The Amazing Zinc: Part 1

The Amazing Zinc: Part 1

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hey guys today we’re gonna talk about a very fascinating interesting topic zinc okay now because zinc is so vital for your body and it’s just a fascinating mineral I created three parts first thing you need to know is two billion people on this planet are deficient in zinc that’s crazy that’s a lot of people that are deficient I would imagine it’s even more than that as far as being at having a subclinical deficiency and as we go through this you’ll see what I’m talking about one thing about zinc is the body does not store it so you have to constantly actually take it in and it’s a trace mineral we need it in smaller amounts compared to things like potassium and it’s essential so what does it mainly do it acts as a cofactor okay for over a thousand enzymes so you have all these chemical reactions going on at the cellular level with DNA turning into RNA which is the kind of the blueprints to turning into the copy of those blueprints and the transcription and the interpretation and all that and the building of proteins all needs zinc so the enzymes are those things in the body that do all the work and they need certain minerals to accomplish their job ten percent of all human protein is bound to zinc it’s a vital vital nutrient it’s the most common deficiency in crops so I want to read something here scarcity in the soil deficiency of micronutrients are essential for plant growth can lead to a lower crop yield during the past decade soil micronutrient deficiencies have been ascertained primarily for zinc to a lesser extent boron and molybdenum sol deficiencies of zinc are widespread in Asia scarcity and feed and food and human nutrition zinc deficiency is the most well known micronutrient deficiency zinc deficiency can cause disorders in humans such as retarded growth and children we talked about an estimated of a third of the population is at risk for zinc deficiency is the fifth most important risk factor for disease in developing countries scarcity of mineral deficiencies of micronutrients and agricultural soils can be replenished with mined minerals and then they talk about a lot of these minerals are used exclusively for industrial applications not crops livestock or for humans the mineral reserves in relation to the use seem to be most restricted for zinc at the current level of production of mining we have a reserve for approximately another 21 years so at that point I don’t know what’s going to happen priorities should be given to zinc because zinc deficiencies are already occurring in food chains in a large part of the world’s now on top of that glyphosate as in GMO foods Roundup Ready acts as a major key later to bind in block zinc and other minerals now I couldn’t find the data and currently but in 2007 they were putting 80 thousand metric tons of glyphosate into the environment don’t worry it gets worse alright so now let’s get into the symptoms of what happens when your zinc deficient growth retardation okay so if you’re pregnant if you’re breastfeeding make sure are you taking the trace minerals including the zinc to maximize growth of that child loss of taste and/or smell a lowered immune system which we’ll get into in the next video prostate testosterone issues skin problems major depression zinc is intimately involved in insulin production another side effect of zinc deficiency is diarrhea eye problems delayed healing ulcers of the mouth of the digestive system zinc is a really good remedy for ulcers of the stomach as well macular degeneration related to age inflammation in general zinc is a natural anti-inflammatory it’s a very powerful antioxidant as well and I’m going to talk about some of these other things in more detail in the next couple videos the foods that are highest in zinc our oysters beef crab and pumpkin seeds by the way now there’s other things that will decrease your absorption of zinc if you had a gastric bypass surgery if you had any type of digestive damage like IBS Crohn’s diverticulitis you’ve had a lot of antibiotics that can create a problem liver disease cirrhosis things like that and also if you have lower stomach acids so many people don’t have enough stomach acid because you need this acid to absorb these minerals how do you know if you’re deficient well if you have heartburn chances are you’re deficient in the acid that you need to absorb the minerals and especially if you’re taking an anti acid all right phytates or phytic acid that would be in grains whole grains like it’s in the brand or the fiber of whole grains and legumes and this compound actually blocks the absorption of zinc so it’s actually kind of like a key later it binds it very similar to glyphosate diabetes okay having high blood sugar because a high carb diet will deplete zinc as well so we’re living in this environment and it’s making it very hard to get zinc with the GMO foods the high carb diets with the soil becoming depleted and with all the pre-existing digestive problems that we normally have not to mention low stomach acids because I really wanted to bring up your awareness of these connections between these problems in a simple trace mineral all right let’s go to part two so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About The Amazing Zinc: Part 1.
The Amazing Zinc: Part 1

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In this part 1 of 3 series video, Dr. Berg talks about zinc, its main function and the symptoms of having a zinc deficiency. 2 billion people are deficient in zinc. The body doesn’t store zinc so you need to constantly take it in and it is also a trace mineral which means it is needed to be taken in smaller amounts.
Main Function of Zinc
• Enzymes are those things in the body that does all the work and zinc acts a cofactor for over 1000 enzymes.
• 10% of all human protein is bound to zinc.
• Natural anti-inflammatory and a very powerful antioxidant.
Glyphosate and GMO foods act as a major chelator to bind and block zinc and other minerals. Every year there are 800,000 people die from having a zinc deficiency.
Zinc Deficiency Symptoms
• Growth Retardation
• Loss of Taste / Smell
• Lowered Immune System
• Prostate / Testosterone Problems
• Skin Problems
• Depression
• Insulin Production
• Diarrhea
• Eye Problem
• Delayed Healing
• Ulcers (Mouth, Digestive Systems)
• Macular Degeneration
• Inflammation
• Bad Breath
Foods High in Zinc
• Oysters
• Beef
• Crab
• Pumpkin Seeds
Things that Decreases Absorption of Zinc
• Gastric Bypass Surgery
• Antibiotics
• Liver Disease
• Low Stomach Acid
• Phytates
• Diabetes
• GMO foods
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Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.
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