the point where it doesn’t have the lactose and it’s very very pure and not very inflammatory like traditional butter the interesting thing is with ghee super good source of vitamin D which is critical for both men and women to overall libido okay very very powerful but additionally the short chain fatty-acids like the butyric acid actually create a really nice link between the gut and the brain that literally fuels the brain in an indirect way this fuelling of the brain has an adapted genic like effect on the hypothalamus and the pituitary therefore helping out that overall sex drive and libido and of course we have the good healthy cholesterol that are gonna support libido in the first place by the way all the foods that I’m talking about today are foods that you can get through my thrive hormone optimization box now thrive market is super cool because it literally allows you to get your groceries without having to go to the grocery store and you can get foods that you normally wouldn’t be able to find at your grocery store and they get delivered right to your doorstep so you never have to leave the house don’t have to go to the grocery store but the cool thing is I’ve been able to create specific bundles so I created my hormone optimization bundle that has the foods that I’m talking about so you can just actually get them right to your doorstep but let me s
how you one thing really cool it’s making thrive market even better all right so time to running the Whole Foods really quick grab a couple quick things and just to show you a little bit of side by side interesting stuff first gotta get the babies seriously that little guy loves these things here’s what’s crazy people don’t believe me that thrive is literally cheaper than hold right here 399 for the rhythm beet chips those things are super good when it comes down to improving the nitric oxide okay the next one is key which I talk about all the time so check this out $13.99 $12.99 $12.99 simply going down the line Oh 10 11 12 20 bucks cheaper arrived and there’s a whole group so pretty awesome in the next food I want to talk about is beetroot okay now you can eat beets straight up or you can have like dehydrated beets or things like that the cool thing is beets have what is called dietary nitrate okay dietary nitrate converts inside your body into nitric oxide okay it’s reduced down to no.2 no.2 is simple no.2 creates more blood flow it creating creases your blood pressure to a certain degree so therefore you have more blood flow to it well you know where so you actually can use it okay that’s exactly what we’re trying to get out of there plus you also have an anti-inflammatory component that allows the hormone optimization to really work at its best okay this next one is for men specifically okay you need to get your levels of zinc okay and you could take a zinc supplement the problem is when you take a zinc supplement you’re not actually getting a true bioavailable form you want to get it from your foods and one of the best ways to get it is gonna be through pumpkin seeds first of all they’re perfectly keto friendly they’re easy to digest they contain a lot of enzymes that we need for other cellular functions but they’re super high in zinc you see what ends up happening is when you’re deficient in zinc which is not that hard to be deficient in you end up having an increase in estrogen activity you have more estrogen receptors so zinc kind of nullifies those a little bit if we have more estrogen in the body we usually have less testosterone and more estrogen also means you’re gonna hold more water so we don’t want that estradiol 1 7 or 1 7 hydrogen dial it’s the bad estrogen that is going to kill your sex drive it’s gonna kill your libido but it’s also going to make you retain a bunch of water now zinc is also necessary for the conversion of andros 10 Dione to testosterone so if we don’t have sync that conversion can’t actually happen you don’t actually produce testosterone so pumpkin seeds are awesome munch on them throughout the course of the day add them to your meals and use them in place of almonds things like that again you can get those in the thrive box too okay and then for women okay now very important that men don’t do this one women it’s actually okay for you to have healthy organic soy options here in there you don’t wanna have a lot but the phytoestrogens and things like edamame are actually going to help you see the mimic estrogen so a lot of times what happens is you end up with a positive feedback loop you estrogen so the body creates more estrogen receptors more estrogen receptors mean that you have the ability to create more estrogen and have it be receive of the body when you want your estrogen levels to be not super high but high enough so that you can actually have the proper function you want a little bit more estrogen so that testosterone levels are kept lower so you don’t have those antigenic properties okay so you actually feel like you have a true female sex drive lastly for both men and women okay broccoli or cauliflower okay simply because it has what’s called the in dole methane now especially for men the endo of methane is a component of what’s called indole-3 carbinol so it’s going to help balance out extra estrogen okay it helps basically your body consume extra estrogen so it doesn’t convert into bad estrogen now for women this is good too it doesn’t necessarily reduce your total estrogen it reduces the bad form of estrogen which therefore makes it so that you have more available hormones to actually improve your sex drive but specifically for men dim which you’re gonna get out of broccoli cauliflower it’s very very powerful women you might want to test it out sometimes you have an adverse response so eat broccoli cauliflower for a week and you feel like your sex drive went down eliminate it vice versa so there you have it some simple ways that you can boost your libido some simple ways that you can get these foods at a cheaper price but also just some overall knowledge on how your body works and it comes down to hormone optimization so as always keep it locked in here on my channel and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Top 6 Foods to Balance Your Hormones.
Top 6 Foods to Balance Your Hormones

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Top 6 Foods to Balance Your Hormones – Thomas DeLauer
Men: Keto & Testosterone/Cholesterol – Study
The study, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, looked at very low carbohydrate ketogenic diets (VLCKD) relative to a traditional high carbohydrate diet in 26 men
26 men volunteered to participate in the study and were divided into two groups
– VLCKD (5 % CHO, 75 % Fat, 20 % Pro)
– Traditional western diet (55 % CHO, 25 % fat, 20 % pro) – study lasted 11 weeks
Total cholesterol increased slightly in the VLCKD group, while it decreased in the traditional western group
However, this rise was driven by an increase in HDL in the VLCKD group (6.69 mg/dl) compared to the western (-1.6 mg/dl) with no changes in LDL
Total testosterone increased significantly in the VLCKD diet (118 ng/dl) as compared to the western (-36 ng/dl) while insulin increased significantly in the western group (3.7 uIu/ml) compared to the VLCKD (.1 uIu/ml)
Concluded that a VLCKD is safe and increases testosterone levels while also increasing insulin sensitivity
Even though the total cholesterol increased in the VLCKD group, their HDL (healthy cholesterol) drove this response
Women: Estrogen – Study – Nutrition & Metabolism
11 overweight women with a clinical diagnosis of PCOS were recruited for the study – they were instructed to limit their carb intake to 20 grams or less per day for 6 months
In the 5 women who completed the study, there were significant reductions from baseline to 24 weeks in body weight (-12%), percent free testosterone (-22%), LH/FSH ratio (-36%), and fasting insulin (-54%)
In addition, the reduction in LH/FSH ratio may be a sign of endocrine re-normalization resulting from the keto intervention – due to an improvement in insulin sensitivity
Foods to Enhance Libido
Maca (nature’s viagra) is an endocrine adaptogen, meaning that it does not contain any hormones, but rather it contains the nutrients necessary to support normal hormone production and reduce stress
Maca’s libido enhancing effect is believed to be caused by its long chain fatty acids called, macaenes and macamides
A systematic review of Maca’s effect on libido that included research across 17 different databases found evidence for the effectiveness of maca in the improvement of function
One in particular, published in Andrologia, found that 40% of men who took maca plant supplements for three months experienced a stronger drive, as well as improved sperm formation and movement
Fenugreek seed extract contains a compound called “fenuside,” which is a type of glucoside – glucosides are known to fuel androgens (aka male hormones)
Ghee (65% saturated fat), a type of clarified butter, which is a fancy term for pure butterfat – while it has similar properties to regular butter, ghee is like an upgraded version with a richer taste, higher smoke point, deeper color, and more nutrients
Ghee is a rich source of the essential fat soluble vitamins: A, D, E, and K
Beetroot is loaded with nitrates, which act as a vasodilator and lowers blood pressure – also contain betalains, which are anti-inflammatory
Dietary nitrate is rapidly absorbed from the stomach and small intestine – about 25% of ingested nitrate enters the enterosalivary circulation, where it’s reduced to nitrite by bacterial nitrate reductases on the surface of the tongue
Blood Flow
Higher blood pressure damages the lining of blood vessels and causes arteries to harden and narrow (atherosclerosis), limiting blood flow – this means less blood is able to flow
For some men, the decreased blood flow makes results in erectile dysfunction
Foods High in Zinc for Men
Pumpkin Seeds (Zinc)
Low levels of zinc are associated with lower levels of testosterone as low zinc leads to an increase in estrogen receptors and a decrease in androgen receptors
Foods High in Soy for Women
Soy (Edamame)

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