The Problems with Eating KALE!

The Problems with Eating KALE!

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Hey guys it’s Dr.Berg here in this
video I want to talk about the problems with kale now as you probably have
already seen a lot of my videos on promoting kale because Kelly is amazing
its anti-cancer anti-estrogen genic cleans up the liver it fixes the body
it’s loaded with so many nutrients vitamin A but it has a couple problems
okay for some people not for everyone ok because a lot of
times people it’s convenient you take this you blend
it you drink it and you’re good for the day so number one it can deplete iodine all
right but this really happens in people with more hypothyroid problems it’s real simple solution just add seek
help boom problem solved ok so that’s not a hard thing to do but number two
this is the big problem see your microbes eat fiber you have four to five
pounds of microbes in your gut that live on fiber ok adding kale in a blender for some
people can overload the microbes to the point where you get constipation or
bloating if this happens switch it up go to spinach you know steam it cook it each other vegetables have salads
instead but don’t keep going because if you’re constipated your bloated with
care too much fiber you’re not going to lose weight it’s not
going to help you you’re gonna feel you’re not going to
sleep that well so that’s one of the problems of this fiber is kind of a new
thing for a lot of people they’re not used to digesting it so anything that is a sudden change all
of a sudden you’re drinking 20 cups of kale shake a day that’s might be too
much for people so i always suggest go small just start with one and gradually
increasing because you’re my crops will adapt over a period of time I’m talking about not the majority maybe
twenty percent of population just can’t digest scale for the rest of us we can
digest it fine and it goes right in we can no problem at all but if you get
constipation bloating switch up your vegetables to spinach or salad ok hope that helped I’ll see you in the
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This Post Was All About The Problems with Eating KALE!.
The Problems with Eating  KALE!

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Some people get bloating and even constipation with kale. If this is the case, switch to spinach or other greens. If you have a known thyroid issue, then add sea kelp – not an issue.
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