The Fastest Technique to Get Rid of Shingles Pain

The Fastest Technique to Get Rid of Shingles Pain

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hi guys dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to discuss and talk about how to get rid of the residual pain from shingles it’s actually really simple once you know how but unfortunately there’s it’s really hard to find solutions out there if you do searches there’s drugs there’s different therapy but it doesn’t really work pain from shingles should normally go away but a lot of times it doesn’t so here’s the thing first of all shingles pain comes from a virus viruses are very very different because they do not really like bacteria they’re not alive they are a piece of genetic material wrapped in a sac and they’re activated by your own cells so if you had the chickenpox early on they travel through the nervous system end up in a certain nerve usually in the nerves around the ribs and the back of the front and they just hang out there and they wait and they wait until you get stressed tired broken down and older and then they come out and they kick your butt they affect the the nerve root or the nerve and they affect the skin skin lesions as well so it’s very very nasty stuff okay so I’m going to show you a technique to knock out the residual pain it also works for acute pain as well but also to keep that virus in remission because you can’t kill it all you can do is keep it in remission okay I’m going to show you how to do that as well alright so here’s the principle we’re looking at someone’s back let’s pretend that your shingles pain is on the right side and the mid-back and it comes around your back under your arm to the front okay it could be on the left side it can be a little higher it could be lower so you’re just going to take the concept here and try to understand what we’re going to do if the pain is on the right side what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a little bit of like a massage or acupressure on the opposite side over here so you want to work on the mirror image side okay I’m going to show you in a second how to demonstrate that so you’re going to miss wherever hurts over here you’re never going to press where hurts you’re never going to press where the skin lesion is you’re going to press on the opposite side now we’re just talking about pain here so you just have to isolate where does it hurt well let’s say it hurts right here then you’re going to press in the mirror image side right over here and you’re going to work out any type of pain that you have in this side but on the opposite okay now in this video I’m not going to show you why this works it’s just going to work and you could put your comments below and you’ll be quite amazed how fast you can not call pain there’s some things you need to know though if you if it hurts on this side and you press on the opposite mirror image side it’s going to be twice as tender as if you press on the side so in other words you’re going to be quite surprised how tender it is on the good side yeah I know it’s weird but you’re going to just keep working it out you’re going to have to have someone do this on you because it’s going to be hard for you to beach back there I mean you probably can get a tennis ball or something but you want someone to just massage on the opposite side all the way through the front side until there’s no more pain here it should take close to about two or three minutes okay I’ve never had a case where it didn’t work so and we’re just talking about paying here if there’s skin lesions that’s a whole different thing but as long as we get rid of the pain that would be a good thing so I have my person to demonstrate this on right now so let’s have you come over here so you could stand right like this okay good so I want to make sure the camera is okay we got the camera on this okay so let’s pretend the pains over here and it wraps right around we’re going to be massaging on the opposite side I would have the person laying facedown and working out wherever it is on this side you do it on this side and it travels down a nerve okay and there’s going to be a couple spots that are going to be excruciating so you want to go light at first and just kind of work it out to their tolerance and you just massage all the way around on the nerve root now the key there little secret to this is that there’s like a lot of times they have a band of pain what you want to do is find the epicenter of this pain on this right on the good side when you press it won’t hurt unless you press and you just work that out and you find that nerve there’s going to be like around the rib you’re going to find one rib that’s going to be so painful so you’re just going to stick on that and massage it and follow it down around through here okay so now if it’s around the front part let’s say it’s it’s around here what we’ll do you can just hold that there we’re going to work on the rib and work on the front part too and we’ll massage that right through and here so we’re just going to mirror image stimulate the opposite side where that pain is on this side okay thank you so if you got the concept you’re basically just working on the mirror image size no.1 that’s it they do therapy on the plate the part that hurts well it doesn’t work like that this will knock it out and it has to do with what’s happening to the brain that there’s a stuck flow of pain through there and by pressing the opposite side you’re sending signals up to the brain because the nerve that goes down this side actually crosses over the spinal column and connects to this side they’re on the same circuit so if you work on what the other side of the circuit you can knock out pain on this side and that kind of neutralizes that stuck flow and that’s what pain is okay so that’s that’s how you knock out the pain now what do you do to improve and keep it in remission okay so there’s a deeper issue I’m going to show you out of this book right here of CIPA okay this is by Frank mannor MD and this is a this is on the adrenal chapter the adrenal glands on top of the kidney their stress glands in the adrenal and it has a little part where talks about the adrenals control the susceptibility to viral infections that is why when you go through stress and you knock out the adrenal gland because the Drina gland is the stress gland the viruses can come out of remission so what you want to do long term is start building up your adrenals okay do things to improve the adrenals to really keep that virus in remission because viruses people they get immune weaknesses or they’re susceptible two viruses usually have weak adrenals so you want to strengthen that there’s a there’s a link down below of a kit that I use to strengthen the adrenals so it’s more corrective but there’s a quick little thing you can do to knock the paint out nutritionally it’s vitamin d3 okay don’t use vitamin d2 it’s d3 but you need about fifty thousand international units okay a day now you might say that’s a lot well what’s happening is vitamin D is intimately connected to your immune system and it’s what happens is that when you increase vitamin D you can push that virus back in remission okay in fact think about let’s think about a couple things when do people get the flu which is usually viral in the fall right like November why isn’t it a coincidence when you start dropping you go from the summer months which is all the sun vitamin D – no Sun it drops the vitamin d making you more susceptible to getting sick yeah that’s why so there’s a huge connection also with cervical there’s a certain virus that comes out in the cervix and it comes out in the fall – it’s pretty interesting so viruses tend to come out when there’s low vitamin D levels so I’l
l put a link down below of what I’m talking about but the point is that when you take vitamin D in higher amounts you can a lot of times push the virus in remission but anytime you take vitamin d3 you need vitamin k2 why because they work together if you take too much of this you’ll you’ll get soft tissue calcium deposits in the wrong places so k2 drives the calcium in the right places into the bone and it works together with vitamin D and you need 500 micrograms get the mk7 version the combination of this take it in the morning would be very very good to help keep that thing in remission and then also work on your adrenals okay so go ahead and apply this technique and put your comments below

This Post Was All About The Fastest Technique to Get Rid of Shingles Pain.
The Fastest Technique to Get Rid of Shingles Pain

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Dr. Berg teaches you how to rid the residual pain from shingles through using the principle of opposites. This is the fastest way to get rid of the pain from shingles. This especially works for residual pain from shingles. This condition is called postherpetic neuralgia. This condition comes from a virus and there are natural remedies you can use to keep it in remission.
D3 (50,000 IU)/day
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*You might say that 50,000 IUs is way too high. The toxic effects of vitamin A really only occur if you’re taking 150,000-200,000 IU over a longer period of time and without K2. K2 works with vitamin D3 to ensure the calcium does not accumulate in the soft tissues.
Cases generally occur in an epidemic pattern, usually in late fall or winter in North America.
Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics
By Robert M. Kliegman, Bonita M.D. Stanton, page 1141
Mucocutaneous Manifestations of Viral Diseases: An Illustrated Guide

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