The Missing Nutrient in Hair, Nails and Skin

The Missing Nutrient in Hair, Nails and Skin

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in this video we’re going to talk about hair nails and skin there’s many different causes to a problem with loss of hair brittle nails or a skin that becomes let’s say extra dry or you start losing your collagen but I’m going to talk about the probably the most common thing that I find and you may want to try this okay so the first thing I want to tell you is that the majority of people addressing these three things are doing it from the outside in their choosing lotion serums creams on the face hoping that’s going to go into your body and make the skin all real nice or they’re using different types of shampoo that will make your hair more lustrous and with filled with collagen hope hopefully that collagen will sink in there and go into the hair but that never works of course then they have the nails that they’ve fake nails right so how do we make the nails really really strong and hard enough and the skin really nice and also the hair so doesn’t fall out well we want to apply the philosophy of inside-out we want to start building up our body from the inside out and doing things to improve the health but you probably are already eating fairly decent if you’re watching my videos you’re reading probably foods with vitamins and minerals you taking vitamins and minerals and you might still have a problem with this and that is because there’s a certain nutrient that’s very deficient in the problem with this and that has to do with trace minerals now why trace minerals first of all what is a trace mineral trace minerals are those minerals needed in very small tiny amounts and trace minerals function to help make enzymes work what do enzymes do that’s the workhorse of the body there’s like thousands of enzymes in your body doing the work to building up protein and breaking protein down and that’s what enzymes do in fact enzymes without enzymes you couldn’t even grow your hair so you have a hormone component part and then you also have a trace mineral component part that activates the enzyme so you can actually build protein in the body because if you think about it it’s not necessarily that you’re not eating enough protein you’re probably eating enough protein and you’re eating collagen in that protein because that’s what collagen is a type of protein but it’s the activation of that protein to make it available through the liver and up through the skin into the hair so this is something that I’ve tried a lot of people it’s work you may want to try it yourself consume more trace minerals trace minerals are probably the number one deficient thing in our company in the United States now because the soils are so depleted they only the farmers only put three minerals back into the soil in some cases they don’t put all the trace minerals one is there’s no real requirements that are listed like the RDA is for trace minerals even though we need them and it’s necessary so they help fortify our hormones like even iodine you need iodine it’s try to find some food with iodine unless you consume sea kelp so trace minerals are very missing in our environment and it’s very essential in to build protein hair nail skin now if you go to the store or online and get trace minerals you’re probably going to see a lot of different versions of trace minerals and that are salt based or some of my kool-aid colloidal minerals salt based minerals from the sea those are all fine but you really only absorb 5% of those and they’re a different form of chemistry they’re harder to absorb I’m going to recommend you do plant-based trace minerals now what is plant-based trace minerals they’re basically plants that were grown on soils with the trace minerals so that way the plant pulls them up into the plant and then you consume the plant and now it goes right in like a rocket ship plant-based trace minerals have their fifteen thousand times smaller than regular trace minerals that are from the sea so they’re very tiny they go in like a rocket ship and they create some cool effect and so you don’t need as much so now where can you find trace minerals if there’s really no soil left well can go next to a volcano where they have the soils have been fortified with the deep parts of the earth from the volcanic ash and they have volcanoes in Italy and Hawaii and just move there and live off the land you can do that and you’re going to get all the trace minerals that’s probably why those people their skin looks a lot better or you can get a plant-based trace mineral from a prehistoric time so I want to show you the one that I have it’s called trace minerals this is basically 70 million years old it still still works and this was captured in a layer of the earth 70 million years ago where they had all the prehistoric plant vegetation and they had all the trace minerals back then and those minerals have been protected for a long time so there’s a company that can that capture that material and made into a water-soluble product and that’s what I use because you just need a dropper full or two in some water a day to help get those plant-based trace minerals so unfortunately we can’t go back in the time but the prehistoric minerals are a good way to get the plant based unless you have your own garden you can start fortifying the soils so trace minerals are probably the number one single thing that you can do but there’s something else as well and that has to do with certain types of fats now a lot of the remedies for hair nail skin involve fat soluble vitamins vitamin A vitamin D vitamin E all these are really good for the skin if you’re consuming those and it’s not working there’s something else you want to look at and that has to do with one more thing and that has to do with this thing called bio not enough bile from your gall bladder so if you have a digestive issue you’ll see you’re bloating and you’re burping and you have belching and all that or your stomach’s distended when you eat then you could be deficient in bile so because bio helps you digest fats so if you don’t have enough file you’re all blood will be stressed and bile helps you absorb all the oils essential fatty acids all the fat soluble vitamins to start helping the skin it’s just another thing that I find with people with dry skin or collagen problems so the combination of some extra bio and trace minerals are probably the number one thing that I would recommend to enhance your hair and nails and skin and you may want to try it out hope you enjoyed this video I’ll see you in the next one

This Post Was All About The Missing Nutrient in Hair, Nails and Skin.
The Missing Nutrient in Hair, Nails and Skin

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Dr. Berg talks about nails care, hair care tips and skin care. There are various causes due to which people get loss of hair, bitter nails, dry skin. This has to do with a deficiency of trace minerals. Trace minerals are required to make the enzymes work in the body and are needed in very little quantities. Trace minerals are needed by our body for getting proteins (from enzymes) which is essential for nails growth, hair care and skin care. Plant based trace minerals are best for skin, nails and hair treatment.
Hair, skin and nails are all composed of collagen, but trace minerals are essential for the conversion of amino acids to collagen.
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