The Underlying Root Cause(s) of Your Hair Loss

The Underlying Root Cause(s) of Your Hair Loss

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hey it’s me again we’re going to talk about hair loss okay so there’s a question from a lady that said I’m losing my hair and I need some help so we’re going to answer what causes that when you’re dealing with hair loss you have to make sure that you don’t treat the symptom which is hair loss and that’s like directly because you have to find the cause of it and hair loss is a symptom so people are taking biotin in the doing shampoos with all these collagen and things and vitamins thinking that’s going to absorb in the hair and do something it’s it’s a joke it’s not going to happen like that so in my book I talk about in two different sections because there’s really three different situations going on with hair one is actually in Chapter 7 on the thyroid body type so the thyroid gland can cause thinning of the hair thinning brittle hair okay that would be thyroid but again what causes the thyroid problem that’s what you need to dig in there I always like to use a question when did it start that gives the clue what what happened just before it started did you get pregnant and then you lost your hair did you start a diet and start losing your hair for example I had someone completely almost bald and it was after she did a high protein diet and all that protein was the wrong thing for her body type and that aggravated her liver you have to have a good liver to digest all that protein well anyway one of the causes of thyroid is a liver problem it blocked the liver boom the thyroid can’t convert to the liver and she lost all her hair now I’ve had other people do a vegetarian diet after watching the documentary called it’s called forks over knives summit forks over knives I think it is where they talk about being a vegetarian well they cut out all protein in lost all their hair so and they started breaking down their teeth so really you want to adjust the eating plan to your body type not just do like you can’t do a one-size-fits-all but the point is that what can cause a thyroid problem usually is a liver problem or a lack of bile that detergent that does some that helps you break down the grease from your gall bladder and if you’re missing a gall bladder or you get bloating or you have constipation or you have a liver problem that alone can block the thyroid and cause a thinning so do you want to work on the thyroid know you want to support liver again ask yourself when did it start what happened just before now we have estrogen spike estrogen can also block the thyroid from a pregnancy being on HRT hormone replacement therapy birth control pills consuming lots of soy all those things can spike estrogen and block your thyroid okay so how do you know if you have is trojan watch my video on high oestrogen the symptoms are heavy period a problem with your cycle heavy weight on the lower part of your body fibroids that that would all indicate that you have too much estrogen so these two two things can block the thyroid and cause thing of your hair so that’s one cause the next thing we’re talking about is receding hair or male pattern baldness now that is a androgen problem what is androgens that’s a male hormone it’s a type of testosterone and women have it too and so when that hormone goes higher what happens is it starts to burn out the hair follicles and it starts to recede or you start losing hair on the top part right here men and women now if this happens if you’re getting receding hair there’s three causes to that one is high levels of insulin okay and that comes from sugar or refined carbs now excess insulin can convert estrogen into androgens and that’s why women that have polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS there they get put them on metformin to say what’s called insulin resistance well that’s because their their insulin has been too high and causing us some resistance and triggering this effect so again this could cause that alright high levels of cortisol that’s stress what can that do well think about it the adrenal gland makes three hormones on the outside of the adrenal bag cortisol which is a stress hormone androgens and in another hormone called aldosterone but we’re going to talk about if this adrenal band is over working like in sustained stress it will raise all three of these hormones and so you’re going to high energies just from an overactive adrenal and that will cause the receiving hair and a lot of times it’ll cause facial hair so the hair goes from here to here or it’s going to you’re going to get acne okay so increase insulin cortisol or this other hormone called igf-1 like growth factor I don’t want to confuse you but let me just kind of give you the summary of what what this is this is a hormone from your liver and you make it you make all three of these but a lot of times when you consume the wrong foods specifically soy protein isolates and diet foods that will spike the IGF and create high levels of androgen – so in other words it’s back to the liver again if something aggravates your liver you can actually have high androgens and have receiving error so again we got to look at the different things that it could be going to be thyroid never so as you can see so far we got a lot of liver situations going on okay but then this last one you can have patches of your hair come out in different places that’s called alopecia that’s an autoimmune problem where your body is attacking your own hair root so it’s like an allergy to your own hair now that usually comes from an overactive adrenal from a stress event so we’re back to stress again so most stress events will cause autoimmune and that’s why a lot of autoimmune conditions whether it’s rheumatory arthritis as alopecia whatever comes after a loss of a loved one or maybe some type of accident or an injury or sustained stress so if we really want to know the cause of stress it’s a combination of stress sugar eating the wrong things so I protein isolates the liver or having too much estrogen in the diet in the environment or just having your body pump out too much because you’re you have a fibroid so I have specific videos and all these I just wanted to give you a summary on the general possible causes of hair loss I hope this helps so if you want just watch some of these specific videos through my blog and see if you can find out now what to do about it alright so this is dr. Burke signing off and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About The Underlying Root Cause(s) of Your Hair Loss.
The Underlying Root Cause(s) of Your Hair Loss

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Dr. Berg talked about the underlying root cause of hair loss. Never treat the hair directly – first find the cause. Alopecia, male-pattern hair loss, receding hair and thinning hair are all different problems.
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