The Best Diet For Weight Loss | Tracking Macros In College | How To Have A Social Life and Diet

The Best Diet For Weight Loss | Tracking Macros In College | How To Have A Social Life and Diet

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so today is an off day from the gym and instead of vlogging this sort of boring day I figured I might as well finally do the 10,000 subscriber Q&A that I said I was gonna do back in June so let’s answer some of these questions first question comes from Leo Sal I hope I pronounced that right you have 10 fish 5 drone 3 come back to life how many fish do you have I I don’t think fish can drown I think you tried to trick me there so Touche sir Touche for trying to trick me next question comes from Saul Armijo and he says congrats on 10,000 Thank You Saul I hope I pronounced your name right my question is what should I eat when doing a fasting diet I think the first suggestion I have for you Saul would be to drink plenty of water and think about supplementing with caffeine either drink coffee or green tea because I’ve done fasting diets in the past and that the hardest part is not eating all day so if you can somehow curb your hunger that is like the hardest part of doing a fasting diet besides that I would recommend just having a balanced diet make sure you get in enough vitamins and minerals in your diet and eat whatever you want but make sure you’re in a caloric deficit so the next question comes from Dida Peres and they say what is your opinion on the best approach to a diet if it fits your macros eating full clean vegan paleo or just eating an overall balanced healthy diet with some stuff in between Dida I don’t think there’s a best approach necessarily to dieting I think the best approach is the approach that works for you whatever works for you in terms of adhering to your overall macro and calorie goals because at the end of the day you have to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight so if being a paleo is something you enjoy doing then be a paleo but understand that being a paleo itself isn’t going to help you lose weight you have to track your calories you have to be in a caloric deficit Edgar Rose Ellis asks I want to know how to track food more accurately I mean do you track it when it’s raw or when it’s cooked because depending on your cooking method the caloric value changes and I’m a little confused with this and if it’s better to when it’s robbed that’s going to make it harder to track when meal prepping thanks and congrats on your growth on YouTube Edgard my tip and what I usually like to do is weigh everything raw unless it’s meat meat I’m usually weighing after I cook it because kind of like what you said if you cook the hell out of meat and you really overcook it it’s obviously going to be a lot less calories than meat that was appropriately cooked so just keep that in mind when you’re tracking your macros Brockway babe asks what made you decide to start a youtube channel and what is your all-time favorite recipe that you’ve made so to answer your first question the reason why I started the YouTube channel was actually because of my knee injury I had surgery on my knee and they told me you’re not gonna be able to work out for a month and I thought to myself if I can’t work out for a month I’m gonna go crazy without some type of an outlet so I just thought you know what I love food I’ve been tracking macros for three and a half years we’ve got all these great recipes I need some type of an outlet because I’m gonna be able to work out doing a YouTube channel would be a fun way to kind of get through this knee injury and I had done a YouTube channel back in 2011 I made I think over a hundred videos on that channel but I stopped it and I realized I kind of missed it so those two things kind of combined into starting this channel and as far as my all-time favorite recipe goes my all-time favorite recipe is easily easily the chocolate donut recipe I made a while back it’s a 125 calories a donut and even if you turn it into a cake you don’t have a donut pen it’s like a 700 calorie chocolate cake it’s unbelievable and I I really should make it soon if you haven’t made it yet and you’re watching this go find that recipe I’ll I’ll put it in the video description oh my god thank me later Rea says where is your restaurant what is its name and what cuisine does it have are you my restaurant is located in Buffalo New York but we do have 11 locations so they’re all kind of spread out we have one in Dallas we have one in Georgia we have three in Toronto then we have a six kind of all in the western New York yeah the name of my restaurant is Duff’s famous wings and we serve mainly chicken wings but the cuisine would be probably like stereotypical American food pub food burgers sandwiches wraps Lina starkest asks and I’m sure I just screw up your name so I apologize you have to choose one junk food to eat for the rest of your life what would you choose I would choose cereal if I’m just choosing like a food in general I would just I would eat the entire like I’m trying to do on the vlogs eat the entire cereal aisle but if I had to just choose like one cereal I think I get bored of one cereal so I pick like vanilla ice cream and then I’d be able to put all different kinds of toppings on it you can even make like milkshakes out of vanilla ice cream so I know that sounds boring but I think it’s very versatile and that’s why I picked Munhall ice cream Queen Henson asks does your fiance diet with you and there’s like five days how do you deal with friends and social gatherings while on a diet first question no Alyssa does not dye it with me she’s pretty much whatever she wants and she’s 100 pounds how do I deal with friends and social gatherings while on a diet I think that’s what’s great about if it fits your macros is that you can fit anything really into your diet it just takes planning so that’s how I deal with friends or social gatherings I plan for the event ahead of time matei Chung and I’m sure I just screwed up your name so I apologize to you to my bro he says how often do you eat the sweet recipes you have the cakes the brownies the muffins the mug cakes when did I start training and did I play any sports in high school or when I was younger so to answer your first question I actually don’t make the older recipes all that often if you’ve been watching the vlogs then you’ve probably noticed that and that’s because I’m usually working on new recipes and anticipation of coming out with new content for you guys although I do it’s nice having a website where all my recipes are on that way I can just type something in if I do get a hankering for it and I’ve got a great macro friendly recipe at like my fingertips so I do really like about having this channel I started training when I was in tenth grade but seriously training I’d say like 18 years old so I’ve been seriously training for 10 years because the first two years I probably just did a lot of arms and chest and didn’t really done lifter squat as far as sports I played a lot of sports I bowled I played football I played baseball I played golf I think that was it for school Hannah Berlin doesn’t ask a question she just says I remember when you had less than a hundred subs thank you for being a subscriber for so long Hannah she says congrats and you’ll be out a hundred thousand in no time I don’t know he’ll be a hundred thousand in no time but it would be really cool to have that many subscribers Zoe Carr says my question is where do you find inspiration for your recipes I find inspiration for my recipes in a lot of different places I might see something in a magazine or in a cookbook or online but a lot of times it’s just like I’m having a craving for something and I’m li
ke I need to make this macro friendly how can I do that and that’s where a lot of the inspiration comes from shrewe Tran says did you go to culinary school no shroo I did not go to culinary school I don’t know if you can tell by the recipes I try to keep things as basic as possible on this channel and I think that’s what’s also great about the channel is that like anybody can make these recipes they’re all pretty much like no foul it’s really really tough to screw them up Patricia did blow it did blow did bluff Patricia I’m sorry for screwing up your name anyways Patricia asks when you started working out were you bulking up or trimming down and what are your current macros Patricia I actually started dieting when I was 14 years old and at the time the internet it wasn’t filled with all the great information it’s filled with now this is like 2002 smartphones didn’t even exist then and my dad was doing the Atkins diet I asked him what I should do he was like well you should do that inside terrible decision don’t recommend any high schoolers doing the Atkins diet but that’s what I did I was slimming down I did lose a pretty good amount of weight my goal like a a lot of high schoolers have was to get a six-pack and I was close I got really really thin but I don’t think I ever saw a six-pack my Kurt macros 50 grams of fat 350 grams of carbs and 220 grams of protein Krewella Monsta 13 asks what do you think are the three most important values to look out for in life like what advice would you give smiley face number one my number one value is honesty I think people like people who are honest I think dishonest people are not enjoyable to be around I don’t like to associate with dishonest people as far as value number two I think passion is something that people don’t think about enough sometimes people do things for money instead of things that they love and at least for me money having material things isn’t really something that I care about I care more about doing something that I love and something that I enjoy and I think ultimately you’re more successful if you follow things that you’re passionate about so just having passion and having the courage to follow whatever you’re passionate about even if it means maybe you you have to do something you know like work a job have a nine-to-five but also do a 6 to 12 so like this is like a passion thing for me but the Chickenwing thing that’s more of a pay the bills type of a thing value number three I think is self-awareness I think a lot of people think they know themselves but they really don’t and I think people think they know what they want but they really don’t the only way to get what you want is to know what you want and then to work backwards from there and I mean like with crystal-clear clarity know exactly what you want from something I hope that made sense anyways I hope you enjoyed the Q&A today I hope it was enjoyable if you didn’t have a chance to ask me a question because you you didn’t know about the 10,000 subscriber Q&A just leave a question in the comments below and I’ll try my best to answer them in the next Q&A video have a good day guys

This Post Was All About The Best Diet For Weight Loss | Tracking Macros In College | How To Have A Social Life and Diet.
The Best Diet For Weight Loss | Tracking Macros In College | How To Have A Social Life and Diet

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The Best Diet For Weight Loss | Tracking Macros In College | How To Have A Social Life and Diet
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