The Best Tips to Get Back on Track with Keto

The Best Tips to Get Back on Track with Keto

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[Music] hey guys having another special guest Rita and the reason I’m bringing Rita on is because she’s been going through some stress and with her getting back on her program and I wanted to use this isn’t a kind of like teaching tool to help people who get off track and getting back on track so welcome Rita hey Rita can you just give me in a thumbnail sketch you were doing good at one time right you were doing great you’re on the program you’re losing weight you’re feeling great and then you kind of went through some stuff right I did yeah well I tell you you it really wasn’t the stuff that knocked me off the track it was me going back to my emotional eating thinking that that would comfort me and I knew it the whole time I knew it every single first couple bites I was like this isn’t even good I don’t even like it but I did it as a just to have it because that’s what I always did before was emotional eat um so yeah but I tell you what off-track and then the stress really I feel like put on the weight pretty quick yeah I could only imagine and so they’re guys if you’re watching this if you had a similar thing there’s various reasons why people go to food and why they eat you know you have people that are relieving stress you have people are relieved emotional pain physical pain that you got a boredom they eat because they have to eat everything on their plate because they don’t want to waste any food baby and then you have people that eat for health and because they’re hungry and then you get people to eat for pleasure because it tastes good see there’s many different motivations so specifically you’ve been eating for to relieve stress right okay and because I thought I remembered that it tasted good but it don’t ever actually because even though I’m still eating for stress and I’m trying to get back on keto I don’t think it tastes as good it’s like after I went key though nothing is as satisfying as what I thought it was interesting do you ever eat when you’re not hungry oh yeah okay because now my body has gotten used to the the carb intake again and I don’t feel that satisfying feeling that I did when I was on keto just that feeling of always being perfectly satisfied like when I was on keto I want that back so that I have to get back on base I know and so so tell me what specific foods that you can’t resist that you have to meet everything’s changed since I was on keto because I don’t really have a specific food anymore that makes me satisfied that makes that I can’t resist what foods are you eating that you should be okay probably sweets that oh that was always my go-to before keto and I guess sweets and um maybe bread but mostly sweets probably what kind of sweets ready sweets so like cakes shake so cake and frosting no just Kate II kind of so it’s like the dough or the the kind of the wheat part of the cake probably it’s it’s like yeah it’s cuz I’m looking for that feeling feeling that I had on keto but I it’s like a I guess Spurs um another thing that I did that I really think knocked me off very bad and I’m working on that specifically right now is alcohol because that right there was probably the ultimate derailer um of what I was doing I tried it out because I wasn’t you know I didn’t do alcohol before um keto but I tried it cuz I’m like well I’m doing good on keto and everything let me just add this alcohol to relieve my stress and that you know you know if you’re gonna if you’re not working right in the brain then you then I kind of went to my emotional eating when I was you know under the influence okay that you know you get you get hungry after you go have a night out or whatever and then you just come home and and I just eat crap and I would think the whole time like back in my brain I’m like this is not what I’m supposed to be doing and this alcohol is just not helping right now I’m really working I’m not starts drinking and I’m doing pretty good at that and I felt like that was like the first thing I really really needed to do because because if I can get back on keto I don’t want to I don’t want to have an alcoholic binge and then go and have some a bad night and then get readapted to it right okay so let me give you some tips on that because I there’s a couple of things that that will help what happens when people are off track they get in this old habit type thing and these old habits are just kind of totally connected to the past right they’re not connected to present so you have to do things to keep you in the present what would that mean well the first thing is that I would highly recommend and this is just something you have to do keep it food look and actually document everything and for the only purpose of keeping you in the present and then so you write down on the left side all the foods that you eat through the day or drink and then what you do on the right side right next to it is you’re writing down your motivation why why you’re doing it because that’s gonna force you as an extra sighs to keep you conscious aware it keeps you looking at what you’re doing because if I’m gonna right now punch my hand through that wall I can punch it but it’s gonna hurt but if I if I just very aware of that’s gonna hurt you know it’s like I’m gonna be very conscious you know I could do it but I already knew I was doing it consciously and I heard myself like I can actually live with that versus people that tend to get them is almost like mindless automaticity this automatic thing that they’re doing and they’re like it’s below their awareness it’s kind of weird now then if you add alcohol then you’re even less conscious and then you do it more so it’s all about bringing you in more than the present and keep you in the present so okay and what does that mean it means being connected to your environment right acted so like going for a long walk and actually observing trees and things versus in your head you know things like when you’re walking or what about people when they’re driving you look around very few people are in the present they’re just driving along on automatic they probably even look at the road I don’t you know how they get through and don’t crash everybody we gotta like put you keep you in the present and I think keeping a food blog every single day and then writing down everything you eat and then that’s gonna like force you to then just be more aware so that’s number one right okay number two is going to be we got to make it we have to change some of the motivation to eat why you’re eating so these other ways of just getting into trouble but we have to change the motivation the the two good reasons to eat would be to eat for health need pants fulfill hunger but the pleasure thing I think you can also get pleasure through through eating healthy I think I think you should also in your house prepare a lot of so-called healthy junk foods like like the keto desserts and stuff and cookies you just keep it in the house so at least you have a go to that has an alternative form of junk food right now let’s shift to the alcohol I just found out like that at some of the health food stores especially we in our area we have something called moms and you could probably find this they sell kombucha tea with five point six percent alcohol right now that’s uh that’s like equivalent to a very strong beer that you would buy in Canada cuz I know I think in America it’s like might be three or four percent alcohol but as a transition off the crappy alcohol you can actually do kind of a kind of a keto alcohol drink and the reason I’m saying that is that I drank some of that about two weeks ago just to test it out a
nd wow it’s like no negative reactions like I thought really relaxed but I didn’t feel drunk at all but I just kind of gave you a stress relief and even regular kombucha tea has a very very small amount of alcohol it just kind of is gonna relax you and it’s a way to get the same texture and give you some alternative rather than the actual alcohol itself that’s gonna create more problems for you so then then the third thing is to number one get you to be aware right then everything as a standard thing every single day for a period of time okay change your motivation you know for health and then once you get you start doing it more it’s going to be easier and easier that the problem with Kido is that it’s it’s really all or nothing because what gets you in Aikido is lowering your carbs if you do it sort of and you have a little more carbs then you’re not really in Quito and now you’re gonna once you get off now you’re off now you’re gonna roller coaster so it’s like I think once you get into it for just like a little bit more time because now your honor okay I got momentum here okay so now we have to make it easier by also changing your environment in other words you have to make it a point not to hang out at the bar anymore or wherever you go I don’t know where you go but you don’t want to hang out and bar like you don’t want to go to the bakery and hang out in the afternoons like change your environment so this stuff is not in your face you probably have friends that are not maybe the best influences I’m just guessing and like you need to kind of choose your friends a little bit more wisely and not hang out with these people that throw you off as much maybe you hang out with some keto friends I don’t know I’m just wondering there’s people also that you can because I tell you like especially in the worst thing is groups like you need to be careful not to go to too many social groups because it gets a little crazy like everyone’s oh yeah let’s part let’s go up the program let’s drinking and it’s really hard to be the odd man out or the odd person out to not do it too right I mean especially family gatherings social parties oh my gosh holidays is the worst I’m sure that my you know I’m kind of dreading because my very very very favorite aunt is coming in and we kind of feed off of each other I’m a little I’m dreading um not that she’s coming I love that she’s coming but what am I gonna how am I gonna veer her away from our particular shots right so so at the Sun we did a ketose summit and we had a dinner of platinum dinner at and we served these drinks that were no alcohol but they were like I think it was like cranberry and they taste like alcohol drinks without alcohol what you should do this is what you should do be a trendsetter you should serve don’t even tell her don’t even tell it’s not alcohol just do the kombucha shots and then also do some keto friendly cookies and stuff and I think she probably will go wow this is really good I feel really great on this this is wonderful I don’t know you’re gonna have to figure that out but yeah well I’m gonna have to figure that out for sure we just take the bottle and slam it so now there’s no getting past tricking her but I am I’m just gonna have to be upfront and just say no so if I can do that I know I can get back on Keita because me and her are just ridiculous together so it’s really how about that I know yeah because it’s these people really control you off because I do know that I have an addictive nature so I find that when I try to trick myself into doing something opposite I don’t think for me that that is really a good thing even with the keto desserts and stuff at this very point okay it’s not a good thing for me but I have made them I do make them because my family they actually like them so I mean it makes me happy to get them healthy desserts and me not have to have bags hurts in the house so that if I do happen to grab something that’s what it is so you probably just need to go all or nothing and just not you can go yeah that’s what I did last time that’s what I did listen and you know my mindset last time was eliminate sugar I knew I had to do that but in my mind instead of saying you can’t have sugar I just did you’re you five to seven cups of dark green leafy vegetables that’s what I did I did a asparagus and broccoli and salad and I made sure that I had five to seven cups of that every single day that was my number one rule so instead of saying I can’t I was like I have to do this after that we’ll figure it out you know but I do need to eliminate sugar but the feeling that started coming over my body when I did that was I didn’t even want it after a year I could say no to cheesecake which that’s my very very very favorite like I hear is this cheesecake I guess she said what can I not resist that would be one thing that I would probably not be able to read this but when I had all of those vegetables and I did it make sure I had my vegetables basically and also fact it was I found out at that time that whenever I feel like I need something or I’m hungry again I found out that that fat really kept me feeling satisfied I take a tablespoon of coconut oil when I was doing kita and if I felt like I needed a snack I take a tablespoon of coconut oil and a little bit of peanut butter with it that was like perfect sugar fat ratio for me and I was fine like I didn’t want anything else that’s what I did then so now I’m back I’m I feel good about my not drinking I’m a little nervous about my aunt coming in but I feel good about how I haven’t gone to that for stress I’ve kind of replaced it with food which it’s not good but now that I’m over the alcohol thing but now I feel like I can I need to get back on to making sure I get my vegetables at least something something has to change right now because I’m good with the alcohol good I’ll let you know about my aunt right yeah well that’s good yeah so that’s why I’m you know we’re just trying to improve the situation right now make it easier make it less intense you know and then you build you build yourself up through basically saying no like okay now I in having that willpower is basically the ability to say no and resist certain temptations right so if you can do that and keep strengthening that because it’s like an exercise but I will say there’s always a situation that throws you off because stress puts you out of the present and knocks you on the present not really good yes I like that I like that you’re saying that cuz that is very true that is so true I really felt like I need to be grounded like I need to just just ground myself at this point it’s like okay I’m done going to alcohol all the time but now I’m feeling like I need to get on a path right now there’s something kind of missing so I love that you said that yeah good yes so we just make it as simple as possible from now on you’re creating a food log you’re writing everything down that will help you and then also you’re writing down what you’re like you’re like looking at why am i eating this okay okay write that down and then just by looking at that it’ll help you because it keeps you from this mindless automatic thing that’s kind of running you in the background and then what you can do today you’ll want to start tomorrow is you’re gonna just basically start with your keto meal today so your next meal when you get hungry don’t and here’s the other thing if you can try like heck not like if you eat when you’re not hungry that’s going to keep you eating because you drop the blood Sugar’s down so one really important piece of information is to don’t eat unless you’re hungry and that’s kind of like a discipline of focusing on not eating which which eliminates all the reasons for eating because you’re not eating and it’ll actually the fasting improves your cognitive function see your these addiction addictive things tend to kind of chill out a little bit so and then you go to your meal and then you’re gonna have like your salad your huge salad moderate protein and then your fat so those just focus on those keep it simple and then make sure your dogs on keto as well I know bus st
op and then um and then go as long as you can so that you get hungry don’t even try to set up a pattern of I’m gonna do this pattern of intermittent fasting just way until you’re hungry and then eat okay good let it go longer and because the what happens is when you don’t eat is that the brain starts to you start regrowing certain brain cells which is kind of cool so it’ll actually help help everything because you’ll be more in the present so so that is your plan let’s keep it simple do you feel like that can actually work for you I absolutely feel like the journaling is a wonderful start to getting in touch with what I’m doing why I’m doing it and staying accountable to myself yes I think that that could really help me get back on track good yeah it’s this will be like the awareness the new awareness they’re just keeping them aware of what you’re doing because it’s like sometimes like wow I didn’t realize it was doing the last month okay yeah that’s awesome okay so you got a plan so go ahead and start and let’s do an update and a little bit and see how you’re doing cuz we do want to do a follow-up with you probably a month from now and I just I want to hear great success okay all right no pressure look you need to follow up in about a month so the next thing is just to go ahead and start today all right dr. Byrd okay all right thanks for doing this interview thank you you’re welcome I see

This Post Was All About The Best Tips to Get Back on Track with Keto.
The Best Tips to Get Back on Track with Keto

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