The Adrenal Fatigue Diet

The Adrenal Fatigue Diet

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let’s talk about the adrenal fatigue diet another name for that would be the adrenal body type diet I talked extensively about that in my book the healthy keto plan which has been through several additions and updates and today I’m going to explain the latest version so you have all the details now why would someone do the adrenal fatigue diet in the first place well first of all they might have adrenal fatigue or they did the keto plan they did the intermittent fasting but the results are just not what they intended I created different plans based on body type so there’s an adrenal body type there’s a liver body type there’s an ovary body type and there’s a thyroid body type so all four body types who come after someone did the basic plan but only if they’re not getting results so what is the dream fatigue diet it’s additional steps to improve your results okay when would you do it after two weeks okay you did it for two weeks results aren’t perfect boom you actually apply what I’m gonna show you so I’m gonna explain how to do it next but this diet plan helps reset and will help increase the recovery the unique thing about the adrenal gland is that it’s a stress gland and if you take a look at all the book different body types this is the most common simply because an average person goes through a tremendous amount of stress and then adrenal takes a beating and the cortisol is stimulated over and over and over a person becomes in flight or flight mode they stress out and now the adrenal hormones are pumping out more hormones than they need to over a long period of time and that basically makes the person not just tired but it decreases their ability to recover and heal and especially lose weight so they’re not going to be able to lose weight that well especially in the midsection so I’m going to show you how to tailor-make it after the two weeks so the first thing to do is do healthy keto and in termina fasting if you’re new to my channel I put a link down below of how to do that this is very very important that you get the basics in healthy keto and in a minute fasting for two weeks you may not need to do this if this works and I say this is very very successful so you might find that you don’t need to do anything else just do this plan right here it’s gonna be low-carb 20 to 50 grams of carbs per day or less moderate protein between three to six ounces of protein per meal high-quality protein like eggs fish grass-fed grass-finished beef things like that or lamb okay high fat okay we’re talking about a hundred grams to 130 grams now I don’t want you to calculate this with a scale or anything like that the fat really makes up 70% of the calories so I’m gonna recommend that you watch my video on this to get more data and examples of what this looks like because I don’t want to make it complex okay so at this point don’t worry about this you can get further details in the next video okay vegetables we don’t count vegetable carbohydrates but you want to have at least seven cups – 10 cups my wife and I went to lunch at two different restaurants and I was shocked to find out that the salads that they brought us were huge I’m talking they were at least eight cups I think my wife Sal was 10 cups of salad I was like amazed so apparently there are places that you can go we can get more salad versus this little tiny side one cup or a cup and a half of salad which doesn’t really do anything but we want the vitamins vitamin C folate minerals in the vegetables okay so this is the basic plan right through here and then we want to combine this with something called venom in the fasting okay so typically someone is consuming a breakfast okay breakfast comes from the word break fast you’re breaking the fast with the first meal so you’re fasting all that long and then you’re going to break the fast first thing we do if you have three meals you simply do this okay as you lower the carb and you increase the fat the need for a snack will go away so you’re able to go from one meal to the next without eating anything or snacking because you never want to snack or eat if you’re not hungry okay so three meals okay and then nothing between so you’re fasting you do that for a little bit all of a sudden you’re not hungry in the morning so don’t eat this breakfast in the morning if you’re not hungry okay so just let yourself go you can drink coffee whatever and then you go as long as you can so it might take a little bit before you cannot go to noon and have your first meal okay I like my first meal it’s really like eggs and bacon and things like that it’s like my breakfast because I don’t need a breakfast I just push it all the way to here now what happens over time as you do this you’re gonna start becoming adapted to ketones and then you want to take your lunch and your dinner and squish them together a little bit so there’s like four hour window and that will give you a 20 hour fast which is a good amount of fasting to produce some amazing results now a lot of people go to one meal a day some people stick with for four hours and they’re eating window some people actually need to do at lunch and six but the point is we want to start doing in a minute fasting and combine that with out the ketosis it’s gonna help the adrenals but let’s say for example you do this for two weeks and your results are not fantastic okay this is what you’re gonna do you’re going to adjust the protein you’re gonna increase the protein to maybe seven ounces maybe eight ounces maybe even nine ounces per meal why because with the adrenal hormones you’re gonna get an excessive amount of breakdown it’s called a catabolic effect Drina hormones break down muscle protein and it can even break down your own protein so if you’re in the state of high adrenal hormone cortisol and you’re breaking down muscle protein we want to replace that with protein so we want to increase a little bit more protein per meal that will help you the second thing you want to adjust the fat believe it or not a lot of people are not consuming enough fat okay so just what the adrenals want to make sure that we keep the fat on the high side avocado the fat in yolks coconut oil things like that we do not want to do a low fat diet because your adrenal hormones are made from fat okay so we need more fat to support the adrenals butter is another source of fat the kid number three the key nutrients for the adrenal fatigue diet or any adrenal body time would be vitamin b1 this is very very very important simply because the more stress you go through the more you burn up a vitamin b1 in fact you’ll be quite shocked when you take this and I like to get it from nutritional yeast because it’s a really good source and I have these tablets and I chew them when you take this within about three to four minutes you’re gonna feel a sense of relief the nervous tension will go away excessive thinking thinking it goes away so nutritional use will really help the adrenals and a big way vitamin C a lot of the vitamin C in your body is stored in the adrenal and you need that to make adrenal hormones so when someone has adrenal fatigue they’re usually the really deficient in vitamin C okay so you take more about them and see make sure you if you take vitamin C it’s based on whole foods or food concentrates sauerkraut is loaded with vitamin C bell peppers loaded with vitamin C vegetables have a lot of vitamin C but realize that most of the vitamin C supplements are made with synthetics I just recommend avoid that becaus
e sometimes they make it from sulfuric acid and corn starch together chemically to make this ascorbic acid well that’s a very big difference from the vitamin C you would get from food okay potassium really really important with the adrenals simply because the more adrenal fatigue you have the least amount of potassium you’re going to have potassium supports your adrenals and by the way if you have adrenal fatigue and you’re trying to lose weight your body will have a tendency to be more alkaline than acidic which is very interesting and this is why apple cider vinegar is really good to take if you have this specific issue so you can do electrolytes you can do a food base patency but these are the three most important nutrients to help with the situation the type of exercise you want to do hour-long walks I’m talking like an hour outside getting in nature without anything like fucking in your cell phone just getting space vital vital to get enough oxygen to actually reduce the stress on your dreams and the last thing is a stress technique which I developed it’s in my book you can also find it on one of my videos which is called the stress webinar so I put links down below and on this page so that way you have all the information to address adrenal fatigue and target the adrenal body type 

This Post Was All About The Adrenal Fatigue Diet.
The Adrenal Fatigue Diet

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If you’ve tried keto and intermittent fasting and it just isn’t working for you, you may need to try the adrenal fatigue diet. 
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Overview of Healthy Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting:

Stress Webinar:
0:08 My book—The Healthy Keto Plan
0:16 Why would someone need to do the adrenal fatigue diet?
0:31 The different plans for different body types
0:46 What is the adrenal fatigue diet?
0:52 When would you need to do the adrenal fatigue diet?
1:02 How to do the adrenal fatigue diet
1:50 The first thing to do—healthy keto and intermittent fasting 
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In this video, I’m going to cover what you need to know about the adrenal fatigue diet. Another name for this diet would be the adrenal body type diet. I talk extensively about this diet in my book, “The Healthy Keto Plan.” My book has been through several updates, and today I’m going to explain the latest version of this specific diet. 
I created different plans based on body types. These four body type plans are to be done after someone has done the basic plan and didn’t get results.
The four body types are:
• The adrenal body type 
• The liver body type
• The ovary body type 
• The thyroid body type
Why would someone need to do the adrenal fatigue diet?
• They might have adrenal fatigue.
• They did the keto plan and intermittent fasting, but they didn’t get the results they intended. 
What is the adrenal fatigue diet? 
• It’s additional steps to improve your results.
When would you need to do the adrenal fatigue diet?
• After two weeks of not getting results.
The adrenal fatigue diet plan helps reset and will help increase recovery. The adrenal gland is a stress gland. This is actually the most common body type because the average person goes through a lot of stress and the adrenal gland takes a beating, cortisol is stimulated over and over, the person goes into fight or flight mode, and they stress out. Now, the adrenal hormones are pumping out more hormones than they need to over a long period of time. This can cause someone not only to be tired, but it can reduce their ability to recover, heal, and lose weight. The adrenal fatigue diet might just help.
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Consider trying the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting to get healthy and lose weight. But, if you aren’t getting the results you want, you may want to try the adrenal fatigue diet.

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