The Top Signs of Vitamin B1 Deficiency

The Top Signs of Vitamin B1 Deficiency

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hey it’s dr. Berg in this video we’re going to talk about when the most common vitamin deficiencies low b1 okay this is a tree with branches these are symptoms these are roots I know it doesn’t look like a tree but that’s what it is okay first symptom is restless legs restless leg syndrome that’s a b1 deficiency it’s a buildup of lactic acid lactic acid builds up from a natural process of carbohydrate metabolism or sugar metabolism in your body so if you’re eating too much sugar or breads and pastas your own crackers all that stuff and it can’t clear it you’ll see end up with restless leg it’s like a lot of nervous energy in your legs and other parts of your body and if you work out and you feel sore a little too long you could take some b1 and get rid of that soreness really fast because this is the remedy for restless legs if you look up low vitamin b1 a classic vitamin deficiency like really severe they call that beri beri beri beri affects the heart and that’s why the pulse rate starts going higher and higher and higher with a b1 deficiency you also end up backing up with fluid into your legs edema for a low vitamin b1 as well because the heart is weak another deficiency because this controls the nerve especially the myelin that the outside of the sheath of the nerve if that thing is gone if you don’t have enough b1 you won’t be able to build up the might that the surrounding protective coating around the nerves and then you get tingling and numbness in your fingers hands and feet and toes and that’s why diabetics for example end up with peripheral neuropathy that’s the tingling in the feet and the hands because they have very deficient and b1 in fact diabetics need about 15 times more b1 than a normal person they’re very very low in b1 and when you actually give them b1 in a natural form it actually helps lower their insulin so it’s good for diabetics but that’s why they get those symptoms because they run out of the b1 and that’s the remedy ok nightmares is a classic symptom for low but b1 as well air hunger at night is a symptom of low b1 coughing at night is another symptom of low b1 calf tenderness pressing your calf this tender could be low b1 and the stigmas now what is nystagmus if I were to look at you right now and turn my head but yet maintain my eyeballs my eyeballs are going in the opposite direction as I’m turning my head and that’s coordinated with something in your inner ear that has these little nerve endings these little hairs in a fluid in the inner ear it’s like a little gyroscope back there and that nerve that’s connected to the ear is disrupted with a low B one because low b1 affects the nervous system and Anna stigma is that that coordination isn’t occurring so you’ll have this dancing eye so you’ll see the the eye just dancing like that that’s NIST Ignis but that’s coming from a low b1 and then the last symptom of a low b1 is the nervous energy like you have this you come home at night and you’re like stressed out you can’t relax and you just feel this buildup or doom and gloom okay you have this weight over your shoulders take some b1 and watch how fast that goes away simply because now the cause of low b1 would be excessive stress when you use a lot of mental energy and physical energy you deplete your b1 reserve so alcohol will also deplete b1 liver damage will deplete b1 and then of course the classic too much sugar or just sugar and I mean not too much just you shouldn’t eat any sugar because that’s going to deplete v1 and then refine carbohydrates and that would be the breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits I don’t recommend taking a synthetic b1 unless you’re doing some type of detoxification cleanse and it’s a short-term thing you’d be much better off taking nutritional yeast that’s a more natural form not brewers yeast not baker’s yeast but nutritional yeast it’s at the health food store it comes in a container take a teaspoonful every single day that’s what I do put it in some plain yogurt or kefir okay that’s kind of a sour yogurt and I usually take that in the morning and you’ll get all your B’s and you’ll actually help a lot of these symptoms so go ahead and apply this and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About The Top Signs of Vitamin B1 Deficiency.
The Top Signs of Vitamin B1 Deficiency

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Dr. Berg talks about the 9 symptoms and signs of low vitamin B1 deficiency. In this deficiency, people will have nervous tension, hunger at night, coughing at night, calf tenderness and even tingling and numbness in the hands and feet.
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