The 7 Foods You Must NEVER Ever Eat!

The 7 Foods You Must NEVER Ever Eat!

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hey guys in this video we’re going to talk about the seven foods you must never ever eat okay number one orange juice and this might shock you but here’s what happens they pasteurize orange juice which is they cook it they destroy anything in it and you don’t get a lot of vitamin C it’s just sugar water and you’re just going to spike the blood sugars and it’s going to come down there’s not a lot of nutrition after they cook it because heating kills all the enzymes and all the nutrition not all of it but a lot of it okay so it’s kind of like drinking sugar water number two soy protein isolates make sure you read the ingredients on things because a lot of weight loss food and food like protein shakes I won’t mention any names but a lot of vegetarian patties are made with these sort protein isolates this is really not a natural food for a human it’s it’s not fermented it doesn’t do well in our bodies and it actually irritates the liver so I would avoid that high fructose corn syrup that’s a given and that’s in a lot of sodas and drinks and similar even like salad dressing they put it in there so it’s like a like a filler now number four commercial meats with nitrates so when you buy like bacon or sausage or meats make sure it’s nitrate free because you don’t you don’t know what you’re getting either there’s studies that show that it’s linked to cancer so you don’t want to go down that road you want to do grass-fed paleo hormone free number five commercial milk so if you’re going to do milk make sure it’s organic or hormone free at least because there’s a little hormone called our BST which has some negative effects on the body so I would avoid this and then also number six TV dinners now I used to live on pot pies and TV dinners and a very low quality food because you actually have you have the protein the starch and dessert all at one when you combine the protein with the starch with the sugar you are going to massively spike the insulin same thing with the pot pies where you have the crust and the meat chunks and all the different start in there with the with the I guess you have the gravy in there not good okay last one is fruit that comes from third-world countries so when you buy Ares or fruit and it says it’s from Mexico or Chile different countries there’s a chance that they might use DDT because in America it’s illegal to spray with DDT was banned I think in 1972 but we’re allowed to sell it to third world countries so what’s happening we’re bringing it back and we’re getting consumed and there’s studies that shows that even children are being exposed to the UT well it’s coming from this right here I’ll put a link down below all right so all right put your comments below thanks for watching hey guys thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About The 7 Foods You Must NEVER Ever Eat!.
The 7 Foods You Must NEVER Ever Eat!

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Dr. Berg talks about the top 7 foods you should avoid:
1. Commercial orange juice
2. Soy protein isolates
4. Commercial meat with nitrates
5. Commercial milk with rBST
6. TV dinners
7. Fruit from 3rd world countries
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