The Dangers of Prednisone

The Dangers of Prednisone

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about the dangers of using prednisone now what is prednisone it’s a synthetic version of cortisol okay and it’s used for rheumatoid arthritis inflammatory conditions autoimmune diseases a lot of skin issues it’s used for a lot of different things and I believe it’s one of the most abused drugs on the market it’s been given out too much it has some serious side effects so if you are caught up in this way you’ve taken too much this video is for you okay because this is what it can do it totally destroys your muscles the waist your muscles in activates your adrenal glands it creates more inflammation once you stop taking it you can trigger diabetes I know of a guy who took it and for Bell’s palsy which is a condition of the nerve root on the face and boom he gets diabetes lowered immune system so then you’re getting sick more often insomnia cataracts hip fractures liver damage shrinking testes decreased libido and more belly fat yeah that’s a lot of issues so from my viewpoint it’s in a situation where once you start taking it all of a sudden you’re going to need more and more of it because the Drina aren’t strong enough see a little bit of cortisone is good for your body if your body makes it if it’s normal but what happens when you run out of it you start getting a lot of symptoms and Alpes that now you need more of this so you really have to build back up the adrenals so there is three things I know that can help support that number one to support the actual adrenal gland itself this is called cortisol support this is mainly to work on people with low adrenals okay low cortisol looks like a burnt-out adrenal and it has the dual extracts in liver support and natural vitamin C to bring back the adrenal back up so this is a great transition thing too as you’re coming off prednisone and also to take it to kind of build up your dreams it’s not a long-term product it’s mainly for three months now also you want to take something called NAC it’s called n-acetylcysteine what the heck is that that is something that it will increase clinical glutathione what glutathione well it’s a it’s a very one of the most powerful antioxidants that you have that will kind of lessen the damage it kind of buffers the damage from this and from even like Tylenol so it’s a really good kind of a detoxifier an organ protector it’s great to take if you have cataracts I mean anyone whose cataracts needs to take this right here is there’s not a lot of side effects and you can get it from so this is something that’s really good to help repair the damage and also stinging nettle roots okay this is one of my favorite anti-inflammatory herbs you can take this too because without good adrenals you tend have more inflammation this will help that tremendously so those are three things that I would do now as far as you’re eating goes there’s a couple things that are going to be essential to put in your salad you need a lot of vegetables as well to start supporting these adrenals dandelion tops and also beat cops those are the two top things that I would recommend if you want to start kind of repairing some of the damage it’s great for the liver it’s really good for inflammation good for a lot of other things okay so apply this information and put your comments below

This Post Was All About The Dangers of Prednisone.
The Dangers of Prednisone

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1. Lower inflammation with Blood Sugar Support and Intermittent Fasting-
Blood Sugar Support:
Intermittent Fasting:
2. NAC
3. Stinging Nettle Root
Use Cortisol Support Formula to support a healthy adrenal. Before taking any supplement, check with your doctor. This product is not a replacement for any medication or treatment for any medical disease.
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1. Cortisol Support
2. NAC
3. Stinging Nettle Root
1. Muscle wasting
2. Inactivates adrenals
3. More inflammation
4. Diabetes
5. Low immune system
7. Cataracts
8. Risk for fractures
9. Liver damage
10. Shrinking Testes
11. Decreased libido
13. Belly fat
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