Top 5 Probiotic Foods: Healthy Gut Shopping List: Thomas DeLauer

Top 5 Probiotic Foods: Healthy Gut Shopping List: Thomas DeLauer

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I go through periods of time where I really want to take care of my digestive system make sure I’m absorbing my nutrients and make sure that my bathroom schedule is where it needs to be just like you are not just everyone just doesn’t want to talk about it that’s the problem so here’s what I get at the grocery store when it comes down to the top five probiotic foods that I eat now a probiotic is defined by the World Health Organization as a live microorganism which when administered it adequate amounts confer a health benefit to the hosts so basically what that means is that when you consume something that is a probiotic is having a positive impact on you as the host by actually feeding yourself good bacteria that’s helping your life so let me cut right to the chase and give you the breakdown of the five foods that you should get at the grocery store the first one is simple it’s yogurt yogurt contains a particular strain of bacteria called lactobacillus vulgaris and what this is good for is lower digestive health okay so we’re talking about health mainly in the colon so if you have issues with constipation then yogurt it’s probably the best probiotic food for you hoping that you can do dairy in that case just keep in mind there are different kinds of yogurt they’re not all created equal for example go to yogurt and cheap yogurt it’s far superior to kal yogurt simply because it has a healthier quality of protein in it the next one that I highly recommend you get is miso soup it has something called Aspergillus oryzae now that particular strain of bacteria is very good for a number of things but particularly good for the upper GI tract so if you’re someone that battles with ulcers or you’re battling with issues in the upper GI and acid reflux you might find that miso soup is tremendously good for you however if you are male you do want to consume miso in moderation because it does contain soy and can be estrogenic but here’s a quick tip for you make sure you find one that’s unpasteurized because unfortunately the pasteurization process kills off a lot of the bacteria that occurs through the fermentation process of the soy okay the next one is sauerkraut one of my personal favorites sauerkraut contains something called lack of the Cilla’s plantarum which has been shown to do a lot of amazing things particularly when it comes to immune system now the interesting thing about sauerkraut in general is that cabbage which basically is just sauerkraut in this non fermented form contains already lactic acid bacteria in small quantities you think it already has the goods so all we’re doing is fermenting it and not even having to add bacteria you’re taking something that naturally has the bacteria that you need to be healthy and have a healthy immune system and just letting it curate and do its thing you’re letting it cure so by and large sauerkraut becomes one of the most naturally abundant forms of good bacteria that you can possibly have truly truly good for gut health for your immune system and also for your mind which leaving into the next one which is kimchi kimchi is another form of fermented cabbage it just has spices added to it these spices contain a lot of flavonoids and a lot of polyphenols that have additional fat burning effects as well so if you’re trying to increase your digestive health in absorption of nutrients kimchi might be really really good for you also contains that lactobacillus plantarum that sauerkraut does from the naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria that is already in cabbage then the last one that you have to pick up from the store is good old dark chocolate because dark chocolate has probiotic effects but it also has interesting prebiotic effects where it can help your existing gut bacteria flourish there was one study that actually found the consumption of dark chocolate led to a decrease in inflammation a decrease in c-reactive protein levels and how it did that was directly linked with the increase in lactobacilli that was found after consumption fancy way of saying eating dark chocolate increases your existing good gut bacteria which is being shown to modulate inflammation which can be the root of so many things so now you have five quick and easy foods that you can find at just about any grocery store or any health food store that you can implement into different areas of your life depending on what ails you so as always make sure you comment and let me know what videos you want to see but also keep it locked in here on my channel and please please please let me know if you have any suggestions I’ll see you to the next video

This Post Was All About Top 5 Probiotic Foods: Healthy Gut Shopping List: Thomas DeLauer.
Top 5 Probiotic Foods: Healthy Gut Shopping List: Thomas DeLauer

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Top 5 Probiotic Foods: Healthy Gut Shopping List: Thomas DeLauer
Probiotic foods are defined by the World Health Organization as “live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit to the host.”
Fermentation is an ancient process for preserving foods – while less common due to canning and refrigeration, still remains common worldwide
Fermentation alters the chemical structure of foods and produces foods rich in probiotics
Takes carbs and converts them to organic acids or alcohols and carbon dioxide
Often, but not always, includes the addition of yeast or bacteria
The glucose in the foods is used as foods for the yeast and bacteria, leading to healthy microorganisms that can build up our gut microbiome
Over the last decade the importance of the gut microbiome has come to our attention, as have the foods that encourage healthy bacteria in our digestive tracts
The different microorganisms serve different functions that we are slowly coming to understand
Some will form colonies in our digestive tracts that remain for long periods of time, while others will go quickly, but can still benefit us healthwise
Benefits of probiotic foods include:
-Digestive support – helps with leaky gut, IBS, Crohn’s disease.
-Improves bioavailability of some nutrients
-Mental health benefits
-Cancer benefits
-Hormonal balancing
-Healthy weight maintenance
-Inflammation control
Type of bacteria most prevalent: Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus
One of the most popular probiotic foods
Yogurt is made from milk fermented by Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus
Not all yogurt is equal in benefits. Be sure if you purchase yogurt that it comes from organic, grass-fed animals.
● Best if from goat’s, sheep’s, or A2 cow’s milk
Fermentation of yogurt:
● Increases folic acid levels
● Increases niacin and riboflavin levels
Benefits include:
● Improve lactose digestion for those suffering lactose-intolerance
● Stimulate gut immune system
● Therapeutic effect for those with hepatic encephalopathy, a liver disease
● Antimutagenic activities – Helps course correct things that cause mutation of cells (radiation, etc)
Type of bacteria most prevalent: Lactobacillus plantarum,
Traditional Korean fermented food using lactic acid bacteria and cabbage with additional vegetables and spices, such as ginger, garlic, and red pepper powder
– All the benefits of sauerkraut with the added antioxidant effects of spices.
● Found to prevent the growth of Helicobacter pylori
● Antimicrobial ability
● Anti-aging effect through its effect on free radicals and oxidative damage
Dark Chocolate
Cocoa has been found to affect the same conditions as other foods that impact the gut microbiota, leading to the idea that cocoa likely alters the gut microbiome similarly to how probiotic foods do
Cocoa is a prebiotic food that is rich in polyphenols known as flavonoids (powerful plant pigments that serve as antioxidants)
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13. Chocolate, gut microbiota, and human health

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