The “OTHER” Reasons Why People Can’t Lose Weight

The “OTHER” Reasons Why People Can’t Lose Weight

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ok so now we’re going to talk about another strategy that we’re going to use in helping you of course you started there you’re going to start the eating plan but there’s something you have to realize if you’re trying to lose weight there are other things that are going to slow you down and act as barriers and we must address them so whichever one you have you’re going to watch that specific video so we can fix it so what will stop you from losing weight that goes beyond the eating plan is the sleep if you’re not sleeping you’re not going to lose weight it’s not going to happen because you burn all the fat when you’re sleeping and then when you watch that video we’re going to talk about the underlying causes of lack of sleep it could be the adrenal gland it could be sleep apnea which you’re missing certain nutrients that the swelling is going on your nose that you can’t breathe that night there’s mineral deficiencies there’s all sorts of causes to sleep but that’s one big barrier also digestion if your digestion is off if you have a constipation if you get bloating if you feel very full all the time or you have a swollen stomach we have to fix that because it’s not going you’re not going to lose weight it’s going to also interfere your ability to sleep so digestion is very important to use that as an indicator that know that it’s working energy level you think you’re really going to lose weight if you’re tired and you’re fatigued now a lot of energy problems come from sleep issues but it can also come from a thyroid issue it can come from anemia you don’t have enough iron in your blood it can come from a lot of different sources so in the video and energy if you have fatigue watch that one you will actually address that menstrual cycle if your menstrual cycle is off you’re gonna have a hard time losing weight why because that means your estrogen off and estrogen makes fat so we want that estrogen to be at the right level so it doesn’t interfere with the thyroid and it does interfere with just making fat generally speaking so we want that menstrual cycle to be very smooth we want the menopausal symptoms like the hot flashes to be completely gone again you’re having night sweats and hot flashes all night long it’s if you’re asleep you’re not gonna lose weight these are just barriers cravings one way I know that you’re burning fat is you crave nothing and you’re not so hungry all the time if you’re craving sweets you’re burning sugar that’s all that means so we must fix the cravings and we’re gonna do it within the program inflammation that’s another barrier that means that your adrenals aren’t strong enough and you have it’s it’s almost equivalent to having way too many applications on your desktop computer and it’s running and it’s sucking energy from the body and it’s making you your metabolism not work as is good because it draws power from the adrenal glands okay so we want the adrenal glands to be chilled out and that brings us to the next thing of stress if the body is stuck in stress mode and it can’t relax and you’re trying to sleep and it doesn’t let you and your excessive thinking and all these other things that means the adrenal glands are overloaded and you have too much body stress we must eliminate that to remove these barriers to be able to lose the weight again a lot of people focus on diet and exercise they don’t go beyond that to look at the whole picture of the whole body and to get the person truly healthy I would tell you that if you didn’t have any of these issues you’d be very healthy these are good indicators of levels of health okay so to be able to get we need to go we’re going to handle these and the way it’s going to make it easy for you to lose weight especially long term

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Dr Berg talks about how to lose weight fast strategies. He helps you understand the best way to lose weight and shares useful weight loss tips that you are trying to lose weight. The main causes for not losing weight could be lack of sleep, digestion disorder, lower energy levels, irregular menustral cycle, inflammation, stress. All these factors might obstruct your mission to lose weight fast. So the best way to lose weight is to think about these factors and eliminate the one that is stopping your from losing weight.
There are other things that slow down losing weight. Beyond eating plan is sleep and digestion are two main causes that will stop you losing weight.
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