The MOST Common Cause of a B12 Deficiency

The MOST Common Cause of a B12 Deficiency

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video I want to share with you the most common cause of a b12 deficiency but let’s just talk about what b12 is it’s an essential B vitamin that you must get from your diet and what it does is it makes these little things called nucleic acids which which are the foundational genetic material for yourselves so basically they make the foundation of red blood cells white blood cells and myelin what is myelin myelin is the outer covering of your nervous system and it allows the conductivity of nerve impulses to travel when you lose myelin you have all sorts of electrical problems pain problems nerve problems pain and mass all sorts of things so that’s what happens when you’re deficient in that but you can also become fatigued pale memory problems dementia Alzheimer’s neurological issues like peripheral neuropathy would even with like–that’s foot pain or hand pain anemia kind of you’re completely you know there’s there’s something called pernicious anemia I’m not going to get into that what it is but it comes from b12 deficiency but most b12 deficiency does not come from necessarily diet it comes from the stomach not being acid enough low stomach acid okay because it takes a very strong acidic stomach to absorb b12 into the body and a lot of people have a problem with the pH in their stomach normally a pH of the stomach should between one and three which is really really acidic the way you know you have a low stomach acid is you have acid reflux GERD gas bloating because the stomach is needed to be able to close the valve that just protein absorb minerals like calcium iron all these different minerals one third of everyone over the age of 65 has a b12 deficiency but they all will also have a low stomach acid problem so it’s a really simple solution to fix a big problem so what do we recommend apple cider vinegar okay apple cider vinegar pills or just go ahead and start drinking with your meals with some water with a little straw and that will create some really cool changes for a lot of people just by adding that one little thing in there and you know you don’t even need to take more b12 you can just go ahead and acidify the stomach and a lot of things clear up and you start to absorb b12 so it’s a real simple simple solution now to build the stomach acid you also need a certain healthy salt like in sea salt because a lot of times when you’re low and sea salt the acid goes down also you need potassium comes from the vegetables so you need potassium to build the acid also iodine so you do need these minerals as well so if you’re taking anti acids or you’re just eating poorly or you’re not taking enough minerals eating healthy you will lose the stomach acid and then you start having a problem with it so it’s a whole chain reaction okay so go ahead and plug this in as far as to fix this and see how much better you feel write your comments below and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About The MOST Common Cause of a B12 Deficiency.
The MOST Common Cause of a B12 Deficiency

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Dr. Berg talks about the most common cause of B12 deficiencies. B12 is necessary for blood cells, energy metabolism, myelin and many other things. However, a low stomach acid can prevent the absorption of B12 so despite taking B12, nothing will work if your stomach acids are too weak.
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