The Importance of Calcium: Way Beyond the Bones – Dr. Eric Berg DC

The Importance of Calcium: Way Beyond the Bones – Dr. Eric Berg DC

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hey it’s dr. Berg again in this video we’re going to talk about calcium in relationship to other functions most people associated calcium with just bone building but calcium has some very important other functions that you need to know about the number one function is it’s involved in intracellular communication the signalling of communication between cells it’s a major mineral that helps the cell communicate there is a condition that occurs when you’re deficient in calcium the body will start to increase the calcium inside your cells okay so normally outside the cell you have 10,000 times more calcium then inside the cell so we got this perfect Network balance of calcium regulation in and outside of the cell okay so just a little bit of disruption of that balance can create a lot of side effects but this condition where you have low calcium yet high calcium inside the cell which is very common is called intracellular hyper calcine osis now don’t worry about that name all it means is there’s too much cell inside that too much calcium inside that cell okay and that’s because there’s not enough outside of the cell we’ll get into what causes that but let’s take a look at what occurs when that happens you get hypertension you get Harding of the arteries why because all that calcium cannot be mobilized now it’s stuck in the body and so what do people take when they have high blood pressure one form of hypertension medication is called calcium channel blockers what do you think that does it blocks calcium from going inside the cell okay and it actually helps lower blood pressure but we got to look at the whole picture here because this condition can also lead to diabetes because of the relationship between how calcium affects the receptors for insulin okay so it can create diabetes cancer now how can that occur well one thing that calcium does is it control the reproduction of cellular growth in other words there’s a term called apoptosis which basically means normal cell death in your body if you have too much cells that are growing out of control that’s called cancer so you have a mechanism in your body that controls the growth of cells and actually causing cells to die in a good way just to keep them regulated well calcium is involved in that so there’s a problem with calcium you can get a situation where it’s it’s out of control and then the cells are growing round going and the cells can get bigger prostate cancer tumors and just regular cancer and I’m going to share some links down below if you want to get the technical version of this but inflammation is another symptom in soft tissue calcium that that’s in the artery I’m sorry in the joints as arthritis bursitis tendinitis kidney stones gall stones plaquing on the arteries in the brain that’s called stroke so all these things can occur if there’s too much calcium inside the cell okay so now that’s very interesting but what causes that well calcium doesn’t really move unless it has transport systems so you have certain vitamins and certain things that help mobilize calcium number one vitamin D if the person is low in vitamin D that can create this situation because they’re not absorbing the calcium here and then the body is going to compensate by holding more calcium inside the cell low vitamin D levels right interesting but I always want to know what causes low vitamin D levels because there’s other reasons other than not getting Sun number one stress high levels of cortisol it’s a stress hormone can keep your vitamin D levels low which can create this whole chain reaction so when people say these conditions can be caused by stress they can but here’s the chain of events that occur another thing is low bio BI le that’s the gist reduce from your liver that helps you absorb certain fats and fat soluble vitamins vitamin D is a fat slab of item and so if you have a gallbladder issue or a liver issue or let’s say you’re a vegetarian you don’t get a lot of saturated fats that help release it you could be deficient in bio and get right shoulder pain bloating digestive problems constipation well that is that means that you don’t have in a bile sure it’s going to be hard to absorb vitamin D and it’s going to hard hard to regulate the calcium see that whole chain reaction there’s another vitamin called vitamin k2 I created a couple videos on this but vitamin k2 is very very important to go lift go with vitamin K vitamin d3 because vitamin k2 not k1 regulates calcium it gets rid of soft tissue calcium it takes the calcium from the cells and it drives it into the bone it helps make the arteries elastic it’s really good for osteoporosis it’s really good for all these conditions so vitamin k2 how can you become deficient well if you have a low fat diet because guess where you get this in all the grass-fed fats animal front products it’s in some vegetarians called NATO and things if you want to get that but the point is that low fat diets and low foods low in grass-fed things like grass-fed butter grass-fed beef if you’re not eating those foods if you’re eating typical grain fed animal products you’re not going to get k2 so that’s a very very common thing that people have low in these two and then they get this situation right here now poor diet lova Omega vitamin omega-3 fatty acids now that’s interesting because back in the 1920s vitamin I mean omega-3 was called vitamin F vitamin F is another name for these unsaturated fats which basically is omega-3 if you’re low in vitamin o3 omega-3 you can have a problem with calcium transportation as well and then low magnesium you get magnesium for vegetables if you’re not eating vegetables you might be low in magnesium boom we get this excess calcium so I mean a lot of people take calcium magnesium for these conditions right here but now you understand why it works this is why it works now if you’re taking also the wrong type of calcium calcium carbonate that’s limestone well guess what that can create the situation too because it’s not going to be absorbed and it can clog up all your cells okay so you have to be able to understand that that is not the best source of calcium just read the label make sure it’s not calcium carbonate the other thing is that if your digestive system is bad you can’t absorb mineral so that could be another reason but if you look at why people take vitamin D vitamin k2 omega-3 and magnesium they take those to help decrease inflammation they take it to improve the immune system they take it for all these conditions but what they’re really doing is they’re helping the regulation of calcium okay so I just wanted to give you some insights on the importance of calcium and the danger of q2 too much calcium inside the cell and it has a lot more to do with not just the bone but intra cellular communication

This Post Was All About The Importance of Calcium: Way Beyond the Bones – Dr. Eric Berg DC.
The Importance of Calcium: Way Beyond the Bones - Dr. Eric Berg DC

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Dr. Eric Berg DC talks about the other functions of calcium as it relates to soft tissue calcium build up. Excess calcium can accumulate in the arteries causing high blood pressure, preventing elasticity. Calcium is the cellular message between cells. It also controls natural cell death – called apoptosis. A problem with this can trigger tumors or even cancer.
Dr. Eric Berg discusses about importance of calcium and benefits of calcium. Calcium helps in intercellular communication. In case of calcium deficiency, the body will start to increase the calcium quantity inside the cells. Calcium deficiency symptoms include hypertension, diabetes, cancer, inflammation, soft tissue calcium. The main reasons for low calcium could be a deficiency in Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Omega3, Magnesium.
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