The Healthiest Bread in the World!

The Healthiest Bread in the World!

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys I’m here with my lovely wife Karen and we are going to make the most incredible recipe for red you’ve been waiting for this this is the ultimate bread and there’s no flour no gluten no bad stuff so how do you do this Karen it’s so easy you’re gonna love it so it’s 1 cup of almond flour in my Santa cup measuring cups it is one cup of arrowroot flour you use a little arrowroot here arrowroot is a low glycemic flour it’s made from a root so it’s its small amounts it’s okay arrowroot that’s why they call it root that weren’t exactly this doesn’t come out as quickly and then 1/3 cup of coconut flour and these combined give it a really neat texture most of the natural breads out there kind of tastes terrible like they’re calm and it’s like a sponge cake like bark yeah then we’re going to just do 1 teaspoon of salt and that’s it for the dry ingredients mix it up very very so smells really good already and then you go on to beast which is also very simple so now we’re going to do the yeast portion we’re going to pour in wanted a quarter cup of warm water between 105 and 110 degrees and the temperature really is important if it’s too cold or too hot the yeast will not do its thing we’re going to add two teaspoons of what sort of maple syrup that’s for the that’s the food for the yeast so it’s not going to be a plug because they’re yeast of anything though and produce carbon dioxide now we’re going to take two teaspoons of instant dry yeast and this equals one packet one packets usually two teaspoons if you’re using the smaller packages now is this delicate I mean like is it could you actually mess this up you can mess it up and I have messed it up I used water that was way too hot and what’s supposed to happen now is the yeast is going to eat this the maple syrup what any of the true is the water well like I said 105 210 okay and then the yeast is going to eat the maple syrup and it’s gonna push out a little gases but that’s gonna foam up and that’s actually what’s going to make your so you basically keep it there and then you’re waiting ten minutes okay alright I just don’t want to give you any opinions because you have the opinion wasn’t in the rest your opinion wasn’t in the recipe right is that a subtle hint it’s subtle is it subtle is it subtle enough right okay for ten minutes there okay this is wait okay really if you stand and look at it you’ll see little bubbles coming up it’s like little yeast fireworks it is alive that’s the really cool thing it is totally alive and they’re so what’s happening is the yeast is eating the maple syrup and literally pushing out little excreting little gases and that’s what helps your bread rise yeah that’s amazing mm-hmm and this is exactly what’s supposed to happen so that’s what’s good uh-huh we’re doing good the key is the temperature oh yeah but also your yeast if your yeast isn’t any good anymore you can have the perfect temperature water and it won’t do that okay so after about 10 minutes your yeast is going to be beautiful and foamy it’s done it’s eating of all that maple syrup isn’t it yeah so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to add two tablespoons of psyllium and one-and-a-half tablespoons of ground chia psyllium is kind of like a fiber yeah and you know we get whole Chia and then we have one little coffee grinder that we use just for spices and seeds and stuff like that so you’re going to let it sit in there for two or three minutes and it’s going to get really gelatinous and thick and then you’re going to whisk it so now you’re going to cut this because we have to wait all right so this has been sitting for just two or three minutes in it it got gelatinous lucious so now we’re just going to stir it all in make sure it’s all whisked in quisque alright good now just going to put this in our dry ingredients and mix it up and you are going to see this become it’s amazing you know this is one of those things that people been trying to figure this out for yours you can’t really find a good bread recipe without the wheat so we found I was so surprised how well this turned out I did find this online I’m not sure what we’ve changed but I appreciate people who have done all the research to figure out especially the chant and the psyllium because that’s amazing now it’s going to look gloopy like this and you’re literally going to need it just for one minute yeah I think what happens is that you have them you don’t have the gluten so gluten is like glue and so you have that I think probably combination chia seed some of the fiber tends to act like glue which is perfect because we can do that all day long yep now you can take this out of the bowl I’m just leaving it in the bowl can you make a pizza crust with that like I can I used to do that I used to do it okay so now look we’ll have this beautiful beautiful Bowl I mean pool ball of dough okay so now I’m going to put it in a slightly smaller bowl rinse my hands really quick and I have a damp towel I’m going to put it over my bread and excuse me dr. Berg now I’m going to put it in my warm space which is just not a cold space oops and for an hour we’re going to let it rise okay so after you’ve had your yeast rising in some warm place for an hour you’re going to take it out now I don’t have my oven on my ovens off but it’s the warmest place so I just put the bowl in there take it out damp cloths is no longer down that’s what it looks like it did rise it should double and there you go that’s just like it is dough it’s beautiful as a matter of fact now what you’re going to do is cut it in half because you can make it too you want a big one you can leave it but then you’re gonna make it into a round rule what is a bull anyway bull it’s just round bread I had to look it up myself okay so now that’s that alright now to get it golden brown the new trick do this squares that’s second yeah so an egg wash it’s just an egg yolk with a tiny little bit of water a teaspoon of water and you’re just gonna wash your little boo that’s going to make it nice and brown and crispy on the outside like a sourdough and then another thing just to give it a little bit of a touch is you can do a little crisscross pattern with a knife you could so little it’s going to give it a little something now the original recipe said use a stone I don’t have a stone what I do is I like to put it on hot pan I use parchment bring this over here normally I would just carry the loaves over to the oven but for this literally put this on hot parchment and on the pan and that’s it it’s going to go into the oven unfortunately our oven light isn’t working right now so you’ll see that when it comes out okay it’s time to take the bread out of the oven let’s take a look Wow now we’ve made a few loaves this is why it didn’t turn into one loaf in the oven come look that’s serious bread we can’t touch that until it’s cool inside because it’ll be chewy nope so check the services this is a great way to be butter it is a great way to eat butter mmm it toasts beautifully cuz better than bread better than well we’re just bread it is brother [Music]

This Post Was All About The Healthiest Bread in the World!.
The Healthiest Bread in the World!

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