The Healthiest Pizza in the World

The Healthiest Pizza in the World

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check this out this pizza is totally legal totally healthy and I’m going to show you how to make it this is a great recipe the key is the crust this the crust is made with cauliflower and mozzarella cheese there is no bread there is no bad things there’s no sugar and none of that in there no MSG and this isn’t a cruciferous pizza you can have it as much as you want and it’s actually very very healthy for you so let me show you exactly how to make this and just so you know you can have this as much as you want it will not cause weight gain so let’s show you how to make it ok so now the secret to making this pizza is in the crust and I’ve made this 12 different times and I’ve made every mistake in the book I’m going to show you how to do it correctly now the crust is very very simple 2 cups of cauliflower which by the way is a cruciferous vegetable because we can’t use kale because it’s going to be too green but cauliflower is a very healthy anti-aging has a lot of phytonutrients and then we’re going to use mozzarella cheese ok so I’m going to do organic you don’t have to do organic I just recommend if you can find organic that would be better and 2 eggs whole eggs organic eggs or free-range eggs so 2 cups of cauliflower 2 cups of mozzarella cheese shaved and 2 eggs and we’re going to mix it together it’s not going to seem like it’s going to make a crust but just watch and see so simply we’re going to make take the cauliflower and a grater you don’t need a food processor and we’re going to grade this cauliflower down very very simple okay so now I would take out the big chunks that didn’t really scrape in there we’re just going to take two cups of this cauliflower two cups in a bowl that’s it obviously I made too much here okay two cups unless you want two pizzas okay then we’re going to just take this organic shredded mozzarella cheese you can get fresh mozzarella you could even use mozzarella goat cheese if you want but it just so happens that I already know that this makes two cups I’ll just show you right here so we got one cup right here okay and then two cups see that all right then we just simply take two eggs really simple yeah this is going to work isn’t it okay there we go all right you can tell that I’m not a cook all right but it seems to work now look at this I have two eggs two cups of mozzarella cheese and two cups of cauliflower and we’re just going to mix this around kind of weird because it just doesn’t seem to look like it’s going to make a crust but it’s going to you’ll see now don’t put salt in it because the mozzarella cheese is already salty enough and I do see some bigger little chunks here I’ll take this out so I don’t want that chunk in there all right we’re just going to mix it up like that that’s what it looks like now check this out I’m going to just show you something this is what the crust looks like when we cook it look at this it’s crispy it’s somewhat hard that’s what it’s going to turn into so it melts in it Browns and you’re going to cook it for 15 minutes so the hardest part about this whole thing is making it on the parchment paper okay so let’s talk about how we’re going to put this in here get these little cheap little pizza tins right here and then we’re going to take parchment paper if you don’t use parchment paper it’s going to be a little hard to get it off there unless you put a lot of olive oil underneath it so the hardest part is cutting the parchment paper to this pan here so I’m going to just attempt to do it right here kind of work with it a little bit I’m sure there’s a technique to it I don’t know so it didn’t quite fit here so I have to trim it up now because this Pizza has mozzarella cheese it’s somewhat oily so you don’t have to put any oil on this pan so I’m going to show you right here I’m going to take this thing right here and we are going to put a red in the center now just so you know I did wash my hands so don’t worry about that this dr. Berg washes hands and yes he does okay so now I’m going to just take this thing right here and I’m going to kind of even it up here all right then I’m going to use my washed hands and start to press and flatten so the secret number one is to have the parchment paper secret number two is to make it really thin okay now there there are some things I’ve tried like taking some of the moisture out because it’s a little moist in a microwave or even in the oven it’s not necessary it’s really not so I’m just you can see that I have some more space of here so I’m going to just start from the center and just kind of slowly kind of push it towards the edge here and Latin this thing right here okay now I already preheated the oven to 450 degrees so that’s all ready for us so okay now this is what it looks like very simple we stick in the oven 40 for 15 minutes okay and then it’s going to come out like this right here so let’s go ahead and stick in the oven and I’ll show you the next step okay so we got the crust cooked at 15 minutes at 4,150 degrees now we’re going to put the sauce on it now take a look you can use actual pizza sauce or you can use pasta sauce spaghetti sauce so you just want to make sure that it doesn’t have that sugar or high-fructose corn syrup this one’s really really good this has no sugars it’s a bit expensive but this would be fine too this has no added sugars as well so yeah it’s not too bad just try to find someone something with very low sugar and we’re just going to take this and we’re going to put a little tomato sauce right on the center there I did make a mistake of putting too much sauce so it really depends on your taste to start off putting just a little bit of sauce on it and then see if it works so I’m going to probably put a little bit more sauce right here in here roughly a quarter cup so we’re just going to put the sauce smeared around now we’re going to put some more lots of really cheese on it on the top so I’m just going to take some cheese sprinkle it not too much just enough okay so we got the cheese on there now we’re going to put some mushrooms all right I love mushrooms I’m just going to cut these little bad boys right here put some mushrooms on it okay then we’re going to put a tomato now this is a real tomato you notice it’s not perfect it has a bunch of little holes in it this is the good stuff this is what it tastes it actually tastes really good okay so I’m going to just put some chunks on there now we’re going to use some basil all right so I’ve been growing some basil here for the pizza so I’m going to just chop some of this off right here okay so with basil I’m just going to put the whole leaf on it I’m not going to cut it but it adds a lot of flavor now we got the basil on there now I’m just you don’t have to do this I’m using some pepperoni because my kids like pepperoni and then we’re just going to put this on there there we go okay so I’m going to put a little a little pepperoni on there good so let’s go ahead and stick in the oven let’s see what happens you

This Post Was All About The Healthiest Pizza in the World.
The Healthiest Pizza in the World

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Dr. Berg shares delicious, healthy and easy to make pizza. No sugar and no MSG. You can have as much as you want. Will not cause weight gain. In this video, Dr. Berg shows how to make the healthiest pizza in the world from scratch.
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