The Gallbladder, the Most Ignored Organ

The Gallbladder, the Most Ignored Organ

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hey it’s me again in this video we’re going to show you the vital importance of the gallbladder now the gallbladder is probably the most ignored downgraded part of your body doctors say you don’t need it it’s an extra order for birth but it’s the most common thing that I find and if you have a gallbladder problem we need to show you how to reverse it and undo it okay so we’re going to show you what it is what it means if there’s a problem how to identify the problem what causes the problem and what to do about it okay so the first thing is that you have this liver right here it’s three and a half pounds of size of a football it’s on the right side upper underneath the right ribcage and then it has a little tube that goes into a little sac called the gallbladder so the gallbladder is just a sac it holds something called bile bile is made by the liver and bile is like the detergent that breaks down the grease it’s a fluid that the liver makes the help dissolves dissolve fat so when you eat fat it signals the gallbladder to squeeze and contract this stored bile into the small intestine so you can actually break down dietary fat into smaller particles now it does get help from the pancreas so the pancreas makes a bunch of enzymes so you got this bile and enzymes that start to go in there and start dissolving the fats into tiny little particles so you can use those fatty acids which are very beneficial to your health to build tissue cells brain nerve etc so let’s just take a look at some of the cool things that the bile will do it will help you absorb fat soluble vitamins what’s a fats I have a vitamin it’s a very unique type of vitamin that has the capacity to be stored in fat and the capacity to go through the cell wall a lot of the fat Seibel vitamins especially vitamin D and vitamin A act at like hormones to your body so they’re not really even like a vitamin they’re like hormones so they’re very very important in tool to create a lot of effects I’m going to show you that but when you eat vegetables vegetables don’t have they have the pre vitamins so they have a pre vitamin a pre vitamin K a true vitamin a active form is only an animal product so when you eat vegetarian vegetables and things like that you’re only getting a very small percentage maybe 4% of that vitamin that converts to the active form but here’s the thing if you’re deficient in vitamin A you’ll get night blindness it’s hard to see in the dark you get dry eyes dry skin a lot of skin issues will happen from that so that’s a vitamin A deficiency but see if you have this it could be not that you’re not necessarily like not eating vitamin A it could because you don’t have the bile to digest the vitamin A that you’re eating already so we have to see the change of a reaction that occurs all the way across and identify what the problem is okay so if the person is like eating a lot of butter for example that’s in vitamin A that’s vitamins of vitamin A and butter and but they still have like night blindness dries then we know we have to add the bile okay so it’s just a way of kind of figuring things out now let’s take a look at vitamin d3 like who’s deficient in d3 like half the population what is what happens when you get deficiency to vitamin d3 you get depression especially in the winter it’s called the blues also you have chronic fatigue syndrome is a vitamin D deficiency flu you get flu symptoms because the immune factors a lot of autoimmune diseases can kick in from low vitamin D because the immune factor if you take a look at when does the flu kick in it’s usually in the fall when there’s no Sun right a lot of issues even polio occurred more in the fall a lot of viruses come out of remission in the fall and it’s because of this vitamin D drop after the summer so you’ve got the flu achy joints well that could be symptoms of the flu to bone pain that could be symptoms of the flu high blood pressure because one of the remedies for high blood pressure is taking vitamin D respiratory like asthma kids that have asthma don’t have asthma symptoms if they’re out in the Sun allergies and asthma psoriasis that’s the skin issue a lot of vitamin D will help this muscle cramps and calf so you need vitamin D why would that be affected because it transports it helps to absorb calcium in the intestine so vitamin D helps you absorb calcium into the blood from the small intestine so it allows the increased absorption of calcium by 20 times if you donate vitamin D you would have 20 times less calcium so that’s what vitamin D does so if you have these symptoms but you’re taking vitamin D it could be because you don’t have enough bile all right now vitamin k2 that’s different than vitamin k1 all right vitamin k1 is about clotting if you have bruising you could be deficient vitamin k1 but k2 is different vitamin k2 is a transport calcium transport vitamin so when you’re deficient in k2 you get a lot of calcium that builds up in the soft tissues of the body so you get arthritis tendonitis bursitis you get calcium in the arteries it that’s why the blood pressure goes up that’s why you get heart attacks calcium on the eyes that’s a cataract kidney stones strokes why because there’s calcium and plaquing in the brain arteries of the brain Alzheimer’s because of the calcium buildup so also deficient in k2 will cause you to have osteoporosis because vitamin d3 increases the calcium but it doesn’t tell it where to go k2 takes the calcium and drives it where it should go out of where it should not be so so many people have this calcium that’s plugging up their entire body as they get older they they go into a stone the huge recommendation for the elderly and most the baby boomers was to avoid fat right they’re going to starve the body of k2 by a vitamin k2 is in butter eggs it’s in all the grass-fed beef it’s in grass-fed animal products okay so look at that I mean look at how many problems occur because someone doesn’t have enough bile and correct it’s crazy so you really need to make sure these are in the diet and make sure this works now let’s take a look at the thyroid 80% of the thyroid function is converted through the liver so t4 is converted to the liver and t4 just represents the number of iodine molecules to that thyroid hormone so the bile strips off an iodine into t3 t3 is the active form of thyroid hormone so t4 doesn’t do anything the body unless it converts at t3 and guess what 80% of it occurs through the bile ducts in the liver so here the person has is taking thyroid medication they don’t have a thyroid gland anymore or they have thyroid symptoms dry hair loss of eyebrows slow metabolism but in fact it could be they don’t have enough file to convert t4 to t3 so we have to look at the broad spectrum some other symptoms to identify low bile would be constipation why because bile acts as a lubricant to your colon bloating burping belching is a sign of congestive gall bladder right shoulder pain because there’s a nerve on the right side that goes all the way up to the right shoulder and it could be the neck it could be headaches right shoulder right scapula right trap anyone on the right it can’t even pinch a nerve here and cause pain down the right arm also another sign would be not satisfied after you eat so here you are you to food but you still need a little something something it just doesn’t really do anything it’s because you don’t have the bio to absorb the fatty acids to pull them into the brain this is huge this is important okay so now what we the cause of a bio problem one is high levels of cortisol that’s from the adrenal that’s a stress hormone so stress can shut down you
r bile ducts and that’s the duct that comes through here estrogen can do it that’s why a lot of women end up with a gall bladder problem after pregnancy because the high levels of estrogen that can occur so estrogen could destroy the gall bladder too and even from hormone replacement therapy birth control pills or just having high estrogen which we’ll cover in another video which is basically like your pure Hevy crampy irregular periods that’s high estrogen and that will block the gallbladder low fat diets will cause gall bladder problems so you know vegetarians that go off all saturated fats well then there’s nothing to trigger the goal butter so it dries up so you don’t have any bile and you can’t digest fat so that’s why your lot of experience have dry skin they’re just dry inside and out it’s because low fat so we want to increase the healthy fats soy protein isolates that’s in all the diet foods that’s in all the prepackaged soy patties that you get Morningstar it’s in a lot of the diets the with the diet out there Medifast Nutrisystem when I was Ideal Protein they all used soy protein isolates cheap crappy protein real hard in the gallbladder it’ll cause tumors and liver and destroy the gall butter other than that is perfectly fine that was my dry sense of humor junk food will also do it okay so that is the significance of liver now now that you know the effects of what that will create if you have a problem in how to identify it now what do we do about it number one we’re going to show you in the next part how to do acupressure to the gallbladder in the pancreas so you’re going to do that to yourself you’re going to change your diet you’re going to get off the sugar and have healthy fats to start triggering this combination of acupressure there are some great supplements too to give you more bile because you’re deficient to get the ball rolling because see bile is recycled and if you lose it sometimes it takes a long time to get it back so this will give you the bile back preview.i bile salts so you can start using it if you had your gallbladder out then you definitely need the gallbladder formula because the gallbladder formula has bile salts it has enzymes from the pancreas lick called lipase to digest the fats so we have pancreatic support and gall there support right together and another thing for the stomach called betaine hydrochloride to help the stomach the gallbladder the pancreas helps lubricate the colon it’s the ultimate gallbladder support formula and you would take start off with taking one at breakfast okay and then see how it goes and then take one for lunch if you needed a one for dinner until you feel really less bloated in there so this is really important if you take too much bowel you might have a little diarrhea so if you have diarrhea you should never take this right here because that could be could mean when they let’s say you took your gallbladder out the tube could be too big now and it just drains right out even though you might your livers producing like crazy it’s just going through at a higher level so anyway just want to use the diam that is an indicator to know that you’re taking either too much but no more normally people will be fine with that the only contraindication let’s see take all better formula and you get heartburn what that means since gallbladder formula is very alkaline and your let’s say your stomach is already too alkaline then it could like create some heartburn because your body is trying to compensate if that happens then you would stop taking this and switch to something called betaine hydrochloride and and that’s just a side note that’s rare but you might need to do that because betaine hydrochloride is just acid and that will actually get your stomach more acid so then you don’t really need this because it’ll one of the triggers for gallbladder is stomach acid being very acid so if you don’t have enough ass in your stomach it means that you’re never going to basically release the bile so if you take the pain hunter cord that should solve that problem but don’t worry about that unless you have that problem cruciferous food why because the liver does really well on cruciferous food products I have a supplement called cruciferous food that you can take that actually has all of the cruciferous and some serious vegetables to help roto-rooter and clean the liver out and restore liver function so that’s a row of something that I recommend on a regular basis and of course eat they’ll eat those foods as well now to take you the d3 and the k2 I have a lot of people on those two right now especially to clean up all the intracellular or organ soft tissue calcium in the body it’s good for so many issues and also to prevent strokes personally I take 4d 3 & 4 k2 every morning sometimes depending if you have these problems you can take a little bit more I would take a 1:1 ratio and then if you don’t have this problem let’s say you’re you’re a little younger and you don’t have an issue just take one of each they’re already built in this is 10,000 IU’s and this is the right ratio of k2 some people freak out because oh my gosh that’s high vitamin d3 well 10 thousand international units there’s only one milligram of d3 so it’s really not that much and then the last thing is the DHA the DHA is a healthy fat that’s really good for memory and Alzheimer’s and I also take that one because of the what it does to your brain it actually fixes your brain it’s really good for sharpness and that’s a really important one then if you take the gallbladder you can really emulsify and break that down so I hope now you have a more awareness of what’s happening with the gallbladder the consequences of having a gallbladder issue and you can think backwards of the symptoms of this the causes and then what to do so in the next section we’re going to show you the acupressure so now we know you’ll know how to do the acupressure to your own gallbladder and pancreas you know what foods you’ll be on with the eating and you know what nutrition you need to do to undo it ok so I hope that helps

This Post Was All About The Gallbladder, the Most Ignored Organ.
The Gallbladder, the Most Ignored Organ

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Dr. Berg talks about the gallbladder anatomy and why is gallbladder one of the most important organs in our body. If there’s some problem that will impact your diet and overall body digestion. In this video he discusses about what is the gallbladder, gallbladder problems, what are the causes of gallbladder stones, gallbladder treatment. The major gallbladder function is for breaking down the fat with the help of bile which is formed and transmitted to the gallbladder through the liver.
Vegetables have pre-vitamins in them which needs to be converted in its active form to be useful for the body. If you are deficient in a vitamin, that could either mean that you are not consuming these vitamins or you do not have enough Bile to convert these Vitamins in their active form. All these issues can cause gallbladder problems and it is essential to identify these symptoms of gallbladder problems and take measures for gallbladder treatment in order to prevent diseases and gallbladder stones.
The vital importance of gallbladder in your body. It’s very ignored organ. If there’s some problem that will impact your diet and overall body digestion
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