The Sodium Myth & Why We Need It!

The Sodium Myth & Why We Need It!

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about the sodium Neff oh my gosh this is a big one you know there’s people that say that sodium is the worst thing you can consume but let’s take a look at this they’ve only done one study that shows any relationship between high blood pressure and consuming sodium and it was called the – sodium study but they failed to kind of omit unless you read the study they didn’t tell you they also lower the sugar in their diets the glucose so honestly that’s really what created the lower blood pressure more than the salt okay so even a recent study that involves 6,000 people showed that there is no strong evidence in relationship between eating salt or sodium and increasing blood pressure now why would that be simply because sodium is an essential mineral what does that mean it means you it’s necessary for survival you can’t live without sodium but you need to have it in the right amounts we need about a thousand milligrams a day that’s probably a quarter teaspoon a day of salt but realize that salt is sodium chloride not just sodium so about half of that sodium chloride is sodium okay so you need a little bit more salt than you do sodium so I’ll show you what kind to get in a second but but the point is that we need this sodium to regulate your heart your fluids it acts like an electrolyte that allows the balance of fluid and it controls the volume of fluid through your body so it works with other minerals to maintain that balance so without that essential mineral you have all sorts of problems with your muscle your heart your brain you need that number two I’m sorry number three low sodium in the blood there’s a condition of low sodium the blood called hyponatremia now what is that that’s just simply low sodium in the blood and that’s from drinking lots of water that people tell you to do and very little salt so the doctors like don’t need salt drink a lot of water you’re just flushing out the electrolyte so you’re going to end up with a very low sodium in the blood which you’re setting yourself up for a lot of heart problems swelling in the brain can people die of hyponatremia so that you if you have never seen though my water myth video watch that because too much water is not not good you want to drink when you’re thirsty so how do you know if you need sodium well do you crave salt then you need it okay fluid retention now if you have fluid retention in your legs or your fingers or your body obviously there’s there’s probably too much sodium in your body but so instead of reducing sodium it’s much more important to raise the other electrolyte that sodium works with and that’s called potassium we need about four times a little more than four times the amount of potassium then we do sodium where do you get potassium vegetables do you eat enough vegetables probably not some people have two cups today you need actually seven to eight to nine cups to get the potassium to balance out the sodium because an average person consumes about thirty four hundred milligrams of sodium and only a thousand milligrams of potassium so the ratios are off so they will get fluid retention in some period of time and so what you don’t want to do is you don’t want to worry about lowering yourself just increase your potassium and don’t have the hidden salts that a lot of people are exposed to the MSG monosodium glutamate from fast-food restaurants eating sugar depletes potassium and retain sodium that’s why you can gain a water a pound of water after consuming some sugar so again it’s the junk food it’s the msg that that increases the sodium and by the way you never want to consume one mineral by itself you want to consume it in a complex like sea salt okay versus just taking sodium all right so now we have talked about fluid of tension low adrenal glands if your adrenal glands are burnt out you’re not going to have the hormone specifically there’s hormone called aldosterone there’s one called there’s a bunch of them called mineral corticoids which are hormones that regulate minerals specifically salt potassium so what happens with the adrenal is you lose salt so you crave salt let’s say at night you get home and you’re burnt out you’re tired and you’re craving salt so you consume sea salt then you probably want some sweet and some salt together because people that are low in minerals are also have low blood sugar issues if glucose issues so your just when you consume that your energy starts coming up your cells are trying to demand it but really it’s an adrenal situation okay so what type of salt is the best Himalayan salt is the best salt why because it’s salt from a mountaintop which used to be an ocean a long time ago it’s the most pure unpolluted sea salt you don’t want to get the sea salt that is in the current environment now because you’re just getting a lot of sewage in there and a lot of chemicals so get pink Himalayan salt there is a black Himalayan salt that you could get which high in sulfur the only thing with that is it tastes like eggs okay and a lot of people don’t like the taste if you can stand it and put on your eggs that would be a much better salt it’s called black Himalayan salt because that sulfur is really good for the liver it’s good for a detoxifying mineral it’s good for a lot of skin conditions but again it has a bad odor to it some people can’t do it but think about what sulfur is in its in all the cruciferous it’s in kale broccoli Brussels sprouts cabbage it’s all the sulfur type minnow so definitely radishes that actually help detoxify the liver so if you can stand it go ahead and get it if not get the pink version but go ahead and use that and use it don’t be afraid to use it as long as you increase your potassium with your vegetables you’re totally okay all right I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About The Sodium Myth & Why We Need It!.
The Sodium Myth & Why We Need It!

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Dr. Berg talks about the importance of sodium. Sodium is an essential mineral and without it, we get hyponatremia (a condition of low sodium in the blood). If your drinking too much water and too low salt, it can be dangerous to your heart. Sodium is needed to control fluid volume and even pressure and if the balance is not correct with potassium, you can either become too hydrated or dehydrated. And your adrenals control sodium through the hormones (mineralocordicoids).
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