The Dangers of Soy

The Dangers of Soy

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hi guys dr. Burke here I want to talk about the problems with soy not only is most the soy sold in America genetically modified that’s a whole different topic but unless that soy is fermented it gives you a lot of problems okay so the Japanese had this figured out long time ago they knew they had to ferment soy into things like NATO tenpai miso and tofu to be able to digest them because if not it’s considered an anti nutrient which means it has certain enzyme blockers that block the absorption of proteins yeah and it also has phytic acid blocks minerals like calcium magnesium iron but especially zinc yeah so what happens you might say well I don’t consume much soy but check this out soy is hidden in so many foods it’s in pretty much all the oils like the vegetable oils it’s in most those little bars that you get those protein bars it’s soy protein isolates it’s in a lot of the different diet shakes that are out there so you have to start reading labels it’s in a lot of the vegetarian patties and meats and hotdogs and things like that so you want to avoid it why because it creates a lot of problems not just with an estrogenic effect but an anti nutrient effect and a GMO effect it has a lot of problems the problem that I see right now is the infant formulas are mainly soy based it’s cheap but it’s creating a situation for our babies so personally I would never in a million years give an infant a soy based formula not not only do they going to develop allergies to it it’s going to create a lot of nutritional deficiencies because it’s not fermented now do I recommend consuming soy well some people if you get organic certain fermented soy they can do some of that I don’t come in a lot of it why I’ve seen people take too much soy and even men I had two patients come in that started drinking so much soy milk it’s wasn’t even fermented they started lactating yeah breast milk yeah lactating so it’s so decayed it’s okay to have some of it if it’s fermented but make sure if you do it it has to be organic or non-gmo if it’s organic it’s not GMO if it’s not organic it’s usually GMO okay so I just want to kind of cover some points about soy I think too many people are just consuming way too much of the wrong type of soy all right so I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About The Dangers of Soy.
The Dangers of Soy

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Dr. Berg talks about the dangers of soy. You must consume soy in a fermented form and make sure it’s organic to avoid being GMO.
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