The Meeting – Opening A New Duff’s

The Meeting – Opening A New Duff’s

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good morning guys it’s about 8 45 in the morning right now and in about two and a half hours of a meeting with some of my partners we’re going to go up to the rochester location that we’re opening in about a month and make a few decisions up there so I thought this would be a cool video to do kind of show you guys a sneak peek of the new restaurant and what I’m going to do today I really don’t know after the meeting what’s gonna happen but um let’s go to the gym right now and I get to stay started you’ll notice I didn’t do any squats or deadlifts and that’s because actually back in November I herniated a disc in my spine and I’ve been dealing with that for the past ten nine nine months I went to go see three neurosurgeons and every single one of them told me you need surgery back surgery at 27 is not really something I wanted to have done it’s not something i want to have done i might have to have it done up until about two months ago my back was tight I had a lot of back pain I have kingling still in my right foot so I’ve not nerve damage but the herniation is pressing against my nerve and causing the tingling in my foot so I still have to deal with that the back pain it comes and goes it’s really subsided a lot so that’s great and I’ve had to change my training because of it I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to squat heavy again or squat without the smith machine or dead lift heavy again I actually kind of like this training a little bit lighter doing some different movements I was just talking one of the trainers in there he’s a really great guy works with a lot of the professional teams here in Buffalo and I want him to teach me how to do some I think they’re called Turkish stand ups with the kettlebells a lot of people do those I see a lot of people doing them I think they’re a great total body workout so maybe if I hire him to teach me how to do them and you guys have never done them or you don’t know how to do them we can do kind of like an informational how to do turkish stand ups so i’m going to drive home I’m gonna take a shower whip some food together because I haven’t had breakfast and we’re going to get to that meeting we are stopped at a red light back here if that would think my car this is just a run yes I am so what are we doing we’re looking at interior stuff colors or more lat yeah yeah what it is but he might want some approvals on some stuff you got all these light fixtures and ceiling fans and oh it does they’re already they are the fans it’s not like he’s asking for prob’ly bottom already I know there’s not been one location that’s had this much anticipation like people emailing which makes bright rain too yeah they got to call lamp but you just don’t want to do is get blasted oh and you have yeah when you have expectations that sometimes works against you long time no see how are you good are you are you doing jumping good alright guys so let’s check this out right in here apparently is going to be the ice machine some of the drink fountains and the point of service machine here for orders and as you can see that’s the bar this is going to be the kitchen and this is probably only about a month maybe two months away from opening this is a kitchen in here the coolers and refrigeration and the dishwashing area this is the thing nice antique look yeah it’s the same type of flooring as they’ve got in Niagara Falls yeah it’s nice i like that i like going with warranty yeah it’s lunch time guys and today I brought this amazing tuna fish salad recipe sort of like the one that I made for the channel earlier it’s two cans of tuna a little lettuce some apples celery onions snap peas some sugar rice wine vinegar a whole bunch of good stuff i’m just going on and on with the ingredients but just look at it it’s so freaking good and then for some complex carbs i have a bag of jasmine rice about 80 grams of carbs not 80 grams of jasmine rice but 80 grams of carbs little olive oil and some sea salt question of the day guys what was this restaurant before we turned it into a duck’s it’s gonna be awesome but it’s taken forever it really has I’m glad they really they really put a lot of money into this one which is great because they’re investing in Rochester so now he’s got the model for the next one ready this young takes off he’s ready to go on the next mm-hmm the guys in Rochester running a little bit behind schedule about two or three weeks they were originally hoping to open October first but they got shut down by the fire marshal so now they’re looking more towards the end of October but I’m making this dish called eggy Browns as i like to call it basically it’s just eggs peppers and onions potatoes which is the browns part and bacon few uh strips of bacon in there for some salt and fat and goodness i just finished cuddling with Alyssa she’s in bed now she’s having a really bad day super tired works been stressing her out so I lay down with her for a little bit put her to bed now I’m in the kitchen finishing up well I finished up my second round of eggy Browns and as you can see in the background TV’s on we’ve been kind of obsessed with that series the wire has anybody watched it who subscribes to this channel it is really good first season unbelievable it’s like addicting second season no I thought it was just alright but we’re on the third season now third season looks pretty promising now it’s time for my least favorite part of cooking which is cleaning up in my kitchen is an absolute mess so I’ll show you guys what this looks like it is it Aster’s a pretty terrible yikes so that’s what I’m going to get to right now big schnoz dude right now but before I go to bed I just want to show you guys what I’ve been working on for the past hour which is one of the last mug cake videos it’s gonna be a snickerdoodle mug cake check this out that’s all set microwave for about a minute snickerdoodle ish asst snickerdoodle ish asst right now I’m toasting up some toast I’m gonna put some peanut butter a little bit of honey on it call it a night so catch you guys in the next recipe video

This Post Was All About The Meeting – Opening A New Duff’s.
The Meeting - Opening A New Duff's

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