The Egg Yolk and Butter Myth

The Egg Yolk and Butter Myth

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let’s talk about the butter and egg yolk myth now I know you were taught that you need to stay away from butter and egg yolk because it’s going to clog your arteries and cause heart attacks but in fact that’s what I was taught to but it’s not actually true that’s a it’s it’s it’s a myth especially if you consume grass-fed butter now there is a vitamin vitamin k that has two different versions you have vitamin k1 and vitamin k2 vitamin k1 is from plant sources and that actually helps you clot okay and that’s a good thing because if you didn’t have this you would bleed internally vitamin k2 actually has a different function by making bones making strong bones making teeth so it helps transport the calcium deeper into the body so vitamin D helps drive the calcium into the blood vitamin k2 with the help of other vitamins pushes it into the bone itself so if you’re deficient vitamin 2 you get a higher level of calcium that doesn’t make it all the way and you start getting calcification of your arteries yeah that’s a deficiency of vitamin k2 so basically the source of vitamin k1 is from plants or like spinach and vegetables but you also have vitamin k2 which doesn’t come from vegetables it comes from the animals that eat the vegetables especially the animals that eat the grass so the main two sources of k2 are egg yolk and grass-fed butter not corn-fed cows that then make the butter but cows that actually eat the grass you can also find vitamin k2 in goose liver if you can find it okay so that’s the that’s the benefit of egg yolk and butter I consume a lot of egg yolk and I’ve been doing it for 25 years I eat four eggs every single day my cholesterol is really good and I’m very very healthy so I used to crave butter as a kid I used to eat just a whole pound of butter and I apparently I needed this nutrient to help mobilize my calcium and younger kids needed to because they require more calcium okay so then the other thing I was going to mention about this is that the vitamin A in grass-fed butter is three times more effective than fish oils yeah and the vitamin D and grass-fed butter is a hundred times more effective effective than commercial vitamin D so that’s that’s interesting so again you don’t have to be scared about consuming butter and egg yolks anymore because they’re totally safe okay so I hope that helped and start applying this information

This Post Was All About The Egg Yolk and Butter Myth.
The Egg Yolk and Butter Myth

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Egg yolks and butter will not harm you if they are grass fed. In fact, these foods are not the real culprit in clogged cholesterol arteries. No, it’s the sugar that converts to cholesterol, not the fats. Butter and egg yolks supply the vitamin K2 necessary to keep your arteries free of soft-tissue calcium.
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