The Dangerous State of Too Much CALCIUM!

The Dangerous State of Too Much CALCIUM!

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hey it’s me again in this video we’re going to talk about too much calcium I want to teach you something I want to teach you the relationship between symptom and root cause and when we’re talking about all these symptoms of high calcium we don’t want to get into is treating these all separately because then we’re going around in circles there is a huge relationship between too much calcium and what I mean by too much calcium is I’m talking about calcium that is locked up in your body that’s unable to transport in the body it’s stuck there there’s other names for too much calcium like hyper calcium ‘ya in the blood but if you’re over the age of 50 and you’re female and you’re taking calcium and you’re taking calcium carbonate you want to watch this video because calcium carbonate is basically limestone you’d be better off chewing on the cement out there because it’s just rocks you’ll end up having a lot of these problems because you’re taking the wrong type of calcium and you’re not taking the other factors to deliver this calcium into the tissues so if someone has too much calcium or too much unavailable calcium they will get some bone pain they’ll have insomnia because especially of the heads let’s say you’re exhausted you need to sleep but your head won’t turn off it’s very active it won’t go to sleep that means you have too much calcium I’ll talk about the remedies in a little bit but that that’s one of the symptoms soft tissue calcification this calcium kind of starts plugging up all the soft tissues like of the kidney as a kidney stone the gallbladder has gall stones arteries as plaquing the eyes as cataracts arthritis bursitis tendinitis all the itis and that’s just because the calcium is not able to be mobilized then we get constipation constipation is one symptom of too much calcium why because calcium causes a contraction of the smooth muscle that’s why it causes bronchial spasm two of the lung or asthma symptoms because there’s too much contraction and not enough relaxation excessive urination that’s one symptom as well this could come from diabetes and other things but too much calcium is one of the symptoms of too excessive urination then we have them cramps like muscle cramps especially at night if your toes start bending like this and you flex them and it starts cramping that’s too much calcium anxiety yeah anxiety is one of the symptoms arrhythmias that’s a big one high blood pressure if you think about one of the treatments to high blood pressure they use calcium channel blockers now what do they mean by calcium channel blockers all they’re doing is they’re blocking calcium because it got too much calcium the opposing mineral to calcium is magnesium and that is one of the best natural calcium channel blocker that you can get but why not just take something like that to mobilize the calcium so we have to understand what is the root cause and again this could also be a symptom of these lacking of these other factors that and that’s what I’m going to talk about next so how do you develop too much calcium number one you become deficient in the fat soluble vitamins that would be vitamin specifically vitamin D vitamin k2 and by them an F which is basically the essential fatty acids that would be like fish oils because if you think about when people take fish oil they usually take it for arrhythmias high blood pressure asthma cramps constipation arthritis they take these remedies but they don’t realize what they’re doing is just mobilizing calcium to improve the symptoms so vitamin d3 you could also end up in a situation this is very rare but you could take too much vitamin D and not enough of the other ones right here and end up with this problem too because vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium but it only will increase it up into the blood it doesn’t push it into the tissue so it can plug everything up and that’s why I always recommend if you going to take calcium always take vitamin d3 with it and k2 and I take 10,000 IU’s of vitamin d3 and then I would take a hundred micrograms of vitamin k2 and you might it’s not k1 so you’re going to have to get the right one k2 is quite amazing because it will clean up the calcium in the arteries the calcification it cleans up the calcium and the soft tissues vitamin k2 will even help these other symptoms blood pressure and asthma because it takes all this calcium and delivers it all the way into the tissues and also the fish oils now fish oils are really really good I love cod liver oil but if you have any problems with your memory I would recommend something called D H a you can get that from the health of stored eh a that’s a type of fish oil that is very high in a certain type of good fat that supports the brain it’s good for attention problems it’s good for fertility it’s good for the retina it’s good for the heart the skin so that would be a good fat to take to but good column oil would be very very essential if you if you want to protect yourself from too much calcium so that’s that’s what I recommend for the vitamins but here’s here’s the more likely problem that people have they’re taking these vitamins already but they don’t have enough bile from the gallbladder your gallbladder is right here and it produces something called bile B il-8 not bowel but bile bile helps you break down fat specifically fat soluble vitamins a d e and K and F so if you don’t have a gall bladder or you’re bloated all the time or you have constipation which means you don’t have enough file or you have a right shoulder pain those are all symptoms of a lack of I’ll then go ahead and take some bile and then you’ll actually start absorbing these fats and vitamins and all of a sudden things start really working so we want to give the remedy but make sure that you can absorb the remedy as well okay so we got the gall bladder and lack of magnesium that’s a common thing because magnesium is the opposing mineral to calcium so magnesium will help drive calcium down because they teeter-totter so magnesium is not a bad thing to take to help these conditions as well so if you really look at the big picture calcium is influenced by vitamins minerals and other things like pH so a little bit information is might be too dangerous because you’ll hear that oh yeah I’ve lost a bone and I need to take calcium but you don’t understand that there’s other parts to this puzzle alkalinity and this is another myth that people always talk about that everyone is too acid and we need to alkalize everyone that is a really big myth and you should watch the video in alcohol on pH on my blog because if you are under a lot of stress and you have a high level of stress hormone called cortisol from the adrenal over time that will make you very very alkaline in the blood yet your ph of your urine is too acid so when I talk about pH I’m not talking about your urine or your saliva I’m talking about the blood and it’s very very hard to detect that but one way you can detect it is if you have a lot of arthritis and cell can calcium problems that’s right so if your body is especially your blood is too alkaline you won’t be able to transport the calcium properly so Akana and that would also apply to like if someone’s getting older and their stomach acids are not as strong Lex let’s say they’re losing your stomach acid they can’t absorb all this calcium so it plugs everything up and that’s a very common cause as well or if you have a stressed out person your body starts getting alkaline you start to helping all these symptoms because you can’t absorb and transport the calcium because your pH is off one of the simple remedies for t
his is apple cider vinegar a teaspoon in a glass of water I would do you could probably put it in all of your water through the day as you drink it because it will actually start to bring the pH down more acidic and start mobilizing the calcium out of the tissues I mean think about outside of of an ancient remedy for insomnia and even pain and rhythm as high blood pressure cramps yeah the reason why it works is because it mobilizes calcium so I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one

This Post Was All About The Dangerous State of Too Much CALCIUM!.
The Dangerous State of Too Much CALCIUM!

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There is such a thing as excessive calcium, called hypercalcemia. In this video Dr. Berg describes the many problems that can occur from this. If you get this tested with your doctor, make sure they do an ionized calcium test.
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