The 7 Symptoms That Prove You Are Burning Fat

The 7 Symptoms That Prove You Are Burning Fat

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so we’re going to talk about the seven symptoms that actually prove you are in fat-burning okay and when I say fat-burning I’m talking about ketosis number one cognitive affects your memory your focus your concentration your your attention span will all improve okay number two your mood is elevated you’re more cheerful you’re less irritable you’re less edgy you have a higher tolerance to stress you can handle babysitting a lot of kids in a room for over eight hours in a daycare center without any problem number three energy is increase the need for sleep goes down I require a lot less sleep now that I’m doing this there before no more cravings to carbs sugar candy cookies and starches that goes away number five you’re not hungry anymore you can go long periods of time without food now some of these improvements might occur initially and as you do it longer you’ll get more of these improvements so if you’re still craving it means that you’re not quite doing it right or you’re not doing it long enough okay number six your waist is shrinking okay it’s getting smaller and close our loser at number seven weight loss now notice how I put this last and this is very important okay because most people are focused on this first but they’re ignoring all the benefits remember it’s get healthy then lose the weight so part of the get healthy process is stimulating the anabolic hormones which I’ll explain in a second that involve taking protein in repairing tissue in the body so the antibiotic means a building it’s not breaking down its building back up so what happens when you do health Aikido and in a minute fasting especially you’re stimulating more testosterone growth hormone which then stimulates something called IGF which is kind of an extension off growth hormone and it creates certain effects with a liver and throughout the body or actually it’s produced by liver but it works throughout the body and look check this out insulin is an anabolic hormone I’ll come back to that too and then glucagon which is also produced in the pancreas so they work together so what’s happening is a lot of times as you get older and then you start doing keto you might not see the huge progress that some younger person has simply because you may have a trophy maybe you’re going through menopause and you have a loss of muscle protein in the legs and the thighs in the buttocks and it looks just like that so you get it from a seated position or you walk up the stairs and you find you have a hard time doing that because you’re your quadricep your thigh muscles are weak well a lot of that’s atrophy so if you do this program guess what your body may not just tap into the weight loss right off the bat it might have to rebuild these proteins and that is the point that you have to realize so how do we enhance testosterone growth hormone and insulin and glucagon let’s go through that well by doing healthy Kido dropping your carbs having good amount of fat moderate protein you can stimulate testosterone growth hormone is stimulated by small amounts of protein or moderate amount of protein keeping your blood Sugar’s low sleep and intense exercise so adding exercise is really important I know you probably thought that we want to keep insulin as close to zero as possible but most people have insulin resistance so they have a situation where they have a lot of insulin but it’s ineffective it’s not working so if it’s not working you’re gonna have a hard time building muscle protein or impairing body tissue that required me know acids because you need this insulin but as you do healthy keto and then fasting you improve insulin resistance so you start to have insulin now it’s available to you and it reduces but it’s more effective it actually works as these hormones start to work better and better you start having more effects of these anabolic hormones so you have more rebuilding so that tissues heal they repair but maybe not weight loss because you’re gonna retain some of this protein and it’s a bit heavier if you compare it to fat if you’re looking at the same volume but you will start seeing waist size changes or reduction pretty soon to stimulate glucagon you have to increase protein and exercise those are the two things with that so don’t forget to add exercise to your healthy keto program definitely you can work on intimate fasting start to go less frequent if you want to speed things up I talked about that even to one meal a day and then number three maybe you need to decrease your carbs a little bit more maybe down to 10 grams per meal and I have another program it’s called keto on steroids updated which I’ll be releasing shortly and it has even a more hardcore program for those people that are just like serious about it and they just want to jump in and just do whatever it takes it’s hardcore it’s the ultimate deep ketosis on steroids okay and then we may recommend that you decrease your fat a little bit because if you’re doing these MCT oil and too much coconut oil and and you’re doing bulletproof coffee all this extra fat is unnecessary especially if you’re trying to burn your own fat why give your body extra fat that has to focus on that and leave your own fat alone alright guys there you have it the seven symptoms that prove that you are in fat burning so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About The 7 Symptoms That Prove You Are Burning Fat.
The 7 Symptoms That Prove You Are Burning Fat

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the 7 symptoms that prove you are burning fat (ketosis).
1. Cognitive (memory, focus, concentration, attention span)
2. Mood (less irritable, less edgy, high tolerance to stress)
3. Energy (the need for sleep goes down)
4. No Cravings (to carbs, sugar, starches, etc.)
5. Not Hungry (you can go long periods of time without eating)
6. Waist Size Reducing
7. Weight Loss
Most of the time, people would focus more on the weight loss part and ignore all the benefits, but remember that “It’s getting healthy first then lose the weight” and part of the “get healthy” process is stimulating the anabolic hormones that involve taking protein for repairing tissue in the body to rebuild atrophy.
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