The Gallbladder & Right Shoulder Pain Connection Part 2

The Gallbladder & Right Shoulder Pain Connection Part 2

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hey it’s me again in this video we’re going to continue with the amazing gall bladder part 2 now in part 1 we talked about the function of the gall bladder which basically is to help release bile to help break down fats okay and bile B il e is a good thing it’s not waste it’s a good thing to help extract nutrients from the food that you’re eating now if there’s a lack of bile or if there’s congestion in the gall bladder because of a lack of bile yes you can get pain around your midsection over the gall bladder but you can also get something called referred pain now what does that mean well there’s a nerve that goes from the top of the gall bladder on the diaphragm there all the way up to the right side into your neck and that’s called the phrenic nerve so it’s a hidden referred pain because a lot of times you think you have pain in the right shoulder here but really it’s coming from down here so the typical pain that will happen is right on the right upper shoulder right through here and there’s a muscle right here and it attaches to this bone right here called the scapula into the neck and so this little muscle called the levator angular scapula muscle that muscle gets really tight and ropey and a lot of people massage that thing all the time but it never releases because the problem is in the gallbladder and so when you step on a dog’s tail he barks through his what mouth very good that’s my analogy so what happens is that you’ll get pain right to hear it can refer up into the neck it can go into the right side of the jaw and cause headaches it can go on the shoulder itself and go right around this scapula right through in here but anything right here is all gallbladder and liver because it’s backing up through this liberal amount of space so it can put pressure on that area if that happens and the person sleeps on their left side because this liver is a little bit enlarged it can compress the heart a little bit and you’ll feel uncomfortable so the best way to sleep with this problem is on the right side and on the left side now when this nerve gets aggravated and it pinches like the third bone right here that’s where it goes to it can cause a little rotation of those vertebra and and the need to go to a chiropractor over and over and over and over again so the pinched that nerve it can even cause pain all the way down the right side and so I’ll see people that come in with splints on the finger and pain on the hand or the wrist or the arm and they think the problem is in the hand if there’s no injury I already know it’s something right here so a little bit of let’s turn this around here if you were to press on the gallbladder very gently and if you notice relief right here then we know it’s the digestive system it’s the gallbladder so what do we do do we take the gallbladder out no okay no we actually start eating healthy so the best food for the the gallbladder would be a healthy diet like a lot of greens on a vegetable some fat you don’t want to have no fat low fat because that that’s going to be a problem because you need some fat to release it so but a lot of salads and vegetables and things like that that’s what you eat right yeah okay good so I just wanted to explain in part to this concept of referred pain and how common this condition is yet very few people know about it so I’m increasing your awareness on the gallbladder so I will see you in the third part

This Post Was All About The Gallbladder & Right Shoulder Pain Connection Part 2.
The Gallbladder & Right Shoulder Pain Connection Part 2

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Dr. Berg’s Gallbladder Formula:
Dr. Berg talks about the gallbladder anatomy and gallbladder function. The function of gallbladder is to release bile which helps in breakdown of fat in the body. Bile helps extract nutrients from the food we eat. A lack of Bile or congestion of stomach (due to lack of bile) can cause referred pain (neck shoulder pain). This can lead to shoulder joint pain or pain in right shoulder. The best way to sleep if you have a pain in shoulder is to sleep on the right side to avoid putting pressure on the liver and heart. To avoid shoulder and neck pain, eat a healthy diet, with a lot of salads and vegetables. This will help you to get shoulder pain relief in some time.
Dr. Berg shows you about referral pain and how this originates from the gallbladder. This occurs due to a lack of bile. The pain goes into the right shoulder pain.
This is the second video which talks about the gallbladder and its relationship with neck and shoulder pain. To know more about the gallbladder, watch out the other videos in this series.
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