The Heartburn Myth

The Heartburn Myth

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hey dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about heartburn this is based on a patient just came out of town for a couple days at my office and I’m going to do a video on her a teleconference remotely because she already left and I didn’t get a chance to create a video but she had heartburn really bad she’s probably in her 40s she just had heartburn since she was seven years old it got so bad that she can’t keep anything down just the acid keeps coming out and regurgitating up and she’s been vomiting so it’s been a major situation she’s been everywhere nothing’s worked I’m gonna show you what we did to her and why it didn’t work in the past so let’s just let’s just focus on heart what heartburn is heartburn is a pain in your stomach after you eat or it could be an empty stomach and a lot of times it’s a acid reflux so it comes up through here another term for acid reflux is GERD gastroesophageal reflux disorder that’s what GERD means it means the acids coming up through here normally the acid in your stomach should be extremely acid between 1 and 3 if you know anything about pH this is extremely acid okay but the acid that really is regurgitated which means backing up to the system is not hydrochloric acid if it was it would burn a hole through your esophagus okay there’s more of a a weaker acid and a sour acid that bubbles up through here and that is called lactic acid now what acid reflux and heartburn really is it’s a it’s a it’s alkaline stomach so this pH is no longer acid it’s probably about a 5 to a page of a 6 and what’s happening you can’t digest with a pH of 5 to 6 so your body is it going to recruit from the lower intestine and come right up through here some of this waste acid called lactic acid so really this is a situation where you have low amounts of hydrochloric and too much of the other weaker acids because check this out this valve that keeps the acid in the stomach it closes when the pH is one two three if the pH is too alkaline it opens up this pH being one two three is very important and also activating the liver to release bile from the gallbladder if this pH is also not correct the pancreas enzymes will not be released as well so what we’re going to get is exactly what this lady had is a huge ball and not right in her lower stomach right here and just felt like a big hairball in there there was a tightness and she can’t digest since everything came back up so heartburn or acid reflux is really an alkaline stomach and the reason why it never gets solved is because people take alkali tzer’s they might take calcium carbonate all sorts of medication to get remove the acid and it feels better temporarily but then the next time they eat they’re right back to where they are okay so what are some other symptoms to know that you don’t have enough acid in your stomach you’re going to get gas that’s undigested food purification of protein you’re going to indigestion heartburn acid reflux GERD you can’t digest protein you’re going to be disliked for protein you’re going to not feel good and it’s going to not digest and it’s going to end up with like like acid crystals gout arthritis things like that shoulder tension in the upper neck because this whole tension is going to back up into the upper shoulders because there’s a nerve that comes from your stomach up to your neck and is called the phrenic nerve now if the if this is not releasing the bile to come through you’re going to get bloating right abdominal pain right shoulder pain because the livers on the right side pretty much anything on the right side it can go all the way down to your foot or the hand because when this liver swells up it knocks all the nerves out on the right side constipation headaches that’s all lack of bile but it could come from this pH not being correct if that stomach is not right oh my gosh affects every part of your body from the simulation of minerals to calcium metabolism to waste removal and the killing of microbes microbes yeah so if you’re not able to kill off unfriendly microbes you can have or all sorts of infections in your gut and also this stomach releases a very powerful protein enzyme pepsin that’s supposed to break down the proteins even the DNA in protein and then the pancreas produces enzymes to take it even one step further and if that doesn’t happen you end up with a lot of undigested DNA from the food and you get that’s what you get leaky gut you know you start having all this stuff go through the intestines it’s not digested and your immune system kicks in there develop allergies you name it some of the symptoms of pancreas insufficiency is a left upper abdominal pain blood sugar problems hypoglycemia floating stool that you can also have floating stool from the gallbladder but there’s there’s lipase enzymes that break down lipids or fats in the pancreas that don’t get released hives is a symptom of pancreatic issues dermatitis that’s a skin issue that’s it could be one symptom of pancreas insufficiency and constipation because you’re getting incomplete digestion okay so what do you do if you have heartburn it’s very very very very very simple I’m going to recommend you can go to the health of store and it’s called betaine hydrochloride it’s a natural thing from beets I’ll list it below underneath this video betaine hydrochloride take 2 to 3 with each meal and watch happens within 2 days you’re going to find that you’re starting to digest and feel better and better and better and better the other thing I want to mention if there’s a small chance that you might have an ulcer because been there too long then the betaine hydrochloride make it a little bit worse and then if that’s the case you need to go back to the health food store and get some chlorophyll and take that for a while to help your stomach or another good thing for ulcers would be coleslaw yeah coleslaw has vitamin U which is really good for the lining of the inside of the intestine coleslaw will stop an ulcer like that just helps heal that thing okay so those are the two things and then when it heals then you go back to taking betaine hydrochloride and anyone over the age of 40 50 60 70 80 you’re going to lose stomach acid over time and then start developing acid reflux or heartburn well it’s very important for protein digestion mineral calcium absorption to keep the stomach very very acid between one and three go ahead and apply this information and see if it can help you

This Post Was All About The Heartburn Myth.
The Heartburn Myth

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Heartburn or GERD is not what you think – it’s not too much acid, it’s not enough.
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