The Causes of PAIN Even If With NO Injury

The Causes of PAIN Even If With NO Injury

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so in this video we’re going to talk about pain there’s really two main situations one is from an injury or a past injury while the other is no injury or no history of injury into that area so those are the two main categories I tell you there’s a lot of problems pain just turning on without any history or any problem right here and that’s pretty much what I want to talk about because if you do therapy on these type of areas of the body without getting the the problem with the referral like where it’s being referred to it as the root problem you end up not really getting anywhere at all so of course therapy works on an injury but if they have no injury let’s take a look at what it could be so first of all the right shoulder right through here up through here and to the neck around the sky the trap over here this is referred by something called the phrenic nerve that comes from your gall bladder right here so either when the gall bladder is removed gall bladders kind of congested or you have some types of problems with lack of bile that’s supposed to flow through there to help you digest because you’re eating bad or Yuting a lot of nuts that pain is going to go right up into the right shoulder and sometimes even right down here right through here it’s going to definitely go into cause headaches so most the headaches are coming from the gall bladder okay so always look to the liver gall bladder for right shoulder stuff through here or headaches look for look at the gall bladder okay now next thing is um we’re going to talk about left shoulder it could be a heart problem now I’m not saying it’s a serious like heart attack but it what happens when the pulse rate goes high the heart works harder and it anchors itself to the front of the breastbone of the breastbone and the back and it creates a tightness and that tightness could cause tension up here up through here all the way down to this arm could be the elbow the hand so that it could be a heart problem and it usually is because the person’s not sleeping or they’re exercising too much and they’re creating stress in the heart combined with not sleeping and stressed and then they start getting this pain right here or a tightness on this side right here okay now if the person neck tightness or trap right through here that’s usually digestion they need more stomach acids or they have a congestive stomach and the foods not digestion they usually have a lot of acid reflux or indigestion and it’s going to make the neck really really tight now being a chiropractor I used to just these people three times a week for the rest of their life and it would always just cut back out because I never looked at the digestive system okay let’s talk about the mid-back like right back over here that’s if it’s right in the center it’s going to be more of the heart that’s anchoring itself and really really tight because the person is not sleeping there’s stress and they’re exercising too much or they even stop smoking and then all of a sudden the heart got weak because they stopped smoking in the body was dependent on it and now you took that away and it never adapted so they just never recover from an injury if we take a look at the lower back it could be a problem with the uterus heavy periods fibroids a hysterectomy several babies it creates a weakness in that area and it can refer to the lower back in the center it’s called l5 or it could be more of a prostate enlargement and could be referred to your lower back also the next thing could be is if it’s the left or right hip joints call the sacroiliac joints that could be the left or right ovary problem and you treat the back it never goes away because the ovaries are referring pain back if there’s pain all over that’s called fibromyalgia you want to check for the adrenal because that with the adrenals control the anti-inflammatory so when you run out of them you end up with inflammation systemically okay then we have the knee problem the knee problem is usually an adrenal because the adrenal creates a catabolic effect on the quadriceps femoris that connects to the knee it makes the knee weaker on that side it also affects the collagen so that collagen could make grinding and popping on the knee and then we have the right leg or foot problem on the right side that that uses liver and it’s referring problems down here and usually there their diet is very poor they’re drinking alcohol and it’s referring all the way down to that leg or foot or toe or ankle now if it’s the left swollen and pain it could be a weak heart because the heart’s not pushing blood on that side and it’s pooling so we want to be able to differentiate those two so I wanted to kind of give you some background behind the pain behind the referral of pain so you have some ideas to ask questions to pull the string and you don’t end up just treating the symptom because it’s never going to work one last thing when you’re treating a problem it doesn’t solve you got the wrong problem so this gives you some insights on possible other issues

This Post Was All About The Causes of PAIN Even If With NO Injury.
The Causes of PAIN Even If With NO Injury

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Dr. Berg talks about the causes of pain from no injury. This could be the heart, the gallbladder or many other things. In this video, Dr. Berg talks about pain from an injury and ones from no injury and how to do therapy on those types.
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