The Truth About Almond Milk | What is Carrageenan? – Thomas DeLauer

The Truth About Almond Milk | What is Carrageenan? – Thomas DeLauer

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hey just because the food is natural or organic doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not inflammatory I want to talk about a food additive called carrageenan which is actually a natural food additive now what carrageenan is is a thickener it’s something that’s used in almond milks it’s used in low-fat dairy products yogurts things like that to add some nice consistency smooth it out to thicken it up and the thing is it’s from a natural source carrageenan is derived from red seaweed it’s just a component of the red seaweed so it really is natural in a sense but there have been a lot of links to some pretty scary things and I want to give you three reasons to avoid carrageenan the number one reason is it’s simply inflammatory there is a link between carrageenan and cellular inflammation has been proven in a lot of studies in fact kara guinea can even be used to instigate inflammation within test subjects so if a test subject needs to show symptoms of inflammation they’ll actually give that test subject carrageenan to produce inflammation that’s a pretty scary buy sign right there in addition to that in a 2011 diabetes study test subjects were given carrageenan in a solution of water now basically what they were monitoring was the effect on glucose tolerance and glucose impact but also insulin sensitivity well it didn’t take long to find that carrageenan had a dramatic impact on insulin sensitivity in a negative way and also decreased glucose tolerance dramatically this means that carrageenan can have a link to diabetes which in and of itself is very inflammatory now that’s scary enough for me to avoid it the second reason is so simple and so scary it doesn’t need much explanation basically way back when in 1982 the International Agency for research on cancer declared carrageenan as an official carcinogen that simply means that there is a clinical link between carrageenan and cancer now I’m not a doctor so I’m not going to go into detail but that is frightening for me now the number one reason I want you to stay away from carrageenan and this is an important one given all the kind of things i generally talk about is the fact that it can cause a leaky gut what that means is carrageenan has been shown in some studies to increase intestinal permeability what that means is that it can make it so that your intestinal tract can actually leak some of the things that are inside of it even larger part of goals including particles that are components of carrageenan this can damage the lymphatic system it can damage your lymph nodes it can do all kinds of things but in addition to that lymph node damage it can make it hard for you to absorb your nutrients and when you don’t absorb your nutrients well that can lead to a world of hurt so what can you do how do you avoid carrageenan well the good news is it’s getting easier because a lot of companies are realizing that people are wanting to stay away from it because of its inflammatory issues so you’ll see now a lot of labels that things say carrageenan free or no carrageenan at it all you simply have to do is flip the package over look in the ingredient list and make sure there’s no carrageenan it’s that simple you’ll likely find that it has a xantham gum instead but xanthan gum is a lot less hard on the body than carrageenan and I know it’s a mouthful to say it’s a mouthful to read but I promise you you will start feeling better if you can keep an eye out for that I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About The Truth About Almond Milk | What is Carrageenan? – Thomas DeLauer.
The Truth About Almond Milk | What is Carrageenan? - Thomas DeLauer

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The Truth About Almond Milk | What is Carrageenan? – Thomas DeLauer
What is Carrageenan? Is it really the killer seaweed? Not quite… but it’s definitely worth using caution!
Carrageenan – What It Is and Why You Should Avoid It
We all have heard that processed foods are not good for us, however understanding why can be complicated.
Today we will go over one substance that is added to foods that is dangerous for our health: Carrageenan
Carrageenan is a compound extracted from red seaweed that is added to processed foods to thicken and improve the texture.
-Commonly found in low fat dairy products like yogurts and ice cream
-Other foods include processed meats, infant formulas, soy milks and diet drinks
-Also found in pet foods, shampoos, toothpastes, room air fresheners, cosmetics and other products
The use of Carrageenan in products has been steadily increasing.
Why is Carrageenan Bad for Your Health?
1. Inflammation and diabetes
We want to stay away from inflammatory foods
Carrageenan has been shown in studies to increase cellular inflammation, and has even been used in many studies to induce inflammation when needed in animal and human subjects.
Diabetes, and many other health problems, are linked to markers of inflammation
*A 2011 study published in Diabetologia looked at the effect of adding carrageenan in drinking water to glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity and insulin signalling.
-At levels lower than what is assumed in the human diet (scaled down for the weight of the mice), glucose tolerance was drastically impaired.
-This study showed that the inflammation caused by Carrageenan may contribute to the development of diabetes.
2. Cancer
In 1982 the International Agency for Research on cancer designated carrageenan as a carcinogen
3. Intestinal ulcers
Many animal studies have found a causal link between carrageenan and intestinal ulcers
4. Increased Intestinal Permeability
Some studies have found that carrageenan may cause increased intestinal permeability, which makes it harder for us to absorb nutrients. Large particles may also escape and cause damage to lymph nodes
→ Inflammatory bowel disease is linked to numbers 3 and 4.
How to Avoid Carrageenan
1. Whenever possible, avoid prepackaged and processed foods
2. Read labels and avoid foods with carrageenan
3. There are many helpful lists online to help point you towards foods without this added in, such as the Cornucopia guide to avoiding organic foods with carrageenan
1. Exposure to the common food additive carrageenan…
2. Review of harmful gastrointestinal effects…
3. Guide to avoiding organic foods with carrageenan
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