The Clogged Artery Myth

The Clogged Artery Myth

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hey dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about clogged arteries or a thorough score on ik plucking there’s confusion in that area in that most people focus on the cholesterol they want to lower the cholesterol to avoid clogged arteries and they want to do it by eliminating butter fat eggs animal meat okay but what I want to bring up is some additional data that has to do with the chain reaction that occurs before the cholesterol even comes in there in the chamber beds the first thing that happens is you get this thing called a lesion or an inflammatory State in the lining of the muscle in the artery okay so it’s a little tiny muscle muscular layer that you get this inflammation now in a vein you don’t get clogged arteries because you don’t have those muscle contractions veins are a bit more passive they don’t have that contractile muscle tissue so you don’t have this situation it’s only in arteries so you have this first thing that occurs with inflammation now what comes next is the cholesterol but cholesterol the purpose of this cholesterol is to help heal that inflammation it acts as a band-aid that’s what it’s there for I don’t know if you knew this but your body makes 2,000 milligrams of potassium every single day every cell wall is made from cholesterol all your hormones specifically sex hormones and other ones are made from cholesterol or your body makes a lot of it one egg yolk is only I guess it’s 300 milligrams your body makes 3,000 if your body makes so much why is it bad so the point is it’s trying to heal this inflammation okay because you also get calcium formation on the same plaquing so you have this cement that goes in there to try to heal it as well and so we got a combination of calcium plaque cholesterol plaquing and fibrin plaquing what’s fibrin vibrant is a kind of like a connected collagen tissue a fibrous tissue to help seal off that wound just like any scar would be so we’re getting scarring on the inside of our artery with these three things right here there’s some other things that accumulate too like the polysaccharides I’m not going to get into that it’s a little too confusing but the point is that we must understand the first thing that happen is the inflammation and then these things happen secondarily so if we’re going to come in late on a chain and start dropping calcium and fiber and cholesterol did we really fix anything well people say well I went on a plant-based diet and I healed my body well that’s because you healed inflammation and your cholesterol is going to come down because there’s no longer needed to heal this let’s talk about what causes inflammation stress that’s that cortisol very destructive on the body stressful foods junk foods of course and an insulin that’s all the refined grains breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits sugar all that stuff our body an average American consumes 149 pounds of sugar every single year so that’s a lot of insulin of course that’s going to create inflammation in your arteries the desserts the alcohol that will do it as well and also not having enough omega-3 fatty acids it’s like fish oils things like that or flax oil so there’s a lot of things here that can cause it smoking can cause that other chemicals in your body but the point is that the real cause of a clogged artery is bad habits creating inflammation and then all these are just the things that it’s kind of like the icing on the cake it’s the thing that comes later so now that you understand this then we can actually get rid of these things and then watch this go down because I’ll have people tell me I went in a plant-based diet a vegetarian diet and I got rid of my cholesterol my clogged arteries well I also have other people that went in a meat diet and got rid of their the what the cluster went down to why because they stopped having the carbohydrates the refined carbohydrates the insulin so that’s some deeper data on the clogged artery mechanism I’ll see in the next video

This Post Was All About The Clogged Artery Myth.
The Clogged Artery Myth

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In this video, Dr. Berg discusses clogged artery and why there is so much confusion about it. He also explains the truth about cholesterol and what it really means when it comes to your diet.
There is a mistake at 1:26: It should say, “Your body makes 2000 mg of CHOLESTEROL per day, NOT POTASSIUM.
1. 90% of cholesterol is recycled
2. Precursor to sex hormones
3. Sugar coverts to cholesterol
4. Acts as a bandage
5. Body makes 2000mg per day
6. Calcium comes in to act as cement
7. Inflammation starts the lesion
8. Sugar, stress, lack of omega 3 fats causes inflammation
Eating Fat Doesn’t Increase Your blood Fat
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