The Best PREDNISONE Alternative

The Best PREDNISONE Alternative

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so I’m going to talk about the best prednisone alternative there’s quite a few people taking prednisone and the problem is when you take too much of it it creates too many side effects so the point sometimes where you can’t take it at all anymore because it doesn’t work anymore over 23 million prescriptions are given out every single year in the US alone so what is prednisone prednisone is a synthetic version of our own adrenal hormone called cortisol is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and it’s mainly given to people who have asthma allergies all sorts of skin issues from psoriasis dermatitis poison ivy pretty much every inflammatory condition of the skin pretty would give a person prednisone and inflammation and I’m talking about arthritis rheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis tendinitis bursitis any of the itis is because prednisone works on inflammation autoimmune conditions prednisone is one of the main medications they give for lupus Hashimoto’s MS and it works as an anti-inflammatory because the one of the main destructive elements of an autoimmune condition is inflammation so if you can remove that you can help the person hives okay which is inflammation the problem is when you take prednisone more than seven days you actually suppress your own body’s production of cortisol okay so it’s kind of like a catch-22 because here you’re taking it to create this anti-inflammatory effect but the body then doesn’t need to make it so it goes into sleep mode so the actual side effects of prednisone are basically shutting down your own adrenal system and here are some symptoms cataracts bone loss diabetes which actually is interesting because the adrenal hormones are called glucocorticoids gluco referring to glucose because these hormones will turn your protein into glucose and if you have too much glucose you raise insulin and you can even have diabetes as a side effect and I actually have known of several patients who develop diabetes after getting a series of prednisone shots and of course weight gain and it’ll make you fat especially in the midsection and adrenal atrophy where the adrenal glands basically shrivel up and they stop working so if you look at the adrenal glands down here they’re controlled by the pituitary okay and the pituitary hormones controlled by the hypothalamus so you have this entire pathway here starting from the hypothalamus pituitary and adrenal is called HPA axis so the brain is telling the pituitary to send signals down to release the adrenal hormones and then we have feed a feedback loop going around here turning this mechanism off so when you take prednisone you basically shut this whole thing off from this level and so the adrenal glands just stop working and so it’s very dangerous to take prednisone for any period of time now I personally had poison ivy every single year through my 20s and even partially into my 30s every single year I was in the back yard or something and I got poisoned I’d be really bad so I ended up having to take prednisone okay for many years so it really created some serious damage on my own adrenals so I couldn’t sleep had chronic fatigue syndrome I was constantly getting sick I had massive blood sugar problems but the cool thing is that there’s an alternative okay a safe alternative and it is called vitamin d3 I mean if you think about it vitamin D gets great results with asthma allergies all sorts of skin problems sima psoriasis and it’s a great anti-inflammatory and it’s also very beneficial for autoimmune conditions especially MS and hives but if you think about vitamin D can actually give you that almost the same results as prednisone it’s kind of like a weak version of prednisone why because vitamin D is not really a vitamin it’s a steroid hormone okay it’s a very powerful anti-inflammatory it gives you therapeutic benefit at higher dosages unfortunately the RDA is just way too low and the RDAs for vitamin D are roughly I think around 600 IU’s when you go up with vitamin d3 and I’m talking like 30,000 IU’s you can create some really cool effects I’m gonna put some links down below so you can get more information and research this but you would want to take 20 to 30,000 IU’s of vitamin d3 as well as 300 micrograms of k 2 and this will counter the calcium issue that can occur from higher amounts of d3 because d3 doesn’t really tell the calcium where to go it just increases the absorption of calcium into the blood by 20 X K to will take that calcium and drive it into the bone so if you’ve taken prednisone and now you’re in a situation where you can’t take anymore because it’s going to create too many side effects you may want to check this out right here in vitamin d3 thanks for watching so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed

This Post Was All About The Best PREDNISONE Alternative.
The Best PREDNISONE Alternative

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the best alternative for prednisone. Taking too much prednisone can cause side effects to the point where you couldn’t take it anymore because it doesn’t work. Over 23 million prescriptions are given out every single year in the US. Prednisone is a synthetic version of our own adrenal hormone called cortisol, a very powerful anti-inflammatory.
Prednisone is mainly given to people with these certain types of conditions.
• Asthma
• Allergies
• Skin Issues
• Inflammation
• Autoimmune
• Hives
Side Effects of Prednisone
• Shutting the adrenal system
• Cataracts
• Bone Loss
• Diabetes
• Weight Gain
• Adrenal Atrophy
The safe alternative for prednisone is called vitamin D3, it is a steroid hormone and a very powerful anti-inflammatory. It also gives you a therapeutic effect at higher dosages.
Recommended IUs for Vitamin D3: 30,000 IUs (with 300mcg of K2)
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