The Gallbladder Thyroid and Cholesterol Connection Part 4

The Gallbladder Thyroid and Cholesterol Connection Part 4

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hey it’s me again in this video we’re going to talk about the amazing gall bladder part 4 okay so this is the last video in the series and there’s a couple more things I want to share with you number one the gall bladder releases bile that helps break down fat but it doesn’t break down fat all the way to the smallest particle it meets helped by this thing called the pancreas the pancreas and the gall bladder work together to break down these fats so if you are substituting bile into the diet or a purify bile salt and it doesn’t fully solve the problem it could mean that the pancreas is not releasing enzymes because the symptoms of pancreatic enzyme deficiencies are very similar to a gallbladder deficiency or a bile deficiency okay so you have to kind of understand that there could be that too because they both work together so this pancreas makes a fat enzyme called lipase and that really works to help take that break down a fat all the way down to the smallest particle so you can start absorbing it and start using it so that’s very important now also there’s some studies that show that having enough bio will prevent fibrosis now what does fibrosis that’s the scar tissue that builds up on the liver fibrosis of the soft tissues it’s like the flex scar tissue it’s like a connective tissue that just kind of plugs everything up so I just want to point that out because if you have fibrosis one of the things that I found when I’m doing research if you take purify bile salts that can improve that condition so you might want to do research in that area next thing we’re talking about is cholesterol now people are freaked out because of cholesterol but they don’t understand what cholesterol is they think cholesterol is a fat cholesterol is not a fat you’ve heard of HDL and LDL do you know what it stands for high density lipoproteins low-density lipoproteins their proteins that carry fat through the body and they the purpose of that cholesterol is to actually help heal parts of the body so there’s some type of inflammation in your arteries it’s called the lesion that cholesterol will come in there and start healing up like a band-aid and if you’d understand that you’re going to think that oh my gosh my cholesterol is too high I’m going to get clogged arteries when really it’s just trying to heal your arteries because you’ve eaten too much sugar or junk food so cholesterol is not a bad thing it’s likely it just tells you that the body is trying to heal itself in some way and to have someone tell you you need extremely low cholesterol like down to the hundreds like way down low like a hundred or below 100 I wholly disagree with that because there’s just as many problems health-wise from low cholesterol as there is high cholesterol for your immune system cancer why because cholesterol is needed to help heal the body and protect the immune system cholesterol actually is needed to make bile it’s needed to make stress hormones I mean think about it your liver makes 2,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day why does your body make that much if it’s bad it’s not bad it’s good and because it actually is it’s good in the right ratio so we you shouldn’t be afraid of cholesterol you just need to realize that we want the right amount of it we want the exchange the good and bad we want that at the certain amounts and if the cholesterol does go high it either is because you’re eating too much sugar or alcohol or you might not have enough bio to help break down that cholesterol so a very important point okay another point in your thyroid thyroid produces a hormone called t4 and a lot of times women take and then take synthroid that’s t4 that’s the inactive form of thyroid hormone well did you know that that gets converted through the liver to t3 but if you don’t have enough bile you can’t convert it so a lot of times your thyroid problem is really not a thyroid problem it’s a gallbladder liver problem because the conversion isn’t there so here you are taking all this synthroid for years and years and not seeing any results because the is the culprit in fact the original cause of your slow fire it could be this area right here important thing to know if your metabolism is slow so this I’m telling you the importance of the gallbladder is it’s huge okay there’s there’s a couple things that can cause this gallbladder and the duck to be smaller or pinched off and that could be stressed because high level of cortisol going in the system or estrogen too much estrogen can also mess up the gallbladder and that’s why females that take hormone replacement therapy or even birth control pills or even go through a pregnancy when they have this huge spike of estrogen and the end up with a gall bladder problem well guess where it came from excessive estrogen and then people have questions about the gall bladder formula I have I’m just going to tell you what’s in it this is an extra-strength version I just added a new ingredient because I wanted to add all the pancreatic enzymes so it has pancreas enzymes pancreas enzymes it has purify bile salts it has the Tang hydrochloride so that actually helps your stomach it has slippery elm bark to help lubricate this area right here and has stone root to help break down any stones so it’s a really great combination to help support a healthy gall bladder so I hope you enjoyed this series and if you have any questions please post them below and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About The Gallbladder Thyroid and Cholesterol Connection Part 4.
The Gallbladder Thyroid and Cholesterol Connection Part 4

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Dr. Berg’s Gallbladder Formula:
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Dr. Berg talks about the gallbladder anatomy and gallbladder function. The normal stomach acid should be at a pH of 1-3. The gallbladder releases bile which helps to breakdown fat with the help of pancreas. Pancreas releases enzymes which helps to further breakdown these fats up to the smallest particles.
Dr. Berg then discusses about cholesterol. Cholesterol are a form of proteins that help to carry fat through the body. It helps to stop inflammation in the body. There are different type of problems which arise due to high cholesterol or low cholesterol.
The lack of stomach acid can also slow the release of pancreas enzymes. Lipase from the pancreas helps break down the fats all the way down to its smallest particle. Cholesterol is also regulated by bile. The conversion of the thyroid hormones is controlled by the thyroid – T4 converts to T3 with the help of bile.
This is the fourth video which talks about the gallbladder and its relationship with cholesterol. To know more about the gallbladder, watch out the other videos in this series.
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