Thyroid and Metabolism | Kelp Hashimoto and Thyroid Hormone: Thomas DeLauer

Thyroid and Metabolism | Kelp Hashimoto and Thyroid Hormone: Thomas DeLauer

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kelp it’s the reason I became a mermaid and if you’ve ever wanted to be a mermaid or you’ve ever idolized mermaids well you probably know that they consume a lot of kelp and a lot of iodine all right enough weirdo talk I’m seriously going to talk about kelp and talked about iodine how it affects your thyroid but I want to put this out there if you know someone that’s dealing with hypothyroidism when they have a slow thyroid or underactive thyroid or maybe even Hashimoto’s like an autoimmune condition give this video a quick share just so that it can get out there share with your friends and family all right so the way that it works when it comes to iodine is the thyroid needs it okay the thyroid needs iodine in order to convert t4 into t3 and what t4 is is basically the precursor to thyroid hormone t3 and for those of you that don’t know the thyroid is that butterfly-shaped gland that’s in your throat that really is a standalone gland it doesn’t even have blood supply it just kind of sits there standalone creating thyroid hormone that is what regulates our metabolism regulates our body heat and also regulates a lot of neural function and a lot of brain function – so why kelp though okay any kind of sea plant or sea algae is going to be higher in minerals in general simply because the soil isn’t totally depleted like it is up here on earth down in the water you have that retainment of minerals so the seaweeds of the kelp so the things like that the algae they have a lot more minerals in general specifically iodine now we know that we have an iodine issue to begin with okay we’ve been adding iodine to salt for so many years we’ve been adding it since the early 1900s that’s not the best way to get it you think we’ve been told that we can give kelp to our dogs to help with their dog die roids but how come we haven’t made the translation that we need it for us well here’s how it actually works you see iodine is good for the thyroid but only in moderation that iodine affects the thyroid by working on something that’s called thyroid peroxidase okay also known as TPO we down regulates it it slows down that enzymatic activity which is good if your hypothyroid because it allows your thyroid to regulate and work on its own a little bit better essentially making it stronger and making it more inefficient so you can create more t3 from less t4 essentially but this is a huge thing you have to consider if you’re dealing with Hashimoto when you’re dealing with any kind of autoimmune disease down-regulating that PPO can affect those PPO antibodies and actually increase the stress on your thyroid so this essentially can increase the autoimmune attack on the thyroid well there is a study that I like a reference that kind of balances out that whole thyroid thing with the iodine and the selenium and all that stuff essentially what that is his researchers found was that by taking in too much iodine they had a decrease in what was called selena cysteine levels in the thyroid these salinas esteem levels are again what helped the thyroid produce more of a thyroid hormone how is this balanced out simply by taking selenium you see what we want to do if you want to rise the tides that all ships rise if we take in iodine we want to be taking in selenium as well and the good thing is kelp has a good balance of iodine and selenium so you’re not just getting too much iodine like you would be getting from a supplement you’re getting a good balance of selenium as well but full disclaimer it’s safe for me to say that if you’re going to be taking in any iodine you may want to take a selenium supplement as well and I have to give you full disclosure I’m not a doctor so don’t go taking a ton of iodine and realistically don’t want to be exceeding 500 micrograms of iodine per day anyway although there are some research studies out there that show you can take up to 12 milligrams me being in the position that I’m in I highly recommend against that you want to make sure that you’re starting small and start regulating how you feel so you’re going to take a kelp supplement what you want to do is you want to start small maybe take half a tab or try using a kelp powder so you can really modulate how much you take and just closely monitor your thyroid another thing that you can do is you can take a thermometer and you can literally put it in your armpit first thing in the morning or under your tongue depending which kind of thermometer you’re using and monitor your actual body temperature then start taking a kelp supplement if your body temperature starts to increase then more than likely your thyroid deficient and you’re getting some benefit out of the iodine and the selenium or out of the kelp in this case now if you start to see that at plateaus or starts to drop well then you might be doing with an autoimmune issue and you may want to pay a little bit more attention to working on your antibodies versus working on the thyroid directly so at the end of the day why should you take help because you’re going to get a balance of minerals that’s going to help your mood it’s going to help your body to help your nerve function yeah that’s going to give your thyroid that boost that it needs so as always keep it locked in here and if you know someone that’s going to get a benefit out of helping their thyroid but becoming a mermaid please make sure you give this video a share I’ll see you soon

This Post Was All About Thyroid and Metabolism | Kelp Hashimoto and Thyroid Hormone: Thomas DeLauer.
Thyroid and Metabolism | Kelp Hashimoto and Thyroid Hormone: Thomas DeLauer

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Thyroid and Metabolism | The Truth about Kelp and Thyroid Hormone: Thomas DeLauer
Kelp, a kind of seaweed, has been an integral part of the diet in Asia for centuries
Many nutritional benefits
● Bone health
○ Due to high vitamin K
● Weight loss/maintenance
● Thyroid health
● Anticarcinogenic
● Antiinflammatory
Iodine and Thyroid Health
Thyroid health benefits are due to the high amount of iodine found in kelp
The thyroid:
● a small, butterfly-shaped gland located at the front of the neck
● plays a role in metabolism, development, growth and body temperature.
An improperly functioning thyroid can cause:
● metabolism and weight problems
● mood disorders, such as depression
Iodine is an essential trace element that many of us are deficient in
Iodine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormone. Insufficient iodine can lead to:
● Hypothyroidism
● Enlargement of the thyroid
● Mental disabilities
○ Especially for infants and children of mothers who were iodine deficient during pregnancy
This deficiency became understood in the early 1900s and iodine was added to table salt
● Not the best solution
● Iodized salt contains chemicals harmful to health
Sources of iodine:
● Sea vegetables
● Fresh cranberries
● Many beans – organic navy beans are one of the highest
● Organic strawberries
● Organic potatoes
● Organic dairy, meat and eggs
● Seafood
● Shellfish
● Pink himalayan sea salt
Recommended daily amount is 158 – 175 micrograms
Best to obtain from foods as excess iodine is dangerous
You can find kelp in dried form, noodles and even kelp sprinkles that you can use in dishes alongside pink himalayan sea salt
● Limit yourself to 1 serving per day to avoid excess iodine or heavy metals
Do not exceed 500 mcg iodine daily from all sources
● Kelp supplements are natural supplements
● Potassium iodine supplements are a good option as well
● Speak with your doctor if you decide to supplement
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2. Treatment of hypothyroidism due to iodine deficiency using daily powdered kelp in patients receiving long-term total enteral nutrition
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