The Best & Worst Weight Loss Snacks

The Best & Worst Weight Loss Snacks

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hey it’s me again in this video we’re going to talk about the good and bad snack foods the first thing you need to know is that if your metabolism is slow there are certain snack foods that they tell you that are good they’re actually bad so I’m going to go through what you should snack on and what you should not snack on one of the best snack foods believe it or not would be peanut butter now why because peanut butter has a sugar of like one gram per serving size so that’s pretty low but make sure when you buy peanut butter it does not have added sugar so you have to really read the label okay a bad snack food would be fruit now even in my book I do recommend fruit apples and things and berries but a lot of people that will slow down their weight loss fruit does not cause weight gain but it can slow things down because it’s a bit too sweet so if you’re trying to look to improve things just a little bit you may have to omit the fruit from your diet until you hit your ideal weight then add it back in alright so then you could play around with the amount so let’s say for example you eliminated all the bad things and maybe you can get away with a little bit of blue but a little bit of blueberries or berries in your couch egg but some people I need to remove that completely to get them in fat burning just because their system is so sensitive okay a good snack food would be hummus why because hummus has a zero sugar gram so we’re looking at the backhoe label and we’re looking at the sugar amounts one of the bad snack foods would be those protein bars because inevitably they have sugar if you go to the store and you see all those natural bars those meal replacement bars a lot of those have tremendous amounts of sugar okay so you want to avoid that over here we can do cheese cheese is a fermented food and that means that the bacteria that helps make the cheese in the fermented process eats up all the milk sugar so that should bring it down but over here we have yogurt now again yogurts a healthy thing of course the Sweden is really bad but even the plane could have up to 20 grams of sugar per cup it’s still too much now maybe there might be some type of yogurt in a form of kefir which is kefir it’s a type of yogurt that I did see on the market in some of the stores that it has a lactose free so you might want to read the back the label and see if plain kefir would be an option it may be it may not be I don’t know but the question is now what to put the peanut butter the hummus on do you put it on crackers do you put it on Apple’s well if you’re trying to lose weight you might have to bite the bullet and put this on your favorite which is celery which is very exciting right or put the hummus you know maybe carrot sticks carrots actually have very low sugar even though they’re a little bit sweet so if you juice them they’re going to be sweet but if you have them as a fibrous thing they’re going to be okay so you could take vegetables and dip them in these things as well and then of course cheese I like to take cheese and tomato that’s a really good thing but not on the breads the grains okay so I just wanted to give you I wanted to do this video because so many people have a little too much of this like their diet is perfect but the snack foods are just bumping them on a fat burning’ just enough to stop the results one less thing I recommend the kale shake but if the kale bloats you if anything bloats you any bloating from any food and that includes all the good things too like the vegetables you’re going to have to either cook the vegetables or omit those from the diet because the bloating will stop your weight loss it’s a key point so if this is your situation and you make the change it could be the difference between losing weight and not losing weight okay so I just wanted to make a video and emphasize this one point I’ll see you the next video

This Post Was All About The Best & Worst Weight Loss Snacks.
The Best & Worst Weight Loss Snacks

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Dr. Berg talks about the best snacks for weight loss. He discusses about various foods that help you lose weight and healthy snacks ideas for weight loss. A good healthy snack for weight loss could be nut butters (with no sugar), cheese. Worst snacks for weight loss would include fruits, protein bars, yogurt (too much sugar).
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