The Healthiest Cookies in the World – DELICIOUS!!!

The Healthiest Cookies in the World – DELICIOUS!!!

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[Music] hey dr. Burke here I have the most amazing cookie recipe these are the healthiest cookies in the world you will love these no sugar no flour and I’m going to show you how to make them check this out [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] okay okay those are actually really good like the salt afterwards too much really yummy these are good very good love them I have the emotes in case I have the most amazing recipe for cookies you are going to love this can you just keep all right so let’s let’s roll it again all right take two ready start Wow these cookies are the best cookies I’ve ever tasted I’ve gots have the recipe dr. Berg hmm it’s better it’s definitely better can you give more of a pause relax you know it’s just a video so go ahead now this is it think about the purpose we’re doing a testimony on the cookies right so go ahead and start Wow super basic I have to have the recipe afterwards okay so

This Post Was All About The Healthiest Cookies in the World – DELICIOUS!!!.
The Healthiest Cookies in the World - DELICIOUS!!!

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RECIPE IS BELOW: Dr. Berg reveals one of his cookie recipes (these are incredible) out of his new book, “Dr. Berg’s Healthy Fat Burning Recipes”, click here:
8 ounces (2 sticks) of butter (Organic — or my favorite; Kerrygold Irish Butter)
4 Tbs. of xylitol (sweetener) (get on or at the health food store)
2 cups of almond flour
2 cups of crushed pecans
1 chocolate bar (3.5 ounces) — must be diabetic chocolate (I like Simply Lite® — from Trader Joes)
1 pinch of sea salt
2 tsp of vanilla extract
Kerrygold butter: most grocery stores, but Trader Joes, BJs, Health food stores have it. But any European Butter or Organic Butter will work.
Almond Flour: most health food stores or on
Pecans: you can find them at any grocery store, but on they are less expensive.
Xylitol: you can find it at the health food store or
Simply Lite Chocolate: Trader Joes or online.
Preheat oven at 325.
Leave butter out of the refrigerator overnight — must be soft.
Mix the butter (8 ounces) with the xylitol (4 Tbs) with a mixer (or by hand) until very smooth. For time sake, mix with fork until a smooth consistency.
Crush the pecans (in grinder, food processor or in a bag with a rolling pin). Make sure it’s 2 cups after crushing.
Breakdown (or grind) the chocolate bar (3.5 ounces) in a food processor or other means.
Mix thoroughly the now sweetened butter, almond flour (2 cups), crushed pecans (2 cups), crushed chocolate bar, pinch of sea salt, 2 Tsp of vanilla extract in a bowl. You could, as an option, have your food processor mix it instead.
Form little balls with your hands and roll them in some almond flour (to coat them), putting them on a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
Cook for 13 minutes at 325 degrees, then let them sit out of the oven for 10 minutes. Transfer to the freezer until frozen. Then store them in the refrigerator.
1. Let them completely cool down or they will crumble and disintegrate when you try to pick one up. I also put them in the freezer, make them solid and we’re good to go. Consuming them cold and slightly frozen is much tastier than consuming them warm.
2. I also found that using the “no sugar added” diabetic chocolate works better with milk chocolate, not dark chocolate.
3. Almond flour works better than almond meal.
4. I also found that if you substitute crushed pecans with crushed macadamia nuts or crushed cashews (same amounts), it will add a different flavor, very rich and also crazy delicious. If you do this, make sure you do not add that pinch of salt, because macadamia nuts and cashews may already come with salt.
5. Using vanilla extract.
6. Leave butter out of the refrigerator over night.
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