The Best Exercise to Correct Bad Eyesight!

The Best Exercise to Correct Bad Eyesight!

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video I want to show you how to fix your eyes okay especially if you want to re close up without glasses and it’s so funny because people were what’s called corrective glasses but they don’t really correct anything they basically make your eyes dependent on the glasses and you need a stronger prescription so here’s here’s some a little Natta me you have the eye structure right here you have the the clear part which is the cornea right here the light comes in here and then iris that’s the colored part like either you have blue eyes you have green eyes you have brown eyes and what happens it hits this lens right here and it’s really the combination of the cornea but mostly the lens the shape of the lens which which allows you to see focus in on something either far or near and what controls the lens is a little muscle called a ciliary muscle ok the ciliary muscle so really the shape of the lens is controlled by this one muscle right here when that muscle contracts you’re able to see very close up alright so if you can’t see close up we have a problem with that contraction it’s maybe too contracted but when your muscle when that muscle relaxes you’re able to see very very far away so we have this alternating contraction relaxation all the time when you’re seeing very far and very very near so I have a question for you what do you spend most the time doing looking close up or very far away I mean when’s the last time you looked at a cloud or a tree or a bird or in the distance probably a long time right so what happens if you contract that muscle 24/7 or you find a computer or a cell phone or the internet I mean constantly REI pad this lens is going to become atrophied to the point where it’s not going to work anymore so you need glasses especially watch these kids coming up they don’t go outside anymore they don’t play so here’s a real simple thing to do get outside go for a walk but don’t read yourself or when you’re walking go just look at stuff in the distance spend about 40 minutes or even an hour just looking far away and focusing in on a cloud a tree in the distance things distant object what that will do that will give your eyes such a sense of relief it’s going to take the stress out of the eye and actually reverse this atrophy of the muscle because it’s an inactive muscle it’s not focusing anymore correctly it’s not relaxed see what happens the way you get a good muscle is you have a combination of recovery contraction recovery on/off what’s happening in our eyes is where it’s always on all the time constantly contraction so we have to relax it and reverse the flow so just spend a lot more time looking far away than you do behind the computer if you work all day and then you don’t go outside and look at different things or even when you’re driving maybe you could look at things in the far distance but you’re going to have to reverse that flow if you want to prevent wearing glasses all right so that’s just a little tip on how you can really get this muscle very very tone and avoid the whole cycle of getting stronger and stronger prescriptions with your glasses alright hope this helped I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About The Best Exercise to Correct Bad Eyesight!.
The Best Exercise to Correct Bad Eyesight!

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One point of clarification about the ciliary muscle atrophying – what I should have said was “losing tone”. Anytime a muscle is one position either extension or contraction, the muscle will lose tone. It’s like holding your muscle in a cast, it will shrink.
Dr. Berg shows you the best exercise to correct bad eyesight. The eye muscle called the ciliary muscle, which allows you to focus closer get atrophy when focusing too closely on objects. You must reverse the action of looking far away each day.
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