The Egg Yolk Myth

The Egg Yolk Myth

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hey dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about egg yolks so many people when they tell me that they’re eating eggs they they’re not eating the yolk part they’re eating the white and the benefit of the egg yolk is huge and I’m going to cover three reasons why you should start eating the egg yolk it’s actually in my book under eggs and cholesterol I think the big concern with people is that they’re afraid of increasing their cholesterol but the fact is that egg yolks will only increase the good cholesterol the HDL and just to back up a little bit I want to explain what HDL really is the difference between the good cholesterol HDL and the bad cholesterol really has to do with the direction of where that cholesterol is going in relationship to the liver the cholesterol coming out of the liver is considered good cholesterol and the cholesterol going into liver is considered bad so really if the if both of these are high but the exchange is balanced then all that means is your body needs a little more cholesterol to heal something because one of the functions that acts as a natural band-aid to heal different parts of the body when you’re under stress so you want to look at the full picture not just the total cholesterol and the relationship between going out and going in and the fact is that even HDL or LDL is those aren’t even that’s not even cholesterol it stands for high density lipoproteins low-density lipoproteins so they’re actually proteins that carry the cholesterol either out of the liver or in the liver so we just want to look at the exchange of those two but the fact is that the egg yolk will increase some cholesterol but only the good cholesterol so you have nothing to worry about there egg yolks have way more nutrition vitamins minerals than the egg whites okay that’s another interesting point the other benefit of cholesterol from egg yolk is that it supports hormones specifically cortisol and other adrenal hormones so when you’re under stress the reason why the cholesterol goes up is it needs more cholesterol to build more of that stress hormone egg yolks might contain per egg about 400 maybe actually it’s 300 milligrams of cholesterol but don’t be concerned about that because your body makes 2,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day so you can imagine how many eggs you’d have to eat to equal 2,000 so the bottom line is that if your body makes it and you eat some of it it’ll make less of it it adapts to that so anytime anyone tells you that cholesterol is bad all you have to do is ask them why what’s the purpose of cholesterol and they should know that sports hormones it’s the natural band-aid to heal the body and it’s a precursor for hormones and also ask them if it’s so bad why does your body make 2,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day so there must be a reason for that all right so I just wanted to touch on egg yolks and don’t be afraid of eating them it’s actually a very healthy thing to do

This Post Was All About The Egg Yolk Myth.
The Egg Yolk Myth

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Dr. Berg talks about eggs, egg yolk and answers whether egg yolk is healthy or not. He also discusses about other health benefits of eggs. There are 3 major reasons for anyone to start eating egg yolk along with the egg whites. Egg Yolks increase the good cholesterol (HDL). The good cholesterol (HDL) from the egg yolk acts as a natural band aid (for the body to heal itself) and supports hormones. Egg yolk has much more nutrition (vitamins and minerals) than the egg whites.
Egg yolks could be considered a great multivitamin mineral supplement- esp. the fat soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.
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