The Dangers of Stopping Smoking

The Dangers of Stopping Smoking

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so first of all I want to tell you I don’t smoke and number two I don’t recommend smoking and this video I want to talk about a very specific thing that it relates to stopping smoking too suddenly now I highly recommend you do stop smoking but you have to do it correctly because what I’ve observed with many many many people that are chronic smokers and they stop very suddenly they start gaining weight in the stomach that’s high levels of adrenal hormones they start having problems with the heart blood pressure health problems now a lot of people don’t have that problem but I’ve observed a lot of people who do have that problem and it has to do with nicotine so let’s talk about nicotine nicotine is a drug that triggers certain body chemicals they’re called neuro transmitters now what is a neurotransmitter neurotransmitter is a hormone like chemical that travels to the nervous system hormones are chemicals that travel through the blood so nicotine triggers some neurotransmitters which have to do with the stimulation of the adrenal glands and other body parts okay so we’re gonna talk about the adrenal over time chronic smokers with a lot of nicotine start to trigger the adrenals and to the point where you can feel relaxed when you’re smoking because nicotine opens up or vasodilate s– the arteries around the heart – called the coronary arteries the main arteries around the heart so you can actually feel like you can relax when you smoke it’s kind of weird isn’t it and it also relaxes the bronchial tubes so when you breathe this smoke you can in you can feel like you can breathe better with nicotine it’s not the smoke it’s the nicotine that opens up the bronchial tubes and this is all initially when you start smoking but over time it becomes a lesser effect so you need more and more nicotine to create that effect so people generally smoke to reduce stress and they can actually feel calm but what’s happening is just a drug that’s manipulating these certain chemicals giving you the illusion that you can that you feel your stress going down when really it’s going up all it’s doing its opening the blood flow to the heart and it’s opening the lungs but creating a lot of other issues for the rest of the body now what happens with nicotine over time is the receptor that receives that that chemical in the adrenals and in the brain and other parts of the body starts to become downgraded or desensitized or resistant very similar to if you eat a lot of sugar the receptors for sugar or insulin will get downgraded Nicole that insulin resistance is type 2 diabetes because it comes from too much sugar well the same thing with too much nicotine your body is basically trying to adapt and reject the nicotine so it’s gonna force the body not to absorb it to some degree so those receptors for nicotine become desensitized they won’t let it in so here the body is your adrenal glands which is the stress gland are so dependent on that nicotine over time that if you stop cold turkey with these receptors being downgraded you like have a sudden shift of neurotransmitters that drop way way down because they’re so dependent it’s like having a child that’s so dependent on the parents that parents do everything for this child to his 20 years old and kicking my house you can’t survive he doesn’t have any skills so the point is nicotine makes the Drina ‘ls dependent on nicotine and then when you stop the adrenal glands can crash and burn and create a lot of health problems all right now I recommend that you do stop smoking but do it correctly how do we do this number one right before you stop smoking and during the stopping in the smoking and after the stopping of smoking you need to replace the raw materials to build up those neurotransmitters know those specific ones are phenyl alanine you can buy these from the health of store phenyl alanine tyrosine l-dopa those are the three amino acids that you can get that will help building up your reserve so you can make the transition off the cigarette smoking without creating serious adrenal issues and weight gain B vitamins very important because there are the precursors the thing that help you bill up these these neurotransmitters so I recommend you get your B vitamins from nutritional yeast not the synthetic ones you buy toughest or okay so that’s this is the protocol alright so I just want to summarize the point that if you ever ask someone when they started gaining weight many times they’ll say well after I stopped smoking and yes it could have to do with the eating more but a lot of times it has to do with the Drina glands that can’t recover from years of the dependency on that drug hope this helped I’ll see you the next video

This Post Was All About The Dangers of Stopping Smoking.
The Dangers of Stopping Smoking

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Dr. Berg discourages smoking and shares some tips to quit smoking. The best way to quit smoking is do it gradually. He talks about side effects of quitting smoking and other ways to stop smoking without causing harm to the body. The best way to quit smoking is to build up the raw materials for the neurotransmitters.
Nicotine triggers certain neurotransmitters, which vasodilate the coronary artery and the bronchial tubes, which give you a sense of stress relief, but in reality, it’s just the opposite, especially over time. Dr. Berg recommends making the transition with added amino acids so as to build up the neurotransmitters and support the adrenal glands.
*B-vitamins (Nutritional Yeast)
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