The Real Cause of Your Headaches as Well as Migraines

The Real Cause of Your Headaches as Well as Migraines

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More specifically, you want help with The Real Cause of Your Headaches as Well as Migraines?

in this video we’re going to talk about the real cause of headaches in migraines this is very important and very valuable because this video is actually worth thirty 1 billion dollars and that’s the amount of money that’s spent on headaches every single year it’s crazy if you look up the cause of headaches you’ll normally see it’s an unknown cause it’s very complex it’s very mysterious and it’s usually coming from anxiety or depression that’s actually not the case the cause of headaches is very simple when you look at the whole body I think the confusion is when people get pain in their head they think the problem is in your head headaches are does not cut the source of headaches do not come from your head usually maybe 1% of the time so one of the first things you want to do with a headache or a migraine and by the way a migraine is just a more severe headache where it can involve a sensitivity to light nauseousness and vomiting all right get a history find out is there any pattern involved in these headaches maybe it’s connected to your sinuses because the pressure well that’s a pretty no-brainer then this would be the cause or maybe it’s connected to your menstrual period which every month you get a headache we just isolated the root cause or maybe it was after an injury or after you drank alcohol last night had a hangover or when you stopped drinking caffeine and you got caffeine withdrawals or maybe it was an allergy so you want to get a history to get a clue of what’s causing these headaches but 90% of all headaches are coming from the gall bladder all right if you don’t believe me and you have a headache right now all you have to do is take your hands and press over the gall bladder which is right down here underneath the right rib cage and just press in and go in a little bit at this angle and hold this for two minutes if your headaches clear up then we know it’s gallbladder and this is food related it’s many times when you eat too many nuts or peanut butter when you try to eat healthier that will trigger the gallbladder a lot of times it could be junk food or fatty foods but that gallbladder triggers a nerve right underneath your diaphragm that’s called the phrenic nerve that goes right up through to the right shoulder and up to the head and also the gallbladder Meridian in Chinese medicine goes all up to the top of your head all the way through here but it also goes on the left side too depending on if you have a digestive issue so 90 percent of the time it’s going to be gallbladder related and you just need to change your eating five percent of time it’s going to be coming from a nerve pinch in your neck of course when you go to the chiropractor when you get adjusted and align that neck and head it goes away we know it’s coming from a pinched nerve but let’s say it keeps coming back over and over and over then we know there’s some other cause I personally had headaches for 12 years and I didn’t know what they were until I found out it was my gallbladder it wasn’t my neck because I had probably thousand adjustments and it just kept coming back over and over and over and over so when you try to solve the wrong problem and it keeps coming back then we have the wrong problem okay 2% of the time it’s the sinuses right well that’s pretty easy because you have a sinus congestion it could be back into the the station choose back into the back of the throat up to the ears and that pressure will definitely cause a headache and then you just want to do things to help your sinuses I like to recommend the kale shake in the morning for because the high vitamin A you can go to my website and download the recipe also you can do consume radishes radishes are really good to pull mucus out of the body and the sinuses and that will clear up the sinuses and then we have the menstrual cycle so if you get a headache that time of the month then we needed to support the ovaries with some type of natural remedy to help the headaches only 1% of time is it going to be coming from these things right here from an old injury to the head that could be the source of a headache a tumor which is very very rare and of course if you have exhausted all the most common ones then you can actually get some testing to see is it really headache the problem is I had people I’ve had people come in and they’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars with testing when this is so rare to look for a tumor and they never found it’s just a waste of money if you do something very simple and you rule out the cause of it you saved a lot of money okay infection meningitis if you have a fever and you feel tired it could be an infection causing your headaches don’t rule that out that’s especially if you have a skin reaction on your body and it could be an allergy to something it could be a food allergy I’ve had people have headaches after eating gluten which is the protein wheat or maybe milk or some other allergy that could be causing triggering the headaches so that’s mainly going to be food-related or it could be in viruses ”’l related caffeine withdrawal we’ve talked about that or a hangover so that’s the order of sequence of most common – least common causes of headaches I hope this helped if it’s helped you please make a comment below on this video and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About The Real Cause of Your Headaches as Well as Migraines.
The Real Cause of Your Headaches as Well as Migraines

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Dr. Berg discusses the real cause of headaches in migraines. In this video, Dr. Berg explains the source of the headache is not from your head. You can isolate the true cause by watching this video.
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