The 7 Causes of Adrenal Fatigue

The 7 Causes of Adrenal Fatigue

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hi guys today we’re gonna talk about the seven causes of adrenal fatigue now what are the Drina glands they are two little glands on top of your kidney deep inside right here there are little triangles right here man outside they have an inside and we’re gonna be talking about the hormones and the outside primarily especially cortisol cortisol is a stress hormone and a short amount of stress is good for you and there’s a concept called premesis I’ve done videos on that I’ll put a link down below but what that’s all about is adding a small amount of stress to get your body to compensate and become stronger like intermittent exercise intermittent fasting there’s even intermittent hypoxia where you’re wearing something on your mouth to obstruct oxygen or exercising and a mountaintop high altitudes to lower the oxygen or for example taking a cold shower or a hot shower anything to stress your body on a temporary basis then trigger certain genes to kick in to make your body stronger but with the adrenal fatigue it’s always the chronic exposure to certain stresses that breaks it down now when you have too much cortisol you developed something called cortisol resistance where it’s similar to insulin resistance so the cortisol doesn’t really work anymore so you have the symptoms of high cortisol in certain parts of the body and symptoms of low cortisol and other parts so you have inflammation you have belly fat your immune system is weakened you have low vitamin D your legs start getting thinner because the adrenals are destroying your protein and turning that into fat and putting around your gut you’re developing diabetes because your body is breaking down the protein and turning it into glucose so it’s a big problem so the biggest symptom of adrenal fatigue that we’re talking about is fatigue right and inability to sleep feeling rundown not being able to rejuvenate so let’s talk about the big triggers of adrenal fatigue the first one and probably the most important one is a chronic lack of sleep so you’re going for many many years not sleeping whether through and some type of let’s say you’re in medical school and you’re doing a residency and you working third shift or you know you’re in the military like I was in basic training where you you’re not sleeping for a long period of time or let’s say for example you’re pregnant and you just can’t sleep or you have a baby and you have to breastfeed now it’s the sleep that helps to rejuvenate your adrenals and an average person needs about seven hours of sleep on average sometimes they can get by with six and a half sometimes they need eight but the more the adrenals are broken down the more sleep you will need now there’s a great video I did on acupressure I put a link down below and it’s a stress webinar I highly suggest you watch that and you start applying that I show you how to extract stress from your body so you can sleep like a baby so the lack of sleep is probably the number one thing that really will cause adrenal fatigue because let’s say you’re under massive stress and you’re going through all these things if you’re sleeping you’re able to cope with it so this is number one number two chronic consumption of high amounts of coffee or caffeine from either chocolate or tea now I am a textbook example of this in college I drink massive amounts of coffee and ate very poorly and I developed adrenal fatigue in my 20s but what this is gonna do it’s going to deplete you of vitamin b1 calcium and potassium all three of these are essential to help support healthy adrenals okay so cut it down to one cup a day if you can but the chronic consumption of too much coffee is definitely at the top of the list and a lot of people are in that boat but that’s of course why they smoked to have the nicotine to calm them down from that caffeine jittery experience alright number three no exercise exercise is a way to keep the stress off your body if you’re not exercising the stress is going to build up one of the best exercises for stress is walking and long walks I personally in the winter I can’t run my bike because it’s too snowy and there’s ice so I go on long walk so I’ll walk for about 45 minutes to an hour and you’re basically keeping your heart rate low and you’re getting a lot of oxygen and it’s a great stress relief and I always sleep better when I do that all right number four chronic stress in general if you’re in a situation that you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place or you’re under constant stress whether it’s your marriage or your work or whatever that will burn out the adrenals or if you had a sudden shock a loss of a loved one a sudden traumatic experience like some people get hit by a car when they’re walking across the street and then they end up in the hospital that’s the stress of the adrenal or let’s say you had surgery that is a shock to the adrenals so one example was myself is that I was riding my bike and suddenly there was a malfunction with the bike and I went over the handlebars okay on the cement now in your mind you always think that you have you can just tuck and roll and roll out of it well it happened so fast that all I can do was turn my face to the to the right and landed right on this cheek bone fractured the cheek bone thought I knocked a tooth out and and then I looked down and my entire arm is dangling I fractured the elbow had had to go in the surgery had 30 screws that was a shock to my body and I had to really work on my adrenals to overcome that shock okay number five low amount of nutrients these are the key nutrients for your adrenals vitamin C you need vitamin C to make adrenal hormones in fact out of all the organs and glands in the body the adrenal glands store the most vitamin C so vitamin C is very very necessary now where do you get vitamin C from vegetables okay leafy greens very very important b1 essential for your adrenals and nutritional yeast wool will give you that but more importantly it’s the foods that deplete b1 and that would be the refined carbs and I’m definitely talking about sugar and I’m talking about grains okay flour things like that and then we have zinc very important with the adrenals when you consume grains it has something called phytic acid which blocks zinc when you have low stomach acid in your stomach it’s not gonna allow you to absorb zinc when you consume refined carbohydrates or even drink alcohol the zinc will go down and the adrenals will not work that well and then we get into magnesium magnesium is essential for so many things especially for the adrenals it’ll help you sleep it helps you feel calm and you would get that and these things called vegetables the molecule of magnesium is at the heart of chlorophyll the green stuff in the Greens then you have potassium okay you’re gonna get that in vegetables as well potassium is very very important in muscle relaxation and calming down the nervous system and keeping the heart rate nice and regulated when you’re deficient in potassium your heart rate goes higher and higher and higher then you have vitamin D which is really like a hormone more than a vitamin and acts like cortisol in the body and it’s really good for a stressed-out body so it will definitely help the adrenal in fact when the adrenal glands are burned out person usually always has low vitamin D so adding more vitamin D especially getting out in the Sun can help calm the adrenals down so the things that deplete these nutrients are refined carbs sugars alcohol will definitely do it no veggies no Sun low stomach acids and phytic acid from the grains all right another thing is number six chronic pain and inflammation if you h
ad an injury if you just have some chronic inflammatory condition whether it’s autoimmune or arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis that can just where your adrenals write down some of the best things to do for that is do intermittent fasting the combination in between intermittent fasting and vitamin D is essential for inflammation but I have a lot of videos on how to get rid of pain in your body it’s a do-it-yourself version so all you have to do is type in dr. Berg and the body part whether it’s ankle knee hip shoulder and I give you techniques on that but getting rid of that pain can take a lot of stress off the adrenals and it’s very similar to closing down the application on that desktop now it frees up the speed at which your computer could work and also your body can work lastly we have chronic infection okay so let’s say you had a virus along ago that virus can be reactivated during stress and really wear out the adrenal especially viruses and also bacteria and even funguses but the epstein-barr virus animai Glabrus are very very common in adrenal fatigue but the most common is TB that bacteria this really can destroy the adrenals a good remedy would be oregano oil you take it on a regular basis it’s like a natural antibacterial that can help clean the body and ozone therapy I really love this type of therapy because it can actually clean out things you could probably find a place locally in your area that does it it is involved with an IV and taking some blood out putting ozone and then putting it back through you I actually had this done I love it and it really works for hidden infections and getting your energy way up because it works on the systemic basis when you go through menopause okay the adrenal glands have to now back up the ovaries and you may have a lot more stress and more issues after menopause than before menopause because of that fact and I would recommend watching the acupressure video it’s called adrenal stress webinar watch that that can really help you and there’s a couple products that I have and I would use those in combination one is adrenal cortisol relief and the other is adrenal stress advance formula I would use those together and I put a link down below for more information on that now also if you’ve taken prednisone in the past this is a synthetic version of cortisone and taking this can weaken your adrenals because your adrenal glands don’t have to produce that hormone anymore so the chronic prescription of prednisone over time can weaken your Drina ‘ls alright guys there you have it the seven causes of adrenal fatigue so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications

This Post Was All About The 7 Causes of Adrenal Fatigue.
The 7 Causes of Adrenal Fatigue

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Are you feeling tired and run down? You might have adrenal fatigue. 
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0:04 What are the adrenal glands?
0:18 About cortisol and stress 
1:46 Adrenal fatigue symptoms 
1:59 Adrenal fatigue causes—Chronic lack of sleep 
3:10 Adrenal fatigue causes—Chronic high amounts of coffee 
3:59 Adrenal fatigue causes—No exercise 
4:36 Adrenal fatigue causes—Chronic stress/shock 
5:56 Adrenal fatigue causes—Low nutrients
8:17 Adrenal fatigue causes—Chronic pain and inflammation
9:09 Adrenal fatigue causes—Chronic infection
10:15 A few more points and things to do 
Today we’re going to talk about adrenal fatigue and what causes adrenal fatigue.
What are the adrenal glands?
The adrenal glands are two triangle-shaped glands. There is one on top of each of your kidneys. The adrenal glands have an outside and an inside. We’re going to be primarily talking about the hormones on the outside—especially cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone. 
A short amount of stress is good for you — for example, intermittent fasting, intermittent exercise, or a cold shower. With adrenal fatigue, it’s chronic stress that breaks it down. When you have too much cortisol, you develop cortisol resistance, and your cortisol doesn’t really work anymore. With this situation, you have symptoms of high cortisol in certain parts of the body, and low cortisol in other parts of the body.
The biggest adrenal fatigue symptoms are:
• Fatigue
• Inability to sleep
• Feeling run down
• Not being able to rejuvenate
The 7 adrenal fatigue causes:
1. Chronic lack of sleep (lower your stress levels, apply my acupressure techniques)  
2. Chronic high amounts of coffee or caffeine (depletes vitamin B1, calcium, and potassium)
3. No exercise 
4. Chronic stress/shock 
5. Low nutrients (low vitamin C, vitamin B1, zinc, magnesium, potassium, vitamin D) (from refined carbs, alcohol, no veggies, no sun, low HCL, phytic acid)
6. Chronic pain and inflammation (do intermittent fasting, take vitamin D)
7. Chronic infection—EBV, CMV, TB (take oregano oil, try ozone therapy)
A few more points about adrenal fatigue:
• You may have more stress and more issues after menopause because your adrenal glands have to back up the ovaries. 
• I recommend watching my acupressure video (the stress webinar). 
• Try using my Adrenal & Cortisol Relief and my Adrenal Stress Advanced Formula products in combination. 
• The chronic use of Prednisone can weaken your adrenals. 
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