The Truth About Cholesterol – and LDL and HDL

The Truth About Cholesterol – and LDL and HDL

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I wanted to create a video on the cholesterol myth simply because it’s been so brainwashed into our heads from 1950 more than any other myth that has been in existence Ancel keys in 1950 researcher did this huge study to correlate all these countries that got he wanted to study different countries in relationship to how many of them had heart disease and and what they ate if they were fat so he studied in half a dozen countries and this is what he came up with in a thumbnail sketch he found that we have heart attacks here and we have fat consumption here and he found that these countries the more fat that they consumed the more heart attacks that they got so then he was kind of like the father of the lipid heart attack theory and he was untime magazine and from there on out it kind of went south and it’s just been brainwashed into our minds but here’s a couple little things he basically kind of altered the information just a little bit here’s two simple facts that he manipulated the study wasn’t done with a half a dozen countries it was done with 22 countries and he left out the countries who ate a lot of fat and had low heart disease okay so these countries Norway and Holland he left those out okay and there was other ones as well and then he also left out the countries who ate low fat that had high amounts of heart attacks like Chile now if you include all of the data and the study it pretty much looks like this okay it doesn’t give you any data it doesn’t show any statistical significance of people that eat saturated fat actually have increased cholesterol or people that have increased cholesterol showed any increase in heart disease in fact you want to know how many studies in the world that we’re done that actually showed a relationship between these zero none of them can now that the way they wanted so what they do with any other researcher would do is basically manipulate the data and make it look make it a line to what their theory is so they can you know obviously get more grants but the point is that there is no study that shows this relationship here and it’s basically the greatest scam of the century so let’s go into a little bit more about what HDL is and LDL you’ve heard HDL being good cholesterol and LDL being bad cholesterol well it’s not even cholesterol what does it stand for high-density lipoproteins low-density lipoproteins those are proteins they’re not even cholesterol they’re envelopes that carry cholesterol through the body so the HDL so-called good cholesterol carries the old cholesterol to the liver to be recycled okay now why is our body recycle cholesterol if it’s so bad why does it recycle well the fact is it’s not bad and we need cholesterol our bodies make 2,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day near every single cell and your body makes cholesterol an egg would be 300 milligrams of cholesterol the truth is that when you eat more eat less cholesterol your body just makes more of it because it acts as a band-aid to help arteries that are corroding or getting ulcers or getting damaged or getting inflammation it acts to help as a healing agent and that’s why cholesterol is in the artery because it’s trying to heal it as a scab it’s not the culprit it’s the middleman most of our brains are made from cholesterol to allow for the insulation to travel with the nerves we have all the cell walls are made from cholesterol most of our hormones are made from cholesterol especially the sex ones so we need this cholesterol desperately in order to survive if you didn’t have cholesterol you wouldn’t be able to survive and cholesterol is also needed to make vitamin D to help convert and increase the calcium into the blood so then we can take the other vitamins to transport into the bone I’ve watched that video on vitamin k2 because that’s very important but because it tells you the other half of the story with clogged arteries so we have this good cholesterol which carries all cholesterol to the liver recycles it that means it’s good and then the bad cholesterol carries cholesterol from the liver into the tissues okay but they’re really not bad they’re just trance they’re envelopes to transport calcium back and forth out of the LDL only a very small part of the LDL is really really bad and it’s the very small little particles because an LDL there’s a lot of different there’s different sizes you have these big fluff balls and you’ve got these tiny little pebbles of LDL and the real small ones are the ones that form the plaquing around and inside the tin inside the artery itself and that’s why people are against them but the purpose is the body’s is trying to heal itself so now let’s talk about what is the problem with heart attacks okay well it’s inflammation it’s inflammation because the wall of the artery is damaged from inflammation and it’s kind of like an ulcer it’s a degenerative type situation and that’s why the cholesterol and the calcium comes in then to help heal it and then that’s the clogging factor so what causes inflammation sugar okay sugar is the big culprit sugar is very inflammatory and the amount of sugar that we eat not only will spike cholesterol and triglycerides because the body’s trying to heal the damaged arteries but it will clog up your arteries more than anything and so and that includes the whole grains that the doctors are telling you it’s okay or the government whatever so it comes down the sugar so the problem is not the fat it’s the sugar okay so that’s interesting the other thing that causes inflammation is having an adrenal problem as well because your adrenal gland secretes cortisol and cortisol is a natural anti-inflammatory but when you lose that affect you end up with inflammation in the body but in a thumbnail sketch you don’t have to be afraid of class draw anymore you can go ahead and consume cholesterol I’ve been eating four eggs every single day for the last 20 years my cholesterol is about 160 170 160 which is totally normal and lastly I want to tell you something we’re how do you increase the good cholesterol to increase good cholesterol you have to consume egg yolks butter and cheese that’s right egg yolks butter and cheese especially from grass-fed cows will increase the good cholesterol okay what increases bad cholesterol sugar and junk food okay so I hope that helped a little bit unbraid wash you with this cholesterol myth but and I want to leave you if there’s one more thing IQ or having a high high IQ does not equal sanity just because someone is so-called educated doesn’t mean they’re sane all right I’ll see you the next video

This Post Was All About The Truth About Cholesterol – and LDL and HDL.
The Truth About Cholesterol - and LDL and HDL

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Dr. Berg explains the truth about cholesterol, LDL and HDL. In this video, Dr. Berg explains the new answers about cholesterol and debunks all the older myths.
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