Thyroid Technique for Cold Hands and Feet

Thyroid Technique for Cold Hands and Feet

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hey dr. Burke here in this short video we’re going to talk about how to warm up your hands or your feet using acupressure to the thyroid now I’m just going to make a disclaimer I’m not curing thyroid disease okay I’m just showing you how to influence the thyroid to warm up the hands and feet it works about 50% of the time so I’m going to show you how to do it on yourself or have someone do it on you if it doesn’t work chances are that the reason why you’re cold is coming from another source okay so there’s many different causes of cold hands or feet so first thing you want to do is rate the coldness so let me just see you have yeah you do have cold hands I’m going to rate her coldness on a scale from one to ten ten being very very very very hot zero being ice cold give me a number how are we going to rate that temperature high but okay now we’re doing on our hands you would do it on the feet separately so we’re going to work on the hands first okay so I’m going to turn it this way and the acupressure points to the thyroid are located right here and if you wanted to know the segments so that’s c5 c6 area right here so now I’m taking my two fingers right here and this is course someone else doing this you’re going to take your hand in the forehead and press down here straight like this okay like scissors of course it if there is an issue here it might be a little sore so go light but I’m going to press right in here and the most important thing is we don’t mess up their hair okay so now I’m pressing on this point right here and I’m just going to hold this for about an hour now I’m just kidding we’re going to hold it for a couple minutes here so I’m pressing right into this little point right here and you’re going to feel a little kind of a resistance and I’m just holding an equal amount of pressure at the area of the lower neck okay so it’s right through here right about there and so now while I’m doing this I’m going to ask the person that five tell me when it goes to a six six okay good now I’m just holding this sustained pressure and it could take about two minutes okay so now tell me when it’s a seven seven okay good tell me when it’s an eight good it’s an 8 let me just see here yeah for warming up nicely now what you may want to do let’s say for example it’s going to slow then you might want to move your fingers down just half an inch okay because you want to get the exact opposite of the thyroid gland so you want to get the exact opposite if you draw a circle around where the thyroid is which is in the front of the neck and the lower part so I’m going to come down here like down at c6 which is the last one of the last segments before c7 which is very lower so we’re going to just hold that right there now what’s interesting when I went down here a little lower her forehead just heated up so there’s something happening here because it’s not me okay what is it is it what’s happening now to the temperature okay she said the palms of her hand are warm now so it wasn’t a 5 what is the palm of your hands right now a 9 so that’s pretty cool so now we’re going to do if you don’t have someone to do this on you you can use this do-it-yourself version and we’re going to use on someone this small we’re going to use this with right here sometimes we’d use a bigger one but I’m going to actually just this is a tripod so I’m going to set this back here and once you scoot your butt this way about six inches yeah now look at this so I’m going to actually position this let me just take the hair out of the way here and just give me that scissors over there so we’re going to come right down here just sit up for a second okay good when I hit this right here alright so now just kind of lean your head back there yeah do you feel this is the same pressure that I did okay I do I have to go lower right there how was that so now we’re going to do is I’m going to take this I try to have her lean back a little bit like this and let gravity pull her head back so now we have an acupressure device that’s exactly at the lower neck pressing on those two points for about two or three minutes that way no one is the pressure she can just lay back let gravity push her head back on this device and the longer she does it the warmer she’s going to get so this is great to do especially if you have to go to sleep in you it’s hard to sleep because your your hands or feet are so cold so this is just something you can do see if it works it may work I say it’s about 50% so give it a shot and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Thyroid Technique for Cold Hands and Feet.
Thyroid Technique for Cold Hands and Feet

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Dr. Berg shares how to warm up your hands and feel using acupressure to the thyroid. In this video, Dr. Berg explains how this technique work and ensures it is not a cure for thyroid disease.
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