The ONLY Fat That Can Cause Insulin Resistance

The ONLY Fat That Can Cause Insulin Resistance

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hey guys today we’re going to talk about the only fat that can cause insulin resistance sometimes you might hear this on the news that Oh a teen ketogenic diet high-fat diet is gonna cause insulin resistance and diabetes and then you find out it wasn’t a high-fat diet it was a high-fat high-sugar diet so the next time you see a study go ahead and read it yourself and see if it’s done in humans or mice and exactly what they ate but there is one fat that can cause insulin resistance which is the thing that comes right before diabetes and it creates a lot of other issues and that is trans fats okay trans fats edible plastic in 2010 an average American consumed five point eight grams of trans fats every single day incredible but thanks to the FDA in 2015 they classified trans fats as not generally recognized as safe finally they acknowledge that but here’s the problem when a manufacturing company puts down zero trans fats they’re allowed trans fats in their products as long as those trans fats are less than 0.5 grams per serving size okay so 0.4 grams would be okay and that could be rounded to 0 yeah interesting the problem is trans fats cause strokes diabetes heart attacks and list goes on and on and on so what I want to know is what happened to the testing originally with trans fats what kind of testing do they do safety wise how long do they do it I mean this happens with so many products food products and drugs all of a sudden we found out it’s not really safe well why didn’t they find this out before they even release it to the public right okay how you gonna know if it has trans fats just look for this word in the ingredients if it has partially hydrogenated okay oil of any sort just avoid it because chances are it’s trans fats all right thanks for watching so if you like this video go ahead and share it with someone that you know that can truly benefit from it

This Post Was All About The ONLY Fat That Can Cause Insulin Resistance.
The ONLY Fat That Can Cause Insulin Resistance

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the only fat that can cause insulin resistance. This fat is called Trans fats (edible plastics). In 2010, an average American consumes at least 5.8g of Trans fats every single day. In 2015, the FDA classified Trans fats as “not generally recognized as safe”. The problem is that when the manufacturing company puts down 0g Trans fat, they still allowed trans fats in the product as long as it is less than .5grams per serving size.
Problems Caused by Trans Fats
• Stroke
• Diabetes
• Heart Attack
How to know if the product has Trans fats?
• “Partially Hydrogenated” – look for this word in the product ingredients.
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