The 9 Best Ketogenic Diet Ingredients

The 9 Best Ketogenic Diet Ingredients

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let’s talk about the nine best ketogenic diet ingredients all right now this is based on two things one is low carb and nutrient-dense the number one would be shellfish and I’m talking about clams oysters mussels absolutely amazing for their trace minerals zinc selenium iodine chromium and it has DHA what is DHA that’s a real key on mega 3 fatty acid so hands down shellfish has the best trace minerals and healthy fats number 2 salmon and I’m talking about Wow caught out of all the fish wild caught salmon has one of the highest amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and the two types that I’m talking about our DHA and EPA great for the retina of the eye your brain and the heart and also high-quality protein as well number three leafy greens like salads why because it has the minerals potassium magnesium and loaded with vitamin C and these are very easy to digest so I would consume these raw all right number four sardines sardines are loaded with the DHA and EPA those are the omega-3 fatty acids plus it’s really good protein number five eggs and I’m talking about organic pasture-raised eggs have pretty much every single vitamin except they don’t have a lot of vitamin C but other than that they have pretty much everything else I consume a lot of eggs and they’re very very healthy they will not increase your cholesterol if you’ve heard that eggs will worsen your cholesterol watch that link down below because I go through it in depth and you can actually get the true data on that but eggs are really really healthy number six cruciferous vegetables now with most cruciferous especially brussel sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables I recommend that you steam them because that will even enhance the final nutrients in cruciferous vegetables the big benefit of cruciferous go beyond just their vitamins and minerals because they’re loaded with phytonutrients and phytonutrients are the extra health factors that can decrease the complications from diabetes from Alzheimer’s it can minimize the damage that some of these diseases are creating and also protect you against cancer alright number seven avocados low carb healthy fats they’re extremely healthy but some people can get bloated if they do too many so I’m just making a special note of that but overall they’re very very healthy and number eight olives and olive oil extra virgin and organic really good on a ketogenic diet and number nine grass-fed grass-finished very important because they will sometimes finish the cattle off with grains which could be GMO to fatten them up for a period of even like ten months so that’s not good you wanted a hundred percent certified grass-fed grass-finished and I recommend not necessarily having a lean piece of steak but have a fatty of burger because that extra fat can even lower the effect on insulin and it’s easier to digest and that also includes grass-fed grass-finished organic hot dogs as well now on the flip side there are a lot of foods that we that people eat that are nothing remotely connected to the ketogenic diet there are worse than names like sugar and grains but I’m going to talk about some of the foods that people doing keto consume in a regular basis as in dirty keto and I want to talk about that first of all some people consider corn one of the vegetables and they consume corn on the ketogenic diet and they will consume maybe a little bit well the problem is that most corn like 95% is GMO and this is the big problem in addition to the corn being highly glycemic so you don’t want to consume corn despite it being a vegetable now yogurt has a lot of sugar but some people consume the Greek yogurt but you need to look at the label because you’re gonna be surprised how much sugar is in Greek yogurt now if you’re having a small amount here and there and you’re counting those carbs it might be okay but make sure it’s organic and grass-fed but overall it’s still not a really good ingredient all right next one commercial chicken unfortunately the chicken is badly processed factory farmed fed grains overall not the ideal protein you want to do on a healthy keto plan alright next one is processed meat I’m talking about my cold cuts and things like that even though that would be considered Quito you have nitrates you have a lot of added sugar sometimes they add monosodium glutamate and definitely it’s not grass-fed so I’m not gonna recommend this right here either now cheese I consume some chase on a regular basis so it really is the type of cheese processed cheese or not from cows that are grass-fed I don’t recommend that cheese so if you’re gonna do cheese I would definitely do grass-fed or organic or don’t consume it at all but there’s a lot of people that are sensitive to certain things and cheese cheese is originally from milk and there are a lot of hormonal factors going on there that can influence someone with a prostate issue also it can influence women who have problems with fibroids and cysts in the breasts or the ovaries so if there’s anything going on with estrogen dominance I don’t recommend it and if you’re going to consume it I don’t recommend consuming a lot of it a little bit here and there alright spinach if the problem with spinach is it’s loaded with oxalates oxalates can actually cause kidney stones you might be okay if you’re not a stone former you’ve never had a kitty stone and you’re not having a problem and you consumed spinach you may be okay but what’s interesting is if you consume some cheese you know high-quality cheese with the spinach this calcium will bind with the oxalates in your digestive system it won’t get absorbed into the blood into the kidney so the calcium of the cheese can protect you against the stones FYI but I just wouldn’t recommend a lot of spinach I would consume other vegetables all right nuts you can definitely overdo it on the nuts but almonds have the highest amount of oxalates and if you have a tendency to get kidney stones not a good idea some people that are arthritic should stay away from these as well because you’d be surprised how many people that have arthritis really have just too many foods high in oxalates which can irritate the joints so if you’re going to consume nuts or nut butters or even seeds probably have just a small amount it’s really easy to do too many nuts and that can irritate the gall bladder and the liver and the digestive tract and vegetables it sounds really healthy vegetable oils when in fact this is really grain oils they’re usually GMO highly inflammatory but their keto friendly because they’re low carb and higher fat so there you have it this is the good list and this is the bad alright thanks for watching and if you haven’t already subscribed click the red button below and that little bell icon so you can be notified of all the new videos that I’m gonna be releasing and I have some very cool and interesting videos coming up in the next coming weeks plus in addition to that you’ll be notified of the 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This Post Was All About The 9 Best Ketogenic Diet Ingredients.
The 9 Best Ketogenic Diet Ingredients

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Here is a list of the best keto ingredients to help keep you on the right track to meeting your health goals. 
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0:05 The 2 principles of the best keto ingredients 
0:12 The best ketogenic diet ingredients
3:43 The worst keto ingredients (dirty keto)
Today I’m going to share with you the best ketogenic diet ingredients. If you’re wondering what to eat on keto, or you want to start cooking some new keto recipes, this video is for you.
This list of keto ingredients is based on two things:
1. Low-carb
2. Nutrient-dense 
The best ketogenic diet ingredients:
1. Shellfish 
Main benefits: zinc, selenium, iodine, chromium, DHA
2. Wild-caught salmon 
Main benefits: DHA, EPA
3. Leafy greens 
Main benefits: potassium, magnesium, vitamin C
4. Sardines 
Main benefits: DHA, EPA
5. Organic pasture-raised eggs 
Main benefit: loaded with vitamins 
6. Cruciferous vegetables 
Main benefit: phytonutrients 
7. Avocados 
Main benefit: healthy fats 
8. Extra virgin organic olives/olive oil 
9. Grass-fed grass-finished beef 
The worst keto ingredients (dirty keto):
1. Corn 
Most corn is GMO
2. Yogurt 
Contains a lot of sugar
3. Commercial chicken 
Is processed and fed grains 
4. Processed meat
Contains nitrates, hidden sugar, may contain MSG, is not grass-fed
5. Processed cheese
Is processed and not grass-fed
6. Spinach
Is loaded with oxalates
7. Nuts (almonds)
Almonds are loaded with oxalates 
8. Vegetable oils
Are typically GMO
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Not all keto foods are actually healthy. Here are the best ketogenic diet ingredients that will help keep you happy and healthy.

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