The Real Causes of Depression

The Real Causes of Depression

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hey guys in this video we’re gonna talk about depression how to overcome depression with natural things okay the first thing that I look at if someone’s depressed is that number one I want to make sure that it’s not a lack of sleep it’s not chronic fatigue syndrome because what happens depression feels like you’re really really tired all the time you know if someone hasn’t slept that well they’re going to become tired chronically fatigued and that’s gonna feel just like depression so I always like to find out about the person sleep if the person sleep is a problem we’re gonna go after that and that usually can bring them up I have yet to found a person who is fully energetic tons of energy and depressed at the same time so you have appropriate depression like you lost something or you lost a loved one and then you have inappropriate depression where there’s no reason to be depressed and then you’re depressed so of course that’s what we’re talking about right here people want alternatives to psychiatric drugs okay so these are some things that we’re going to talk about number one we all want to differentiate between depression and anxiety depression is like apathy I don’t care anymore hopeless weepy the blues okay that’s what depression is anxiety is stressed worry excessive thinking panic attacks completely different emotion okay so I just wanted to differentiate that a lot of times depression comes from a vitamin b3 deficiency okay anxiety comes from a b1 deficiency but we’ll get more into that so the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re look at the diet does the person eat a lot of junk foods of course if you try to fix depression on top of junk food junkie and they’re eating all this junk it’s not going to work so we want to evaluate our leading you know donuts and Twinkies and all this other stuff I want to correct the eating plan get the junk out of the trunk right so then we have blood sugars that’s the second thing I checked because if the blood sugars are too high or too low that can create depression especially hypoglycemia and also insulin resistance I have a ton of videos on that but when those blood sugars are not because think about it insulin helps push sugar into the brain so if you have insulin resistance and you can’t push the fuel into the brain then the brain gets all funky and it doesn’t work right so you’re not going to feel good so we need that blood sugar to go into the brain correctly so if you have a pre-diabetic state because your blood sugars are messed up because you eat terrible that could be why you’re depressed so I will go right after that and fix that again I’ll put some links down below if if you might have a blood sugar issue sleep that’s the big one I really make sure the sleep is handled fully mostly sleep comes from a sleep problem comes from a lot of stress so there’s two things I’d use I have a remedy for it’s like a adrenal night formula which calms adrenals puts the person out so they can sleep or I’ll use an acupressure tool to physically manipulate the body to pull stress out that way and that really calms a person down because they’re all just tense so those are the two things that I use for sleep but then let’s just talk about serotonin the way that some of the psych drugs work is they’re they kind of recycle that last drop of serotonin you have to make you trick your body into thinking it has serotonin when it really doesn’t serotonin is a hormone that is a mood elevator it helps with cravings and it’s it’s kind of like the hormone in the nervous system it’s called a neurotransmitter okay so let’s say there’s a problem with serotonin and you could be depressed from that but what I like to do is look at what turns into serotonin there’s a amino acid called l-tryptophan okay l-tryptophan it was really popular in the 80s in fact they were selling millions of dollars worth of l-tryptophan and in 1990 March 22 they had this outbreak in Japan that some bad batch that created this rare disease and so the FDA banned that natural amino acid because people are using it for depression and weight loss and sleep and cravings they banned it and then four days later on Newsweek they came out with this huge promotion on the new miracle antidepressant drug Prozac is that a coincidence so we have this whole relationship here and then exactly 19 years later 2001 I think it was they the FT lifted this band right when the patents remand out of Prozac I wonder if that’s also coincidence so we have the situation where we people went chemical for a while and then they went away from l-tryptophan but l-tryptophan turns into serotonin it’s a natural amino acid there’s no side effects you want to take it on a empty stomach because it’s a large larger protein and it can compete with other proteins that you’re eating so if you eat some protein with l-tryptophan it won’t work so you have to have an empty stomach but l-tryptophan is a natural precursor to the serotonin that can help the mood cravings and sleep up tryptophan also makes beef vitamin b3 member this connection we talked about right there so b3 can actually also come from tryptophan which is interesting so what another thing that will cause that b3 deficiency is doing too much alcohol history of an alcoholic liver damage refined grains breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits things like that eating too much corn or corn products that can deplete vitamin b3 and that’s most people kind of know that that’s bad but let’s say for example you start taking b3 or you start taking l-tryptophan and you don’t see any difference with your depression well what you could do is do this one last thing because it takes a real strong digestive system to absorb those two elements and if there’s any colon damage if you have diverticulitis or Crohn’s or irritable bowel syndrome or damage to your colon that could be the reason why these things are not working so what you want to do is you want to add a little lactic acid okay from either kombucha tea or sauerkraut or fermented vegetables so that’s where you can get lactic acid that seems to really help the absorption of b3 and tryptophan so a lot of the digestive issues the second brain can affect your mood if you put this lactic acid back in so health a store they have kombucha tea you can take that and just drink one a night it calms you down it makes you feel good but people that are lactose intolerant they can’t make lactic acid that well and that could be why they’re even depressed because they’re not metabolizing these other elements right here so I just wanted to kind of give you an overall breakdown of some possible reasons why people are depressed this is a common one down here with the digestion blood sugars are also common sleep is common and so whatever which one indicates to you go ahead and correct that and see if you can’t also improve that emotion thank you so much for watching

This Post Was All About The Real Causes of Depression.
The Real Causes of Depression

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Dr. Berg talks about depression and it’s causes and then gives natural solutions. Vitamin B3 and l-tryptophan helps with depression but if your digestive system can’t make lactic acid, these nutrients will not be absorbed. However, a lack of sleep will cause chronic fatigue and this can mimic depression.
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