The Ovary Body Type Type

The Ovary Body Type Type

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now the next body type is the old ovary body type this is it right here see this body type look where they gained the weight lower part and the hips thighs that’s estrogen dominance take awhile to guess why you don’t see very many men that look like that they don’t have ovaries very good so the ovary will up produce too much estrogen the estrogen makes fat around the superficial from here down it will also make your arms get big and the breasts get big I had one patient she was so estrogen dominant she became a size H I didn’t even know it goes that high I thought D double triple D was the highest let’s see a b c d e f g h yeah that’s estrogen dominance how do you know if your estrogen dominant if you look like that and also you have heavy periods cramping PMS all that guess what that’s going to do it’s going to make a fibroid I see so many women fibroids its estrogen dominance so what’s the solution cut it out I mean they’re not doing anything there are foods you can eat right now that will balance estrogen it’s called the cruciferous vegetable cruciferous vegetables are like kale broccoli brussel sprouts cabbage all the foods that no one eats those are very estrogen they’d clean up the estrogen they balance it and the chemicals thank goodness we have those foods in our diet if we ever eat them but mainly people cook the heck out of them nothing so estrogen dominant will cause anything wrong with this cycle heavy periods headaches that time of the month cravings that time of the month PMS how many of you know people that are PMS okay I can see the husbands are not like they’re like so you have all these different issues that happen that time of the month if it’s cyclic because the hormones go on waves just like all these circadian waves fertility infertility because estrogen you know it’s really amazing things you have this estrogen dominant patient and guess what they give them birth control pills but the it’s the exact opposite thing you’re going to put it more in estrogen dominance what food should they stay away from soy why because soy is very estrogenic and the soy that’s in America is not the same that’s another place it’s not fermented it’s like it’s just soy powder soy protein isolates what does that do it’s going to grow tumors in your liver and your in your where else in the ovaries and the uterus it’ll grow tumors it’s very trimmer producing yeah I see it all the time there were even some men that came in they were drinking so much so amount they sort of lactating that was enough for me to cut it completely out of diet but there’s estrogen is very very bad for the liver and it’s hairy it’s in almost lot it’s in a lot of foods isn’t it it’s genetically modified it’s almost hundred percent genetic you modified in the US and that means they alter the structure so there’s a lot of unknowns right now there’s no studies so the you know doesn’t have to be on the label to to be genetically modified they could just stick it in there so you have a soy it’s in also in a lot of prepackaged foods a lot of diets yeah isn’t it interesting the stuff that causes estrogen is energized why did I use it because it’s so cheap it’s so cheap I made a kale shake with I was going to put some protein and the guy that was helping me develop the for Mesa so you got to put some soy and it’s really cheap like what I’m not going to put that in there that’s going to like kill people so I put spirulina that’s like that’s vegetate a vegetable sea vegetable so it has some egg white organic egg white and kale but the point is that you don’t want to do a lot of estrogen with that because it want to make sure if they’re doing meats and dairy they have organic hormone-free this body type craves dairy they like ice cream cheese yogurt it’s while they’re trying to get some hormones in there to try to balance something because they’re out of balance and will never work though so they have a lot of issues with that and then when they get to be age 52 the ovaries stop working okay but guess what you have a backup organ here’s the ovaries the adrenals are little triangles on top of the kidney these start doing the work so now if the adrenal glands are weak going into menopause you’re going to overload those things and now this is going to do all the work and so now you’re going to have all sorts of problems with hot flash flashes night sweats okay does anyone have a hot flash okay so hot flashes are basically a short circuit in the electrical system of your body that’s kind of like it’s blowing that heat right there someone’s having a hot flash right now so that would be hot flashes so this body type ends up looking like this body type after menopause so what am I trying to tell you I’m trying to give you a clue that you better do something now before it’s too late now some of you in your mind you’re thinking wow I’m a mixed body type I’m everything right you always have a primary too much estrogen will block the thyroid that’s why when you get pregnant you might end up with a thyroid problem because the excess estrogen will block this and then create all sorts of problems many many borderline thyroid cases need to take that red medication when the pregnant because of the spike of estrogen so all these things work together if the liver is bad which we’re going to get to next your thyroid can’t work the your thyroid needs that liver to convert like eighty percent of all the activation of that home courser you liver so I had a lady she came in she did the wrong diet for her body type she did the high protein diet okay she was a liver type liver types should not do high protein diets okay what happened she lost weight but she also lost all of her hair well she had two gray hairs she had a wig a very nice wig um and she came in and she said doctor we gotta help me I’m like okay what’s going on she goes look at Shh okay yes we need we need to work on that so I said um what happened to you she goes I just did this diet I lost all my hair I said bingo you mess with your liver and then the block the thyroid now here’s the problem she was going to she was she was gonna get married okay her husband future husband had no clue she was completely bald okay that’s the situation when she would it’s like it’s it’s like the honeymoon night um honey now that were married um surprise like and then he pulls off his toupee I think there was like a movie where you can pull off your arm and your leg so I worked on her I do a technique which which works on old stress it’s an acupressure not puncture and we worked on her and worked on the liver and she got her hair back in three weeks tiny little hair she came back she was real happy got married never told them went great yeah so these hormones have dominating things dominating power to do certain things we when you actually age when you go from 20s 30s 40s 50s okay hormones change metabolism slows down would you agree with that you can’t keep doing the same thing with the calorie counting you have to look at the hormones in relationship to the triggering of the fat burning hormones I’m going to show you something before I get to the next body type real fast hormones there are three dominating hormones that if present in small amounts will completely block and cancel all the fat burning hormones okay in other words you have two things you have things that you should avoid and you have things that you should do the things that you should avoid are much much much much more important than the things that you should do it’s the little step okay so let’s take this one the first one is called insulin insulin is a hormone that regulates sugar it decreases sugar it’s trigge
red by sugar so every time you eat sugar it spikes the insulin okay you become a diabetic and then sugar goes high it doesn’t go down so you have to take insulin in the presence of just a little tiny bit of insulin it can cancel out and completely destroy all the good stuff that you did so let’s just make this real let’s take a cookie 80 calories you can walk that off in about a mile but the sugar in that one cookie will will block that burning for 72 hours if you have a slow metabolism like most people do a half a glass of orange juice a glass of wine unless dr. oz told you do it which I’m just being sarcastic because like wine is alcohol sugar it’s like it’s going to completely block you so we got insulin right it’s the little stuff that’s going to really mess you up so we have to we have to give you substitutes for the thing you credit I already know a habit is almost impossible to break so we don’t want to take all the pleasure away from you in life we want to tweak it so there’s things you can eat brownies for example that have no sugar and no flour and you can eat those you just have to know how to make them and we have the recipes we’re giving you and you can actually have it in the refrigerator and go for that every night or when you when you like that number two cortisol too much cortisol that’s the stress you’re not going to lose weight and that how do you get rid of stress sleeping walking I teach people to do an acupressure technique which basically pulls the stress that you do it before bed and you just get into a good sleep and it extracts the old stress so cortisol will block fat-burning that’s why you have like when you have physical trauma and then you have losses loss of a loved one or divorce whatever that will hit the drain a thousand times harder than a physical trauma that’s why you have people that like after like this major event they’re just like they never recover that’s why you get autoimmune diseases like lupus MS they all come after losses okay so then we have the last hormone that makes you fat is called estrogen remember all this hidden sources of estrogen it’s in the hormones in Europe people are thinner than Americans in America we got girls going to the menstrual cycle out earlier larger breasts kids are fatter you might say it’s a lot of different things but I think the hormones are really messing us up if you now do you guys realize that turkeys are fed hormones that’s why they’re bigger they’re huge right they can grow and fast if you consume the turkey that’s been injected with a hormone is it possible that some of that residue can get in your body if it makes a turkey a Butterball turkey is it possible to make a butter ball out of you a Butterball turkey idea welcome to America you’re in the wrong country at the wrong time so some of these poor countries they’re really rich in nutrients but they come here and they just get that I see it all the time they move to America I’m like you doing fine till you moved here welcome to Virginia so we have to eat and understand how to fortify our hormones okay

This Post Was All About The Ovary Body Type Type.
The Ovary Body Type Type

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